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Coronavirus: last minute on infections and the omicron variant in Spain and in the world | DIRECT

The covid continues to advance in Europe with the omicron variant and also in Spain. Last week was marked with the return to schools and changes to the protocols around close contact lockdowns. In parallel, vaccination continues to advance at a good pace and has already been opened from the age of 18, but the authorities call for us not to lower our guard and continue with the protection measures.

In this thread we explain the latest news:


The reduction in infections and cases continues in Galicia while hospitalization rises

The sixth wave of the covid-19 pandemic in Galicia seems to confirm its decline after another day with a reduction in cases, 4,209 less yesterday, and also a drop in the number of infections, with 4,337, which is about a thousand less than on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the peak reached the week past has its effect on Galician hospitals, with 626 more patients admitted, 37 more. Of these, 582 are on the ground floor, 38 more; and 47 in the ICUs, one less than the previous day.


New record of infections in Catalonia, but with stabilized ICUs

The infections of the omicron variant continue to increase in Catalonia, especially among children and young people, which has meant a new record of infections for the entire epidemic with more than 243,000 in the last seven days, and an epidemic curve that continues to grow, although the ICUs are remain stabilized and the number of outpatient visits decreases.


Japan will extend anti-contagion restrictions to two-thirds of the territory

The Government of Japan announced today that plans to raise the health alert in 18 more prefectures, which will extend the new anti-contagion restrictions to deal with the record wave of covid-19 to thirty of the country's 47 regions.

The Executive led by Fumio Kishida has foreseen This will formalize the decision this Tuesday after analyzing it with its expert committee, and after having raised the emergency level for coronavirus in Tokyo and other major regions of the country last week.


Covid in Catalonia: Latest number of coronavirus cases

The coronavirus continues to be very high in Catalonia, although some indicators continue to drop. According to data updated this Monday by the Department of Health , there are a total of 2,816 people admitted with covid in Catalan hospitals, compared to 2,708 the day before. Of these, 506 are in ICUs, the same.


Germany exceeds 8.7 million cases after notifying more than 63,000 during the last day

The German authorities have confirmed this Monday more than 63,000 cases of coronavirus during the last day, with which the European country exceeds the threshold of 8.7 million infections, at a time when the accumulated incidence during the last week continues to rise.

The Robert Koch Institute, the government entity for the control of infectious diseases, has indicated through its website that during the last 24 hours, 63,393 positives and 28 deaths have been registered, which brings the total figures since the start of the pandemic to 8,744,840 and 116,746, respectively.


Risk prevention marks the way for health workers to litigate in times of covid

The toilets, first front of fight against covid, have been fighting since the beginning of the pandemic for the lack of means with which they were forced to fight the virus and for the maintenance of precarious conditions ever since. At the moment, one of the few sentences that seem to have given them a concrete and economic response to their demands is the one issued on January 7 by the Social Judge number 5 of Alicante Ricardo Barrio, who condemns the Health Department of the Valencia Community to compensate the doctors who worked without protection with sums of up to 49,000 euros.


Nightlife can request aid from the Government for the sixth wave starting tomorrow

The nightlife sector may request starting from tomorrow, Tuesday, the new aid of between 15,000 and 120,000 euros approved by the Generalitat to help these companies cope with the impact of the restrictions of the sixth wave of the coronavirus.

This line of aid is specifically intended for nightlife and is endowed with a total of 20 million euros, as reported by the department Company and Work promotion in a statement.


Germany fears hundreds of thousands of infections in February

Germany once again recorded record figures this Monday of weekly incidence of coronavirus and the Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, has the maximum of the current wave will be reached in February with hundreds of thousands of daily infections.

“I am counting on the peak in February and we will have hundreds of thousands of daily infections,” Lauterbach said in statements to the “Berlin Direkt” program on German public television.


Aragón reports 3,213 cases, 135 less than the previous week

Aragón has reported 3,213 positive cases of coronavirus corresponding to this Sunday, 409 more than the previous day but 135 less than a week before.

According to the provisional data published this Monday in the Portal de Tra According to the Government of Aragon, 2,271 positives have been confirmed in the province of Zaragoza, 623 in Huesca and 318 in the province of Teruel, while the origin of one has not been identified.


Cantabria adds two deaths from covid and 22 hospitalized

Cantabria has added two new deaths from coronavirus in the last hours and 22 hospitalized, which are already 241, with which the hospital occupation has entered at very high risk in the region, although the incidence at 14 days and the new positives detected have decreased.

The deceased are two women aged 86 and 95, vaccinated, who have died in the Sierrallana and Valdecilla hospitals, respectively.


Australia prepares to go back to school in the midst of the covid crisis

Over four million Australian students prepare for start of the school year starting next week under different criteria in each region and amid fears that face-to-face classes in schools will trigger covid-19 infections in the country.

In the midst of the campaign to immunize the population under 12 years of age, the states of New South Wales and Victoria, the most populous in the oceanic country, will make available to students and their workers two rapid tests for antigen per week during the first four.


Alberto Garzón, positive for covid, suspends his acts but will work at home

The Minister of Consumer Affairs , Alberto Garzón, has reported that has tested positive for covid-19 and , although he is fine and will continue to work from home, he has had to suspend his agenda of events and the meetings he had scheduled.


L Prime Minister of New Zealand cancels her wedding due to new restrictions due to the pandemic

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, stated this Sunday that has had to cancel her own wedding due to restrictions that your Government has imposed to stop the expansion of the omicron variant of covid-19.


