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Cobra Kai’s Griffin Santopietro Talks Anthony LaRusso’s Colossal Jam In Season 4 And Superheroes – Ordinary Interview


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By Tim Lammers/Jan. 3, 2022 1: 59 pm EST

Since “Cobra Kai” kicked off in 2018, the “Karate Kid” spinoff series has examined the storylines of many characters, basically those central to the film series, along with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and John Kreese (Martin Kove). Alternatively, it like a flash grew to change into apparent that “Cobra Kai” change into true as critical in regards to the generation of faculty students that adopted Daniel and Johnny, along with Daniel’s daughter, Samantha (Mary Mouser), Johnny’s estranged son, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), and Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) — a subsequent door neighbor of Johnny’s short of a father figure.

Also organising a presence in Seasons 1 by 3 of “Cobra Kai” is Daniel and Amanda LaRusso’s (Courtney Henggeler) son, Anthony (Griffin Santopietro), however the young actor didn’t beget as compelling a storyline as his teen predecessors. That’s all about to alternate, even supposing, with Season 4 of “Cobra Kai,” now on Netflix. Alongside with a enhance spurt, Anthony finds out in his first mountainous step into adulthood how easy it’s miles to win caught up in team who relentlessly bullies Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young), a recent student at their faculty. The irony, obviously, is that Kenny’s scenario is the identical one Anthony’s father faced by the hands of Johnny and his Cobra Kai teammates in “The Karate Kid.”

In a normal interview with Looper, Santopietro discusses the parallels of Anthony’s storyline and the exact-existence subject of bullying in colleges. Also, the actor discusses his work with Macchio and Zabka, and he unearths his hopes for future roles in Hollywood.

Anthony becomes what his father is in opposition to

As we uncover in Season 4, Anthony LaRusso is no longer following in his dad’s footsteps since you’re more on the bully side of the equation. To me, that’s the nice looking share of the repeat, that issues don’t constantly trudge the manner it’s possible you’ll expect them to pass.

Yeah, fully. I concept it change into a if truth be told nice looking solution to pass, where you put Daniel’s son in a bully scenario of being the bully as a exchange of the sufferer admire Daniel change into. I suspect the repeat has constantly been subverting that expectation, obviously starting up out with showing Johnny’s side of the story. I true concept it change into a nice looking solution to pass. It’d be so easy true to win Daniel’s son true one other Daniel.

Anthony is no longer a straight-up bully, even supposing. There is a couple of hesitancy there. Anthony knows what he’s doing is unhealthy, but then all any other time, there’s the team that pressures him, which makes the persona more advanced. That has to be the most ideal scenario for an actor, to beget some complexity as a exchange of a sunless-and-white function.

Yeah, fully. Any individual acknowledged this to me that it’s vital to reveal the bystander story as successfully as the bully and sufferer … plenty of adolescents this repeat day aren’t constantly so malicious in bullying. Their online page online visitors be triumphant in it, so they be triumphant in it with them. [It’s interesting being on the show for] years and then in the end attending to beget this storyline, because this total time Anthony’s true been a jerk, and no one if truth be told knows why. But [it’s important] to if truth be told repeat that Anthony doesn’t if truth be told wish to be triumphant on this. He doesn’t know what else to be triumphant in.

What’s the most nice looking thing you admire to beget adolescents to get rid of away out of your storyline this season?

I suspect it’s vital to repeat that plenty of adolescents can expose to having their online page online visitors bully any individual or folks they know and being all in favour of that. And I suspect it’s vital to repeat that it will happen so immediate, and it does. Magnificent since you win caught up in it, it doesn’t point out you’re a imperfect individual. It true methodology that you will must search out who your exact online page online visitors are — namely since Anthony’s in eighth grade for the length of it, and eighth grade is a if truth be told anxious One year in terms of social atmosphere. So, I suspect it’s vital for folks to stare that anyone can win caught up on this stuff. It’s true about finding who it’s possible you’ll be and finding your folks.

Griffin Santopietro loves working reverse Zabka and Macchio

Now you and William Zabka, I if truth be told admire it within the 2d episode if you happen to 2 butt heads. I also talked with Mary Mouser and Tanner Buchanan, and in addition they both true adore the fellow, and think he’s so hilarious. I’d agree with it’s possible you’ll be feeling the identical draw. That must be a blast to play reverse him.

Yeah, that change into so critical enjoyable, and that change into the most nice looking time I had obtained to work with him since, I suspect, Season 1, where I had the identical more or much less interaction with him, but he’s true the funniest guy and he’s so big, but it’s enjoyable. I if truth be told be triumphant in admire that we had been in a position to butt heads, true admire this kid change into admire, “What’s it?” We’re no longer basically mad at every diverse. We don’t admire every diverse for no reason. I’m true admire, “I don’t need you in my residence.” And he’s admire, “I don’t need you here.” But it completely change into so critical enjoyable attending to be triumphant in that with him.

How profitable has Ralph Macchio been to you over the route of this series? I point out, because obviously you portion plenty of time with him and plenty of time with Courtney Henggeler. But Ralph, he true must be such of a undeniable force and a giant affect to you, maybe within the identical draw that Pat Morita change into a exact-existence certain affect to Ralph.

Fully. It’s been so big attending to work with this guy. He’s the most hands-on and devoted individual I’ve ever if truth be told gotten to work with, and I’ve worked with him plenty. Since I change into 11, I’ve been attending to perceive this guy put his effort in and between takes he’ll pass stuff if it’s no longer working. He’s the most hands-on individual, and so, I suspect he’s taught me plenty about acting and about professionalism in frequent. For 5 years I’ve been with this guy. So, I be triumphant in think he’s been a critical individual in my existence to win to in the end beget big scenes with him and win to stare how he does the whole lot and win to play off it. It change into if truth be told, if truth be told big this season.

