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Cogolludo castle goes on sale online for 500,000 euros

The residents of the Guadalajara town of Cogolludo have discovered to their “surprise” that the “ruins” of their castle, recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest, are the sale through a real estate portal on the Internet for 500,000 euros.

The local council has shown interest in acquiring it and recovering it for its neighbors, as long as the sale price is adequate for the resources of the municipality.

“The figure that the Cogolludense Consistory could offer is very far from the amount currently requested by its owner”, the Consistory has indicated in a press release, from where they consider that, in case of buying the Castle, a building that has in ruins for 210 years, the first thing that should be done is an excavation and consolidation, requiring a strong investment.

“They would be necessary actions. The first to get to know the building and its origin in depth, and the second to preserve the vestiges that are still preserved, as well as to avoid danger of collapse and of course safeguard the integrity of people, which is the most important thing, “he said. the first mayor of Cogolludo, Juan Alfonso Fraguas.

For this reason, the City Council does not lose hope that the property will rethink reduce the price and reach an agreement so that the residents of Cogolludo can recover an emblematic building of its medieval history.

The ruins of the castle of Cogolludo rise above the town allowing a glimpse of how in the Middle Ages, cities grew under the protection of their castles.

Origin in the IX century

After the Christian conquest of Toledo in 1085, King Alfonso VI granted the jurisdiction of Cogolludo in 1102, one of the first known jurisdictions of Trasierra, thus establishing favorable conditions for the repopulation of the town with settlers from the north of Castile. .

With a pentagonal floor plan, the castle of Cogolludo has cylindrical towers at its corners, all of them in a fairly poor state of conservation, even with towers that have practically disappeared. There is also a square hollow tower, known as the 'bell tower', origin of the fortress in the 9th century, historically very interesting with a half brick dome inside.

The order of Calatrava received the castle at the end of the 12th century, in the 14th century it became the property of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and, already in the XV, the Duke of Medinaceli would incorporate it into his titles of Marquis of Cogolludo.

Although it had not functioned as a defensive element since the 17th century, the castle, which has a floor area of ​​approximately 800 square metres, had an official function, since the successive wardens of the fortress were appointed. The last of them took office in 1790.

The castle was partially destroyed during the war of independence against the French in 1810, remaining as it appears today. In 1949, all the castles in Spain were declared BIC, Asset of Cultural Interest, being protected by this figure. However, many of them are private properties, and, as such, their owners put them up for sale.

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