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Coronavirus: last minute on infections and the omicron variant LIVE

The covid continues to advance in Europe with the omicron variant and also in Spain. The week has been marked with the back to schools and changes to the protocols around close contact lockdowns. Vaccination continues to advance at a good pace and has already been opened for 18-year-olds, but the authorities call for us not to lower our guard and continue with protection measures.

In this thread we explain the latest news:


Russia registers a new maximum of infections with more than 30,000 cases of covid-19

Russia continues to register new highs in covid-19 infections so far this year due to the spread of the omicron variant, according to the latest balance from the health authorities, released this Monday.

In the last twenty-four hours Russia reported 30,726 cases of coronavirus, compared to 29,230 recorded the previous day.

This is the highest number of coronavirus infections in this country since last December 10.


Galicia stabilizes active cases and registers more than 600 hospitalized

Active cases p or covid-19 hardly registered any variation on this day, 132 more than the previous day, up to 72,573, because discharges and new infections have practically equaled after many weeks, in a day in which there are 610 hospitalized, 41 more.

According to the Galician Health Service, until 6:00 p.m. yesterday, Sunday, there were 54 people with covid-19 in the critical units, the same number as on the day previous; while the bulk of those hospitalized for this ailment were concentrated on the floor, 556, 41 more than a day before.


Andalusia drops 22 hospitalized in 48 hours to 1,822

Andalusia registers this Monday, January 17, a drop of 22 hospitalized in 48 hours for coronavirus to a total of 1,822, which is 351 more in the week-on-week comparison, while patients admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rise by nine to the 244 admitted, 20 more than a week ago.

This was pointed out by the Andalusian Regional Minister for Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, during a visit to the Expansion works for the Regional Hospital of Montilla (Córdoba). Those hospitalized fell by 22 this Monday after having added 41 on Saturday, 72 on Friday, seven on Thursday, 21 on Wednesday, 232 on Tuesday and 18 last Monday (48 hours).


Catalonia adds more than 200,000 infections in a week

The week begins in which the peak of the sixth wave could be verified, strongly marked by the ómicron variant, and in which the curfew will be eliminated in Catalonia (on Friday). The data notified this Monday by Salut show a photo very similar to that of Mondays, with fewer infections given that not so many tests are carried out on weekends or all the data is collected, and with hospital tension that continues to increase, which which may also have its explanation in that there are not so many registrations on holidays. In figures, the record for weekly infections continues, with more than 200,000 in the last seven days, although somewhat less than 15,000 have been reported in the last few hours.


France rectifies and will not allow Djokovic to participate in Roland Garros

The French Government, which a dozen days ago had indicated that Novak Djokovic could participate in the Roland Garros tournament even if he was not vaccinated, has rectified and warns that all those who compete will have to have the complete guideline, just as the public and the professionals involved will be required.

The rectification came from the hand of the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, on the night of Sunday to Monday, hours after Parliament definitively adopted the bill that will impose a vaccination certificate for many activities of social life, which includes attending sporting events.


Ecuador puts most of the country at 'red' risk

The Government of Ecuador has announced the implementation of a traffic light system to establish the level of risk in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and has declared most municipalities at high risk, within the framework of a rebound in cases attributed mainly to the spread of the omicron variant.

The Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador has indicated in a statement that the measure will be in force until Sunday, after notifying more than 42,000 positives for covid -19 between the 9th and the 15th of this month, which is the highest peak in a week since the start of the pandemic.


Cantabria has vaccinated 57% of children between 5 and 11 years old

Cantabria has vaccinated 57% of children between five and eleven years of age against the coronavirus, of which 53.8% have received a dose, according to the latest data from the Regional Ministry. a de Sanidad, published today and corresponding to Sunday, January 16.

For its part, the region has been immunized against Covid-19 at 99.7% of those over 60 years of age and 100% of those over 70 years of age. one dose, with 95.9%, compared to 94.4% of the population between 50 and 59 years old and 91.2%, between 40 and 49 years old.


Cantabria adds 28 hospitalized for covid in one day and two deaths but incidence and cases drop

Cantabria added two new deaths from coronavirus this Sunday, on a day when hospitalizations skyrocketed, with 28 more than on Saturday, but the incidence fell, both at 14 and 7 days, and the new cases detected, which were less than a thousand.

The deceased are two men vaccinated against Covid- 19, aged 73 and 85, who have died at the Marqués de Va Hospital Little girl from Santander. With the new deaths, the fatalities of the coronovirus in Cantabria since the start of the pandemic rise to 661.


Aragón reports 3,375 cases, 1,534 less than 7 days ago, and one deceased

Aragón has reported 3,375 positive cases of coronavirus corresponding to this Sunday, 75 more than Saturday but 1,534 less than a week ago, and one deceased, in the province of Zaragoza.

According to the provisional data published this Monday in the Transparency Portal of the Government of Aragon, 2,409 positives have been confirmed in the province of Zaragoza, 544 in Huesca and 417 in Teruel, while in 5 no it has been possible to determine the origin.


The president of Paraguay suspends his agenda after the positive of the first lady

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo, has suspended his official agenda once your partner, the first Lady Silvana López, has confirmed that she is infected with coronavirus.

Thus, the Paraguayan Ministry of Health has reported that Abdo will be quarantined together with López, although it has remarked that both they are in good health, according to the local newspaper 'ABC'.


The National Assembly of France approves the Vaccine Pass

The National Assembly of France has approved this Sunday by 215 votes in favor, 58 against and seven abstentions the law of the Vaccination Pass that can now be applied immediately by the Government. With this law, a negative test is not enough, but it will be necessary to demonstrate that the complete vaccination schedule is available to access public spaces.


