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Date a Live IV (Season 4) Reveals New Trailer, Theme Songs and Cast, April 2022 Release Date

The upcoming Date a Reside IV (Season 4) has obtained a brand contemporary trailer that features the anime’s contemporary opening song, and its free up date is determined for April 2022. Here’s the reveal’s fourth season, and it comes after several delays from 2021.

You might presumably perhaps perhaps look the video below:

Date a Reside IV (Season 4) – Recent Trailer

Miyu Tomita is performing the outlet song titled “OveR”, whereas the title of the ending song is “SOS” by sweet ARMS. The contemporary solid of the assortment contains Hitomi Nabatame as Nia Honjou and Akari Kageyama as Hoshimiya Rokuku. The contemporary characters might well aid the role of contemporary spirits.

The contemporary trailer for Date a Reside IV (Season 4) is challenging by GEEKTOYS, the studio that beforehand labored on a movie for the franchise, and the April 2022 free up date way it is easiest a couple of months away. The assortment used to be before all the pieces save to air in October 2021 but used to be postponed to 2022.

Date a Reside IV key visual

Jun Nakagawa (High College Rapid) might be the one directing Date a Reside IV, whereas studio GEEKTOYS (Date a Bullet) is animating it.

The first season of Date a Reside premiered in Spring 2013, which had a total of 12 episodes. An OVA also aired in December of the equal year. Season 2 aired in Spring 2014 and had a total of 10 episodes. One other OVA of the assortment also aired in December of the equal year. The franchise returned in Winter 2019 for the third season of the assortment, which had a total of 12 episodes. Keitaro Motonaga (College Days) directed all of these three seasons. The franchise also had a movie titled Date A Reside Movie: Mayuri Judgment below the equal director, which premiered on Eastern theatres in 2015. It also obtained two more anime movies in 2020 titled Date A Bullet: Uninteresting or Bullet and Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen below director Nakagawa.

Date a Reside used to be before all the pieces a Eastern gentle original assortment written by Kōshi Tachibana with Tsunako as the illustrator. Fujimi Shobo published it from March 2011 unless March 2020 and it had a total of 22 volumes on hand. The identical creator also wrote a gradual-weight original titled Date A Reside Encore that features short stories from the well-liked assortment. Yuichiro Higashide might be at the 2d writing a scurry-off gentle original assortment titled Date A Reside Fragment: Date A Reside Bullet with Kōshi Tachibana’s supervision. The identical author might be serializing it and as of now, it has 7 volumes in circulation.

Yen Press might be publishing the well-liked Date a Reside gentle original assortment in English:

April 10. The first day of college. Shido Itsuka is rudely awoken by his deepest dread clock—his minute sister. It’s shaping as a lot as be another conventional day…successfully, as conventional because it will get on a planet stricken by huge spatial quakes. Dinky does Shido know, on the other hand, his life is set to purchase a sudden flip when he encounters the provision of this opposed phenomenon—a girl his age, it sounds as if identified as a Spirit. Turns out, there are easiest two suggestions he can stop her from unleashing hell on the enviornment: Catch rid of her by power or placate her…by taking her out on a date and making her descend in love with him!

Yen Press

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