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Denia's red prawn is planted at 140 euros per kilo

“The price has remained quite stable in the last month and so on “. The senior patron of the Dénia fishermen's guild and patron of the L'Androna trawler, Juan Antonio Sepulcre, assured yesterday, upon arriving at the Dianense port on the last fishing day before the Christmas festivities, that this year the Red prawn is not far from through the roof. “These days there has not been a rise. The first class is being auctioned between 120 and 140 euros. And I am happy, since many restaurants have closed and those that are still open can buy seafood at a good price,” he explained.

And yes, many reservations have been canceled due to the increase in covid-19 infections and many hoteliers have chosen to take vacations early.

The patron of L'Androna indicated that there are restaurants that spend between 20,000 and 30,000 euros on product on these dates and now As it is, they cannot risk being left with their refrigerators full in the face of the avalanche of cancellations of dinners and meals.

Sepulcre specified that those astronomical prices of 200 and 250 euros that some year have been paid for the red shrimp are “anecdotal” and the “whim” of someone who was willing to pay anything for this seafood.

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He said that these days the fishermen have worked well since the weather and the sea have accompanied. Seven boats of the Dénia brotherhood now leave, at Christmas, to the prawn.

Meanwhile, at the Pòsits stops in the Dénia and Xàbia markets, the third category red shrimp was sold yesterday for 120 euros. The fourth was at 74 euros and the fifth, at 38. Paquita, from the Mercat de Dénia stop, assured that everything had been sold. The first-class prawn does not reach the markets (unless it is ordered). It is the one that restaurants buy in the auction.

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