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Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi announces she will run for re-election

  • The current president of the House of Representatives will once again be a candidate in the legislative elections

The president of the US House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced this Tuesday that will stand for re-election

in the November legislative elections. However, Pelosi, 81, did not reveal if she intends to continue leading the Democratic leadership and if she will run for the Presidency of the Lower House, in case the Democrats maintain the majority. In 2018, the Democrat promised members of her party that this would be her last term as president of the Lower House, but later refused to confirm her departure from the political front line.

In a video on Twitter, Pelosi announced Tuesday that she is running for re-election and cited the "crucial" need to defend American democracy. "While we've made progress, much more needs to be done to improve people's lives. Our democracy is at risk from assaults on the truth, the assault on Capitol Hill, and state-by-state assaults on voting rights. These elections are crucial." Our democracy is at risk, nothing less," he said. And he added: "But we did not die, we organized ourselves. And that is why I am running for re-election to Congress and I respectfully seek your support. I would be very honored and grateful for that support."

Elected in 1987 to represent a California district, Pelosi has served as president of the Lower House twice: between 2007 and 2013, and since 2019, when she was elected with the mission of being the main face of the opposition against the then Republican president, Donald Trump (2017-2021). Pelosi showed that she knew how to beat Trump with gestures that opened the front page of newspapers and became very popular on social networks.

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One such moment occurred in January 2020 during Trump's State of the Union address to both houses of Congress. When the speech ended and while the Republicans applauded furiously, with a gesture of disdain, Pelosi grabbed the pages with the copy of Trump's speech and tore them in two at a height high enough for the television cameras to capture it, in a sign of his bitter relationship with the president. Asked later by reporters why she did it, Pelosi replied that it seemed like "the most courteous thing to do" after that "dirty speech." In return, Pelosi has concentrated the hatred of a large part of the Republicans, who have branded her a "radical leftist" in multiple election announcements.

On 8 November, the United States will hold legislative or mid-term elections, which will be a thermometer on the management of US President Joe Biden, almost two years after assuming power. Historically, the White House occupant's party tends to lose out in these mid-term elections, and polls now show that the Republicans could win the House of Representatives.

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