Austria, the first EU country to impose compulsory vaccination on people over 18 years of age since February

The Austrian Government presented this Sunday the project that provides for mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus for people over 18 years of age from February 1, making it the first EU country to adopt a measure similar.


Colombia adds 32,317 infections with deaths on the rise due to the pandemic

The Colombian Ministry of Health reported this Sunday 136 deaths due to the pandemic and 32,317 new infections , in the middle of the fourth wave due to the omicron variant.

The number of deaths rose since on Saturday there were 129, that is, today the figure increased by 7, while infections fell from 35,575 to 32,317, a decrease of 3,258 infections.


Venezuela adds 1,049 new cases of c ovid-19 in the last 24 hours

The Venezuelan authorities detected 1,049 new cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, 1,036 by community transmission and 13 imported, reported this Sunday the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez.

“The Presidential Commission for the Prevention, Attention and Control of covid-19 informs the country where 1,049 new infections were registered in the last 24 hours: 1,036 from community transmission and 13 imported,” Rodríguez wrote on his Twitter account.

Imported cases come from 7 from Turkey, 5 from Mexico and 1 from Germany.


France imposes the vaccine for social life and travel

France approved this Sunday the vaccination passport, which will impose important restrictions to people who do not want to be immunized against covid, in an attempt to force the hand of the almost five million people who reject the vaccine. By 215 votes in favor, 58 against and 7 abstentions, the National Assembly ended an intense parliamentary process with the Senate, which was rarefied by the political storm that President Emmanuel Macron generated when he said he wanted to “annoy” or “fuck” the unvaccinated.


Covax makes one billion doses of vaccines to countries most in need

The covax platform, created at the beginning of the pandemic to address inequalities in access to vaccines, it has delivered supplies that have exceeded 1,000 million doses with a shipment that Rwanda sent this Saturday. The World Health Organization (WHO), at the head of this initiative with other international organizations, recalled that Covax has become the most important operation in history in terms of the purchase and distribution of vaccines, but also recognized that this is not it has been enough because great inequalities persist between rich and poor countries in terms of access to these vital supplies to contain covid-19. Of the 194 member states of the WHO, 36 (all in the category of least developed countries) have vaccinated less than 10% of their population and 88 less than 40%, while rich countries have been vaccinating for weeks with the third dose and some speak of the fourth.


The EC advisory virologist predicts a “contagion explosion” every winter

Belgian virologist Peter Piot, special advisor on the coronavirus of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, predicted today that this virus will cause a less serious “explosion of infections” every winter from now on, something that could necessitate a vaccination campaign every year. Interviewed in a program of the Belgian channel RTL, the virologist -one of the discoverers of Ebola in 1976 and an expert in HIV research- affirmed that the pandemic is already in a “new phase” with the arrival of omicron and urged to organize “a debate” on “how to organize our societies and our lives to live with covid in a totally different way than the current one”. “When we talk about the virus being endemic, that is, it will be everywhere but with less risk, I believe that every winter there will be an explosion of infections. Inevitably, measures will have to be taken, such as an annual vaccination,” Piot reflected.


Beijing increases entrance controls to the city ​​after detecting a case of omicron

peking tightened entry controls to the city after finding last Saturday a contagion by local transmission of the omicron variant of the coronavirus just over two weeks before the Winter Olympics begin in the Chinese capital.

Those who enter Beijing from other parts of China must undergo a nucleic acid test within 72 hours of arrival in the city, in addition to submitting a negative test within 48 hours prior to travel.


Djokovic arrived in Dubai deported from Australia

World tennis star Novak Djokovic arrived in Dubai on Monday after being deported from Australia due to his coronavirus vaccination rules, which left him unable to contest his 21st Grand Slam title, an AFP journalist reported. .

The Serbian tennis player got off the plane with two suitcases and a mask, after landing at 05:32 local time (01:32 GMT) at Dubai International Airport.

The tennis number one was to be the central figure in the opening night of the Australian Open on Monday, but was unable to participate in the tournament after a court rejected his attempt to stay in the country.


Andalusia opens This Monday the self-appointment for vaccination with third doses of Covid for those over 40 years of age

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) opens from this Monday the self-appointment for the booster dose against Covid-19 to the group of those over 40 years of age, while the pas On Wednesday, Andalusians born between 1970 and 1971 (51 and 50 years old) began to receive the third booster dose.

The announcement was made last Friday by the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, during a radio interview, in which he pointed out that this age group “is very important” and that it was the sector of the population with “the greatest rejection after the first vaccine”, so “we hope that they ask for appointment on time”, he highlighted.


China faces highest coronavirus contagion in two years as Winter Games approach

The number of covid-19 cases in China reached on Monday its highest level since March 2020, at a time when Beijing tries to eradicate the contagious omicron variant three weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics.

On Monday they were detected 223 cases of covid-19 across China, including 80 in the port city of Tianjin and nine in the manufacturing hub of China. e Guangdong.

The numbers are tiny compared to other countries, but China, where the virus first emerged in late 2019, has followed a strict “zero covid” while the rest of the world reopens.


Germany exceeds eight million coronavirus infections

Germany has exceeded eight million positive cases of coronavirus this Monday after adding more of 34,100 infections during the last day.

The Robert Koch Institute, the government entity in charge of the control of infectious diseases in Germany, has indicated through its daily balance that, During the last 24 hours, a total of 34,145 positive cases have been confirmed, as well as 30 deaths.


Good morning, we resume the daily information.

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