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Cranston Johnson On Why Denzel Washington Is His Biggest Inspiration – Exclusive


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By Amy Mackelden/Feb. 1, 2022 2: 28 pm EST

Thanks to appearances in reveals akin to “Hap and Leonard,” “Filthy Successfully off,” and “Reality Be Told,” Cranston Johnson has step by step been constructing a fanbase in fresh years. Plus, the actor is at the 2d showing on our displays as Zumbado in The CW’s “Naomi,” the community’s most modern superhero title tailored from a DC comedian e book, and viewers are going to be bigger than a microscopic intrigued by his most modern position.

Discussing Zumbado in an abnormal interview, Johnson told Looper , “He’s this enigma that folk appear to have faith that they know about his history and they know about his past, as evidenced by Naomi and Nathan, talking of a popularity that he has in the town of Port Oswego for being a crook, as a automobile salesman he’s more or much less ripping off the native town.” He persisted, “All these items are correct more or much less rumour — we don’t actually know if any of right here is exact. There’s this ominous presence about him that he’s a rotten corrupt guy … rather a couple of detrimental vitality around him, so of us interact to steer determined of him and they’re very sorrowful in his presence.”

Looper dug a microscopic deeper to discover why Denzel Washington has been a compulsory inspiration to Johnson’s profession to this point.

Dreaming of Denzel

Cranston Johnson opened up to Looper about his profession aspirations and inspirations, and one title correct now came to mind for the “Naomi” star. “Denzel Washington potentially is my greatest inspiration,” Johnson told us. “Earlier than performing, and even after I began performing about 10 or 11 years prior to now, he’s any person that I’ve repeatedly regarded to as a bar and as an inspiration.” 

Whereas Washington’s work has inspired Johnson’s profession to this point, the actor would also handle the chance to collaborate with the actor/director in the future in the raze. “Working with him, whether he develop to be directing or whether I started working at some stage in from him as an actor, I have faith would be correct love a bucket listing kind topic for me, it might maybe maybe actually be special,” Johnson outlined. “I derive pleasure from his work.” Hopefully, Johnson will derive the chance to work with Washington in the no longer-too-some distance away future.

New episodes of “Naomi” air Tuesday nights on The CW and are accessible to movement on the derive bid and app the next day.

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