The General Hospital of Malaga suspends visits due to the advance of the pandemic

The management of the Regional University Hospital of Malaga has suspended visits to the General Hospital since Monday due to the advance of the pandemic and the incidence of covid-19 cases, and with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of patients, users and professionals.

The center has informed in a statement that following the indications of the clinical experts, it has been decided to limit the care to the patients h hospitalized in non-covid areas and reduce the traffic of people in the health center; Therefore, only vulnerable patients will be allowed to be accompanied and it must always be the same person who goes to the health center.


Russia registers a new maximum of covid-19 infections, with more than 60,000 cases

Russia registered 63,205 new covid-19 infections in the last twenty-four hours, a new maximum since the outbreak of the pandemic, which occurs amid the spread of the omicron variant throughout the country, local authorities reported. Despite the increase in infections in recent days, the downward trend in deaths caused by the infectious disease continues -679 in the last day- which exceeded a thousand for several months. The Government announced this week that its institutions return to teleworking, as in March 2020, in an attempt to stop the advance of the new wave of coronavirus.


About 70 arrested after protest in Brussels against covid restrictions

Some 70 people were arrested at this Sunday's demonstration in Brussels against the health restrictions adopted by the pandemic, in which, according to the police, 50,000 and a half people participated million according to the organizers, and which ended with riots and scenes of violence in the European quarter. Although the march itself was calm, this fifth and most popular demonstration of those called in the last two months in Brussels for the same reasons ended with riots in the Centennial Park and in surrounding streets, where the main buildings are located. of the European institutions. At the end of the act there were clashes between the protesters and the police, with the result of at least three officers and twelve protesters injured, although not seriously, according to the Brussels police.


US anti-vaccines emulate Luther King to claim “medical freedom”

The same week that Martin Luther King Day was celebrated in the United States, thousands of people opposed to the mandates of vaccines and wearing masks in the US emulated the defender of the rights of blacks with a large demonstration this Sunday in Washington to demand “medical freedom”. Coming from all corners of the country and harangued by the world's leading anti-vaccine voices in the US – including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of Senator Robert Kennedy), the protesters met in the downtown National Mall of the US capital.


The Chinese city of Xi'an lifts its massive lockdown after a month

The Chinese authorities today lifted the restrictions imposed in the central city of Xi'an, with 13 million inhabitants, which has been completely confined for a month due to a resurgence of covid.

Officials Municipal authorities indicated that as of today the city becomes a “low risk” area, with which residents can move freely again as long as they present a valid health QR code.


Bolivia registers 3,381 new cases of covi d-19 and 22 deaths

Bolivia registered this Sunday 3,381 new cases of covid-19 and 22 deaths and in total already There are 813,609 infections in the country since the first positives were reported in March 2020.

The departments that registered the highest number of new cases are La Paz with 1,279 cases, the eastern region of Santa Cruz, the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 575 infections and the central Cochabamba with 573.


China adds 57 new cases of covid, 18 of them due to local transmission

The Chinese National Health Commission today confirmed the detection of 57 new positives for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Sunday, 18 of them due to local contagion and the rest imported.

Community transmission cases were reported in Beijing (north, 6), Hebei (north, 3), Yunnan (south, 3), Shandong (east, 2), Tianjin (north, 1), Shanxi (north, 1), Henan (middle, 1), and Can tón (south, 1).


Venezuela reaches 5,405 deaths from covid-19 since the start of the pandemic

In the last 24 hours , three Venezuelans died from covid-19, bringing the total number to 5,405 deaths since the start of the pandemic, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez reported this Sunday.

“Unfortunately, today we have three Venezuelans who have died from the pandemic,” Rodríguez wrote on his Twitter account, detailing that one person from the central state of Miranda, another from the Andean Mérida state, and another from northwestern Zulia died.


Mexico adds 20,872 cases of covid- 19 and 98 deaths

Mexico registered 20,872 new infections of covid-19 this Sunday to reach a total of 4,667. 829 cases, in addition to 98 deaths for a total of 303,183 deaths, reported the Ministry of Health.

In the last week a, Mexico has reported its highest numbers of infections, with a historical record of 60,552 on Wednesday and 51,368 on Saturday, in addition to daily deaths above 300.


Ecuador registers 6,419 new covid-19 positives and adds 681,382

Ecuador registered 6,419 new positives for covid-19 this Sunday and accumulated 681,382 cases since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Public Health reported in its daily balance.

The total number of deaths rises to 34,329, after adding 14 new deaths since the last report. The recorded deaths are divided between 24,400 confirmed and 9,929 probable due to the disease.


Panama reaches 644,683 covid cases and 7,598 deaths

Panama , which is going through a fourth pandemic wave driven by the omicron variant of covid, registered this Sunday 7,164 new cases and 15 deaths from the disease, which raised the confirmed infections to 644,683 and the deaths accumulated in more than 22 months of health emergency to 7,598.

The daily report from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) specified that there are 84 patients hospitalized in the intensive care units (ICU) and 747 in the general ward, while 82,002 are isolated in their homes and 510 in hotels.


Uruguay adds 8,940 new cases and five deaths with covid-19

Uruguay added this Sunday 8,940 new cases of covid-19 and registered five deaths c with the disease, according to the daily report of the National Emergency System (Sinae).

Of the 25,231 tests carried out, 8,940 were positive, for which the country accumulates 588,995 total cases since March 13, 2020 when the health emergency was decreed when the first four infections by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were detected.


Good morning, we resume the daily information.

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