Danny DeVito’s Vigorous, ALL-CAPS Support For Striking Nabisco Workers Led To Some Bizarre Twitter Fallout


All of those endless Oreo cookie flavors don’t happen on their own, and the Nabisco workers who bring us those tweets have been fighting for fair treatment, involving working hours, pay, and health benefits. In multiple factories, hundreds of workers have gone on strike over the past few weeks during ongoing contract negotiations. Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez International (which reportedly saw record profits during the pandemic), wishes to nix the employees’ eight-hour/five-day-per-week schedule in favor of a twelve-hour/three-or-four-day schedule, but without overtime pay.

As a result, factories in Oregon, Virginia, and Colorado, are all in various shutdown states with fewer snacks forthcoming. That’s sad news for people who want to enjoy candy-corn-flavored monstrosities (as well as the good stuff) without worrying about the workers who produce them. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor Danny DeVito noticed and spoke out on the issue. “Support Nabisco workers striking for humane working hours, fair pay, outsourcing jobs,” he tweeted. “NO CONTRACTS NO SNACKS.”

Support Nabisco workers striking for humane working hours, fair pay, outsourcing jobs.


— Danny DeVito (@DannyDeVito) August 18, 2021

Well, the great Danny DeVito simply wanted to express his support for fair pay as well as “SNACKS,” which is understandable. Everyone loves SNACKS! However, DeVito soon saw some drama come his way. Although he didn’t appear to run afoul of any Twitter rules, his 4 million strong account soon mysteriously lost its verification check.

Via Danny DeVito on Twitter

Could this have been an accident or a sheer coincidence? If the un-verification was purposeful, this seems harsh, given that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s been suspended at least four times and still continues her abhorrent behavior with a checkmark intact. The More Perfect Union account tweeted that DeVito confirmed his stripped status to them.

On Wednesday, @DannyDevito expressed solidarity with striking Nabisco workers.


Today, Twitter stripped him of his verified status, DeVito confirmed to More Perfect Union. pic.twitter.com/rbYfM90sOs

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) August 19, 2021

And then, the disbelief began to pour forth on Thursday night.

Twitter unverified Danny DeVito for supporting strikers but they’re okay with Marjorie Taylor Greene equating vaccination passports to the Holocaust and Lauren Boebert praising the Taliban.

Danny was a legend before they were born and he’ll be a legend long after they’re gone.

— Meredith Lee (@meralee727) August 19, 2021

Also mysteriously, though, Friday morning saw DeVito’s verification checkmark return.

Via Danny DeVito on Twitter

So, what happened? No one knows for sure, but hopefully, Mondelez International will work things out with Nabisco workers, and we’ll all have more SNACKS, too.

UPDATE: Twitter has issued the following statement via a spokesperson:

The account referenced was debadged temporarily because the account’s information was incomplete. Our verification policy states that blue badges may be automatically removed from inactive and incomplete accounts, which require a confirmed email address or phone number. We have worked with the account holder to confirm the necessary information and the account’s verification has since been restored.