Dana Carvey’s Impression Of Affable But Bumbling Joe Biden Is Pretty Damn Spot-On

Dana Carvey brought his spot-on Joe Biden impression back to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, but this time, he did it in character. In an interview with Carvey’s Biden ahead of the upcoming G7 Summit where the president is scheduled to meet with Vladimir Putin after referring to the Russian dictator as a “killer,” the comedian rolled out his bumbling, yet affectionate take on the current occupant of the White House.

While talking to Colbert, Carvey’s Biden frequently said, “C’mon,” before every topic, and often mixed up names as the real Biden has done for most of his political career. In fact, here’s how Carvey’s Biden described words, which was a word he also couldn’t remember.

“They’re like Republicans. They don’t wanna work with me, but I keep trying anyway,” he said as Colbert tried to keep his composure. The comedian put a couple digs in at Trump though. While talking about “the other guy,” who was “bananas,” Carvey’s Biden promised that he’s not going to be all “herky-jerky.” While gently moving his hands in front of the camera, Carvey’s Biden said, “I’m slow and easy, slow and easy.”

Carvey had rolled out the impression back in March, and while it does poke fun at Biden’s mannerism and his gaffe-prone speaking style, Carvey made sure to note that he isn’t mocking the president. It’s just fun to imitate the guy who Carvey referred to as the “father of the country” right now. Biden has that dad energy where he likes to list things and, occasionally, go off on tangents, as dads do.