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Customers can be in Catalan restaurants until one in the morning

After the confusion generated regarding restricted hours in the hospitality industry Catalan, the Generalitat has clarified within the current measures for pandemic that the restoration features half an hour to stop the activity and evict the clientele. Bars and restaurants can open until 00.30 a.m., but customers can leave them until 1.00 a.m. , time as happens with musical and cultural activities.

The employer's association Fecasarm had required Interior and Salut to clarify this point, which finally places the three sectors in the same conditions . The initial resolution of a week ago did not specify anything in this regard about those 30 minutes and had caused confusion and complaints among hospitality operators, they explain to this newspaper.

In a statement, the same federation indicates that at 00.30 hours the establishments “must inform the public that the activity has ended and they have half an hour to leave the premises “. In this period, drinks cannot be served and the lights will have to be on. Nor may there be music or any musical performance, nor will access to new customers be allowed. After 30 minutes (45 in case of capacity over 500 people, they stand out) “there will be no customer in the room”.

The Fecasarm also recalls that it is not a question of “no new precept”, but that the time frame for eviction is valid in the sector, from article 10 of the Order of schedules of 2011. For this reason, they have asked that the local police be informed of this, to avoid improper fines, they insist.

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He too Gremi de Restauració de Barcelona has notified all its associates that they have this margin every day of the week, including New Year's Eve, when the establishments will have to live an express celebration.

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