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Cricket replaces coronavirus as the most searched on Google worldwide in 2021

Image of results during a Google search. Unsplash

Of the top 10 searches have been repeated this 2021, the first three are Australia vs. India, India vs. England and Indian Premier League, the professional cricket league; all related to that sport and to India. The most searched globally have been several sporting events, up to the ninth position, when the Squid Game sneaks into the ranking . Vaccines against covid and the disease itself have occupied the third and ninth places in the highest number of news searches, but they are not in the top 10 of the general searches offered by Google as a balance of the year. In Spain, the most sought after has been the time of the next day.

The almost 500 million inhabitants of India that use the Internet make this country the second with the highest number of searches on the entire web, according to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), only behind China. But the power led by Xi Jinping has its own alternative search engines, making India the country that uses Google the most. That is what explains why, of the 10 most consulted issues worldwide, six are related to that country.

Although this year has also been marked by the covid-19 pandemic, the coronavirus has ceased to be the protagonist to make way for sports, which have gradually recovered their presence in stadiums. It may be the most striking difference between the searches of this last year and those of 2020. In the latter, the virus and the Zoom video calling platform led the queries around the world. In Spain, what has gained the most prominence in relation to the pandemic has been vaccination: “When is my time to get vaccinated” and “why does the arm hurt with the vaccine” has been the most consulted, in addition to “how to make bread '', one of the reminiscences of the periods of confinement.

The pandemic has also affected relations. According to the statistics of the technology company, for the second year in a row, searches for ways to meet someone have increased. In addition, mental health consultations have reached all-time highs, as has that related to body positivity.

Year in search 2021. Google

The most consulted news in the world has been related to Afghanistan – where the Taliban took power again this summer after two decades – and vaccines. Precisely vaccination has been the area in which the most volunteer offers have been consulted.

In Spain, “volcano La Palma ”and“ why does a volcano erupt ”are the terms that have grown the most when searching for information, according to Google on its official blog. Our 2021 could be described through these and other questions that have been asked to the search engine: '' Why is the light going up '', '' why are there so many earthquakes in Granada '', '' how to get the covid passport '' or “Why is Messi leaving?”

Year in search 2021. Google

Many have also wondered “when will WhatsApp return” after the network went down for a few hours at the beginning of October or “how are the elections going in Madrid? '' last May.

If you are talking about famous people, the one that has monopolized the most searches around the world During this year it has been Alec Baldwin, who during a day of filming the movie Rust held the gun that ended featuring the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's new partner, and Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who was acquitted in the US after having murdered two people in the demonstrations against racism in Kenosha (Wisconsin), have also attracted visits. Of course, if you look at more specific content, the interview that Oprah Winfrey conducted in March with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was the most searched in the entire history of Google statistics.

On the world of sports, Christian Eriksen (the Danish soccer player who fell unconscious during an international match in July), golfer Tiger Woods and gymnast Simone Biles have been the most popular athletes in the world, although in Spain they vary somewhat. The most consulted has been the French footballer Kylian Mbappé, followed by Eriksen, the tennis players Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz and the Olympic medalist Ana Peleteiro.

The sports team that has been most googled around the world has been Real Madrid, followed by Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. In our country, Real Madrid ranks fourth among the general searches that have been repeated the most this year.

In When it comes to music, the most sought-after songs have been Drivers license, by Olivia Rodrigo, and Montero and Industry Baby, both by rapper Lil Nas X. The films that have received the most attention have been Eternals and Black Widow, followed by Dune, and, as for the series, the South Korean The Squid Game and The Bridgertons. In Spain, the programs and series most consulted vary: the Turkish series Love is in the air, the realities of Telecinco The island of temptations and Survivors and, already in fifth place, the star Korean drama of 2021. In fact, of the 10 most searched television content on Google Spain, four are realities.

Year in search 2021. Google

Searches related to the environment and climate change have also increased significantly: floods, fires, sustainability and ways to protect the environment. planet hit search engine highs.

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