Culture Quick Bites Hypes Up Summer’s Pop Culture Comeback With ‘Loki,’ Fests, And The NBA Playoffs

Somehow we’re already halfway through 2021 and the latest episode of Culture Quick Bites is here to remind you of that fact with host AJ Lodge and guest co-host Irene Walton recapping some of this year’s most fascinating bits of bite-sized pop-culture milestones — try saying that five times fast — before previewing the “fully vaccinated summer” we’re all about to have. So if you’re still laughing at those Suez Canal shipping container memes but you’re also curious about the recently announced summer music festival lineup; if you want to geek out over all of the comic book movies and TV shows we watched from home but you’re also interested in heading to a theater to catch Vin Diesel drift in space while belting a Lin Manuel-Miranda penned musical number — wow, do we have a show for you!

Okay fine, we just made up that dream crossover event, but hey, it’s 2021. Anything goes.

Our hosts are also hyped for the return of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in Marvel’s latest Disney series which promises to deliver a bunch of weird time-travel shenanigans — and an impressively suave silver mustache courtesy of Owen Wilson. And we can’t forget about the NBA Playoffs, aka the perfect opportunity for Irene and AJ to remind us of LeBron James’ Oscar-worthy performance in the 2015 hit comedy, Trainwreck. But mostly, we’re just here for the glow-up of AJ’s personal hero and the one-true Dunkin Donuts mascot, Ben Sadfleck.

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