Dave Chappelle Couldn’t Stop Hijacking Michael Che’s Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

While stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, Michael Che was supposed to be promoting his new sketch comedy show for HBO Max, That Damn Michael Che. However, he made one fatal flaw: He Zoomed into the interview from Dave Chappelle‘s house in Ohio, which resulted in the comedian hilariously hijacking the entire interview.

Right out of the gate, Chappelle popped into the background to promote his podcast, The Midnight Miracle, and every time Kimmel and Che seemed to get things back on track, Chappelle would dip in with a joke or outrageous anecdote of his own that left everyone laughing. Case in point, when Che tried to talk about the very old hotel he usually stays whenever he drops by Chappelle’s comedy venue, Chappelle couldn’t resist saying that it’s very lovely, and he once saw “Colonel Sanders’ ghost” there.

After Che managed to get some time to talk about how former Weekend Update host Colin Quinn is his “favorite Colin,” which was a friendly jab at Che’s Saturday Night Live co-anchor Colin Jost, Chappelle swooped back in again to promote his podcast and talk about the time he gave Sean “Puffy” Combs a special gift. That gift? A sweatsuit from Puffy’s own fashion line.

“He was probably just happy you paid retail,” Kimmel joked as it became clear that this was now Chappelle’s show, and he and Che were just along for the ride.