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Coup in the US in 2024?

  • Several generals have warned of the possibility of a new insurrection during the next presidential elections

  • Only a minority of Republican voters acknowledge the seriousness of the assault on the Capitol

A joke has been running between diplomats and journalists for decades: “Why are there no coups in the US? Answer: Because they do not have an American embassy. ” This is a real-based joke. From North American diplomatic legations have organized , murders and counterrevolutions . Criminal history includes Iran , Indonesia, Chile , Argentina, Nicaragua

, Brazil, Guatemala , among others.

This grace ceased to be effective on January 6, 2021 , day of assault on the US Congress by a mob of exalted who defended the conspiracy thesis by Donald Trump , that the elections had been stolen. Behind the costumes and antlers is the fact that it was a violent act to prevent the proclamation of Joe Biden as president. To put it more clearly: was an attempted coup .

Congress has been investigating what happened for months to define the responsibilities of the different political actors, especially that of Trump and his advisers. It was not possible to agree on a independent commission , such as 9/11 or the assassination of John Kennedy . Republicans try to boycott the papers to reduce the value of their findings. Everything falls into the fashion trend of the “alternative facts” : the reinterpretation of the past for their own benefit. Its engines are social networks and general ignorance.

Trump's options in 2024

The key to these jobs is determine if Trump organized, inspired or encouraged the attack on Congress , if he was aware of its seriousness, and if you tried to stop it. The stake is his options to be a candidate in 2024 . Don't be too hopeful. Remember Trump in 2016: “He could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and he wouldn't lose votes.”

This week's cover of British magazine The Economist, one of the liberal Bibles,

is devastating. Title: “Leaving”. The accompanying drawing represents the Greek temple of democracy, its last two columns have become the hind legs of an elephant that is leaving. The elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party . He leaves democracy.

Three retired US generals have alerted in an article in The Washington Post of risk of another insurrection in the presidential elections in 2024 with the presence of the military. The toxicity of Trumpism has also penetrated the barracks. The withdrawal from Afghanistan has left wounds. Although the commitment to leave the country comes from Trump, what remains on the retina are the chaotic scenes of the Kabul airport, something that falls on Biden's debit.

Revisionism Republican

The battle is fought mostly in words. In a survey conducted by the University of Massachusetts, cited by the newspaper The Guardian , the 80% of Republicans describe the assault on Congress in 2021 as a “protest” ; 62% say that the attackers were “protesters.” More serious: the 30% blame the Democrats for the insurrection

and 20% bought the hoax that the violent were antifascists disguised as Trumpists .

The ground is set for a new generation of ultra-conservative leaders and very young take key positions of the Republican Party in the legislatures this year. This republican drift, similar to that of broad sectors of the PP with Díaz Ayuso and Married , we must add the armed groups of the extreme right . Most have not been dismantled. Biden believed in these months that if he stopped mentioning Trump's name, the threat would disappear. Politics requires intelligence and dust staining your shoes.

The war on vaccines and masks in the name of freedom individual is part of the State's delegitimization game. The same as the campaign against the abortion laws and movements to disenfranchise millions of citizens. There are 440 bills in progress aimed at reducing access to electronic voting that affects minorities and the most disadvantaged classes. All this protected by a Supreme Court with a conservative majority in which Trump infiltrated three like-minded judges.

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Several prestigious institutes of political analysis have warned of the possibility that the US will end up ruled by a far-right dictator before 2030. If that seems like an exaggeration, look at the images of the assault again. A year has passed and the only tangible thing is the crude attempt to manipulate what happened: we have gone from a serious attack on democracy promoted by the extreme right to a battered patriot picnic .

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