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Did Mia Healey From The Wilds Really Shave Her Head?

To assassinate the acknowledge to this ask incredibly instant, no. Mia Healey didn’t in point of fact shave her head. As one more, she traditional a dilapidated bald cap alongside with other cosmetics to conceal her true hair and assassinate her seem buzzed. However, Healey lately printed in an interview with Collider that she undoubtedly would rep shaved if Amazon had asked.

“If they wished me to shave my head for Season 2 for the total time, I would discontinue it,” Healey acknowledged. In uncover to total the explore, Healey printed that “…they flew me to Sydney to discontinue a cast over my head. I in actuality rep a characterize of it on my Instagram. And that’s one thing that turn into in actuality exhausting for me since it’s form of claustrophobic …Then they made a bald cap from that shape of my head after which added every particular particular person hair onto it.”

From there, Healey spent over four hours within the make-up chair as make-up artists blended the bald cap to her pores and skin, giving it the appearance of an trusty buzz decrease. Similarly, Healey also had to tangle with two sets of false enamel since Shelby wears dentures to duvet up her lacking enamel. Switching these out brought on quite a lot of sweet sixteen stops in taking pictures, nonetheless by some means, Healey grew to change into a pro at replacing her assorted dentures for every shot. Be pleased the bald cap, it may per chance were intensive, on the other hand it exhibits admirable dedication.

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