Cristin Milioti Is In Awe Of Danny DeVito’s ‘Avant-Garde In Their Rancidness’ Performances On ‘It’s Always Sunny’


We all have that one show we completely binged through during quarantine. Some of us, myself included, might even have our… let’s just round down and say ten. However, for Made for Love and How I Met Your Mother star Cristin Milioti, Hulu and chill got a whole lot more inspiring when she finally settled in with FX It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In an interview with W Magazine, Milioti revealed herself as a “huge Sunny” fan before delving a bit deeper into her 14 season-long rewatch. According to Milioti, it was the first time she had sat down with the show to properly watch through a season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia since her hectic schedule caused her to drop off around season 7. Milioti says she started at the beginning, watched every season, and found the show “wonderful to revisit” before adding “the cast is so brilliant.”

Kaitlin Olson—have you ever seen that episode where she does a pratfall into a car and slams her head against the car door? I hadn’t seen that episode in a long time, and I remember thinking, You can’t fake that. She must’ve just thrown herself. And it is so funny. She’s incredible. Her character is deeply depraved. I would say maybe Dennis [Reynolds] is the most depraved, because he’s a straight-up psychopath. He’s a sociopath. But they’re all pretty depraved, which I also like.

However, when it comes to which castmate stands above and beyond to Milioti, the actress revealed she was nearly in awe of Danny DeVito’s performance as Frank Reynolds on the show. According to Milioti, DeVito’s actions as Frank are “almost avant-garde in their rancidness:”

I also think that Danny DeVito’s performance in It’s Always Sunny is one of the most demented performances I’ve ever seen. The things he’s doing are so almost avant-garde in their rancidness. I don’t know if you’ve seen the episode where he sews himself up into a leather couch completely naked at a Christmas party, to spy on someone. It’s one of the funniest pieces of physical comedy I’ve ever seen.

Luckily for actress and physical comedy connoisseur Milioti — and all of us, really — It’s Always Sunny shows literally zero signs of stopping anytime soon. Just last December the series was renewed for four more seasons, taking its total number up to 18 and making it the longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history. While the show has admitted to perhaps making some comedy missteps in the past, the FX show is known for continuously growing and its biting social commentary, making it an absolute quarantine must-watch for those seeking a bit of depravity.