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Corpse Husband Joins Tribe Nine English Dub Cast

Corpse Husband is joining the English dub cast of the Tribe 9 anime, which began streaming on Funimation on January 31. That is an anime debut for the usual streamer/musician and he’ll be voicing Ojiro.

Corpse Husband is acknowledged for his fright memoir narrations to boot to his Among Us gameplays on account of his low-pitched bass express. Some of Corpse Husband’s standard tune tracks encompass E-Girls Are Ruining My Existence!, White Tee, and Agoraphobic. Corpse Husband took to Twitter to fraction the news and a snippet of his express lines in Tribe 9 anime:

VERY infected to shriek that i can be voicing Ojiro within the English dub for Tribe 9✨

From the the same creator as Danganronpa & Akudama Pressure

I would possibly well no longer delight in asked for a better first role

very honored to be half of it❗️

— Corpse Husband (@Corpse_Husband) February 6, 2022

The remainder of the English cast entails:

  • Jacob Hopkins as Shun Kamiya
  • Casey Mongillo as Haru Shirokane
  • Phillip Sacramento as Taiga
  • Brittney Karbowski as Saori Arisugawa
  • Kevin D. Thelwell as Santaro Mita
  • Brendan Blaber as Manami Daimon
  • Joshua Waters as quadruplets Ichiro/Jiro/Saburo/Shiro

Sound Cadence Studios is heading the dubbing course of for Tribe 9, with Marissa Lenti serving as its director. Diversified principal folk working within the dub series encompass Mike Haimoto as assistant director and production coordinator and Lindsay Roberts as lead ADR engineer.

About Tribe 9

Tribe 9 is a mix-media mission made by Kazutaka Kodaka, acknowledged for the Danganronpa franchise. The mission is conceptualized by author Akatsuki and developer Tokyo Video games. With the exception of the anime, various endeavors for the mixed-media mission encompass a cellular sport and webtoon. The anime series is animated by LIDENFILMS and directed by Yu Aoki, to boot to being co-produced by Funimation.

In Neo Tokyo, dissatisfied childhood kind tribes that struggle every various in an intense sport known as Rude Baseball. One evening, two young folk – Haru Shirogane and Taiga – meet the strongest man within the sphere, Shun Kamiya. Collectively the three be half of forces to play this cutthroat sport against a mysterious man who has begun taking assign an eye on of your entire tribes. Can they defeat him earlier than it’s too late?

Obedient Tribe 9 Internet page (ACN Edit)

Source: Funimation

©Akatsuki Inc. / Tribe 9 Mission

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