The Karate Kid movies remain classics to Santopietro

The “Karate Kid” movies are big movies and “Cobra Kai” to me is the definitive spinoff series. I’d agree with you watched those long-established movies as share of your homework for this repeat, but be triumphant in you perceive at them otherwise since you grew to change into a component of the series?

It’s nice looking. I don’t think so. I suspect they had been constantly traditional to me. I suspect I’ll per chance perceive them and beget the identical thoughts which would perhaps presumably be going by my head when I watched them when I change into 10 years veteran. I be triumphant in acquire it nice looking, for the truth that I’m gazing these iconic movies and I if truth be told win to work with these folks within the film. That’s a if truth be told true query. I suspect re-gazing them now, I perceive them the identical. I revel in them true the identical, but I suspect if truth be told nice looking these folks on this film is loopy. I suspect that’s the share that changed for me is that this guy that I’m gazing is the fellow that I win to work with.

Santopietro has several all-time favorites movies

I’m certain, true for the most primary reason that you’re fervent with “Cobra Kai,” that the “Karate Kid” movies must be up there among your all-time favorites. But apart from those, what be triumphant in you get rid of into consideration the gold standards to your all-time favourite movies? It is going to be any vogue.

Effectively, I suspect I’d beget to separate it in between genres. I suspect humorous e book motion photos, I’d pronounce admire “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is my high humorous e book film. As a ways as action-toddle motion photos trudge, I if truth be told admire the most primary “Wait on to the Future.” I suspect it’s true obtained a if truth be told true system and true it’s a if truth be told big film. … also, “Little one Driver.” That change into a film that I if truth be told, if truth be told admire. I true currently re-watched that. Also, “What’s Animated Gilbert Grape” change into one thing I watched. I saw it for the most primary time for the length of quarantine, and I watched it but but one more time appropriate after. It change into if truth be told, if truth be told true. But yeah, I’m a mountainous film guy, so it’s disturbing to capture my favourite.

Santopietro would soar for the prospect to be in a superhero film

Now it’s possible you’ll beget gotten me fervent. You talked about the mountainous superhero fan and if you happen to’ve seen “Into the Spider-Verse.” At the same time as you happen to might per chance win into the Shock Cinematic Universe or DC, is there any notify persona that you would pronounce, “God, I’d adore a crack at that?”

Here is one other thing that I’m going to beget to atomize up up. I’d pronounce DC, appropriate? I suspect any of the Robins would be if truth be told enjoyable, and Superboy, both of them. In Shock, once they reboot it in a couple of years, “Spider-Man” would be slightly cool. Then, I’m searching to think — there aren’t many. Oh, Kid Loki [in the MCU] I suspect would be cool. There are plenty of characters that I constantly been fervent to play, but happily, we beget now years and years of humorous books to be taught, so there are hundreds of characters. But yeah, I’d pronounce those are my high [choices].

Tanner Buchanan acknowledged he’s also titillating about Robin. So, it looks to be like such as you’re going to beget to pass head-to-head for the function!

I’ve talked to him about this. I’ve talked to him about Nightwing ad nauseam, but I’d pronounce that he would be a exact Nightwing and then I is also his protégé. I is also his Tim Drake if he critical one. I suspect shall we both be Robins if he needs to be Nightwing. But we talked about Nightwing so critical.

Santopietro would adore to work with Andrew Garfield

You’ve some slightly improbable co-stars already. I talked about Ralph. I talked about William, and we talked about Tanner. Is there anybody in your future that you pronounce, “God, I’d adore to work with this actor at some level.”

I’d pronounce currently, Andrew Garfield has change into one of my favourite actors. After gazing ‘tick, tick … Pronounce!” and “Spider-Man: No Manner Home,” nice looking that he’s a “Cobra Kai” fan is loopy. I’d pronounce he’s positively an actor I’d adore to work with in a if truth be told collaborative thing. I suspect in a comedy, Ryan Reynolds is the height of who I’d wish to work with in a comedy thing. Andrew Garfield’s slightly recent on my record, but I’m if truth be told liking his work now. So, I suspect he would be a slightly cool guy to work with.

Effectively, perceive with Andrew Garfield — I point out, since he’s partial to “Cobra Kai,” come on, win him on the cell phone and pronounce, “Reach on, mate. We obtained to be triumphant in a film!”

I’ll strive. I’ll name him up later on the modern time and perceive what occurs!

Reacquainting himself with a Karate Kid villain

One thing I’ve cherished about “Cobra Kai” over your total series is how it if truth be told does tie up free ends from the genuine movies. And clearly with Season 4, we beget now Terry Silver. Intellectual how vital Thomas Ian Griffith’s persona change into going to be to this season, did you re-perceive “The Karate Kid: Fragment III” all any other time with the scheme of nice looking his storyline is definitely pivotal to this One year?

Yeah. I believe in regards to the summer before filming Season 4, I had re-watched true remind myself of the persona. I suspect Season 3, I agree with, did a exact job of reminding us of who Terry Silver change into with those flashback sequences. But yeah, I positively re-watched “Fragment III” to win a bigger notion of who he is and what his motivations are, but he’s big. He’s this form of exact villain, man. He’s so true.

Now speaking of villains, I perceive in your IMDb online page and appropriate me if I’m unhealthy, but you’re a component of the “Terrifier 2”? Is that appropriate?

Yeah. It took space goodbye… I’d seen that a while within the past, pre-COVID … I beget a chunk share in that. I’m searching to get rid of into myth encourage. It change into so draw encourage. That change into enjoyable. I’ve by no methodology executed dismay stuff before, which I’d if truth be told if truth be told admire to be triumphant in more of.

“Cobra Kai” Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

This interview change into edited for measurement and clarity.

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