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Cobra Kai’s Griffin Santopietro Discusses The Importance Of His Storyline In Season 4 – Exclusive


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By Tim Lammers/Jan. 5, 2022 11: 38 am EST

Someone conversant in “The Karate Baby” knows Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph) storyline is rooted in the bullying he suffers by the hands of a community of karate students — led by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) — from the Cobra Kai karate dojo. Dangerously mentored by sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove), the ex-Marine teachings boil all the fashion down to 1 easy, yet unforgiving code: “Strike First. Strike Tense. No Mercy.”

As the original minute one in metropolis, Daniel is relentless targeted for bullying by Johnny, and the categorical contrivance he can invent it stop is to beat him in his fill arena at the All Valley Karate Tournament. Educated by his buddy and mentor Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), Daniel wins the tournament, and more than 35 years later, he imparts Miyagi’s wisdom to his fill karate students at his Miyagi-form in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai.” In a positive attempting pattern in Season 4 of the fracture streaming series, plainly Daniel’s young teen son, Anthony (Griffin Santopietro), has learned nothing from his father being a sufferer of bullying in high college.

Although he’s established his presence in the necessary three seasons of “Cobra Kai,” Season 4 marks a immense departure for Santopietro in that he’s given a memoir arc that strikes at the coronary heart of the “Karate Baby” and “Cobra Kai” saga. In an unusual interview with Looper, Santopietro discusses his socially relevant storyline that unfortunately mirrors the hardship of youngsters his fill age in real existence.

Santopietro is grateful that Anthony’s storyline is going towards the grain

If “Cobra Kai” has taught viewers something else since its debut in 2018, it’s that none of the persona’s stories are fully dusky and white. As such, when the creators of the series opted to invent Anthony a part of a community of bullies that torments a brand original middle college student, Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young), Santopietro used to be grateful that they didn’t buy the horrifying route with his persona.

“I believed it used to be a terribly keen technique to perambulate, where you determine Daniel’s son in a bully narrate of being the bully in place of dwelling of the sufferer care for Daniel used to be,” Santopietro advised Looper. “I mediate the save has continually been subverting that expectation, obviously starting out with exhibiting Johnny’s facet of the parable. But yeah, I lovely concept it used to be an enticing technique to perambulate. It’d be so easy lovely to invent Daniel’s son lovely every other Daniel.” 

The keen facet is, whereas Anthony goes with the personnel to bully Kenny, you can sense the struggle he is experiencing whereas doing it. It’s a plot of hesitation that Santopietro believes mirrors real existence.

“Any individual acknowledged this to me that it’s most vital to voice the bystander myth as well to the bully and sufferer … a form of youth this demonstrate day aren’t continually so malicious in bullying. Their friends form it, so they form it with them,” Santopietro seen. “[It’s interesting being on the show for] years and then finally attending to have this storyline, as a result of this entire time Anthony’s lovely been a jerk, and no-one indubitably knows why. But [it’s important] to indubitably save that Anthony doesn’t indubitably are seeking to form this. It’s lovely, he doesn’t know what else to form.”

Anthony’s bullying storyline will likely be relatable to audiences, Santopietro says

Platform Public Relatives

Whereas it’s the target of flicks and TV series to entertain their audiences, Santopietro nonetheless hopes young viewers find some lessons about the perils of bullying after they skills his myth arc this season.

“I mediate it’s most vital to save that I’m definite a form of youth can uncover to having their friends bully any person or people they know and being thinking that. And I mediate it’s most vital to save how that will happen so instant, and it does,” Santopietro advised Looper. “Upright as a result of you salvage caught up in it, it doesn’t mean you’re a negative person. It lovely contrivance that you simply wish to get who your real friends are — in particular since Anthony’s in eighth grade throughout it, and eighth grade is a extraordinarily disturbing year when it involves social ambiance. So, I mediate it’s most vital for parents to gape that any individual can salvage caught up in these items. It’s lovely about finding who you can almost definitely be and finding your people.”

Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” is now streaming on Netflix.

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