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Cinematographer Romain Lacourbas Discusses The Witcher Season 2, Henry Cavill, And Disney – Uncommon Interview


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By Tim Lammers/Dec. 28, 2021 3: 57 pm EST

When it involves pinpointing why Netflix’s “The Witcher” has been a smashing streaming success since it debuted in 2019, it’s nearly inconceivable to single out one particular ingredient that has elevated the sequence. Created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the storytelling in “The Witcher” — in step with Andrzej Sapkowski ideally qualified-selling e-book sequence — is naturally compelling, and there’s small doubt that the narrative is beautifully enhanced by the video video games inspired by the creator’s saga.

On high of that, the solid participants — led by Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allan as Princess Cirilla of Cintra, and Anya Chalotra as Yennifer — maintain all mastered their roles, which would be made the general extra great by the production’s makeup and visual effects. Perhaps the most pivotal ingredient within the success of “The Witcher,” nonetheless, is the sequence’ honest cinematography, which has made the inconceivable that you would factor in for 16 episodes by transporting viewers to the delusion realm of The Continent.

One of many acclaimed filmmakers within the support of the camera for the sequence is Romain Lacourbas, who brought his though-provoking vision to four episodes in Season 2: the premiere chapter “A Grain of Reality,” the second episode “Kaer Morhen,” the fifth episode “Turn Your Aid,” and the season finale, “Household.” In an unique interview with Looper, Lacourbas — who, in his 17-Three hundred and sixty five days occupation, has cleave up his time between European and Hollywood productions — talked about his position in increasing the vision of “The Witcher” for Season 2, his work with Cavill, and his targets as a cinematographer previous the sequence.

A memorable first impression

Congratulations on Season 2 of “The Witcher.” What a race this season has been. How did the factitious come about to attain the sequence? Were you a mammoth fan of Season 1?

In truth, I got a call from Lauren [Schmidt Hissrich], the showrunner, about a months sooner than Season 1. I was very drawn to joining the event, but I was taking pictures “ZeroZeroZero” at that time for Amazon. Anyway, we had to end the shoot for a while, and since of conflicting schedules, I had to disclose no. Happily enough, they did call me support for Season 2. That’s in most cases how I got on board. A extraordinarily appropriate buddy of mine, Sean Customer, who used to be the principle first AD [assistant director] on both seasons, and moreover affiliate producer, most certainly commended my name to Lauren at the starting up, but that’s in most cases how I got on board. I had a obedient interview for season 1 and they appropriate remembered my name.

I wasn’t mammoth fan of daring reveals on the time [“The Witcher” came out]. But I if truth be told maintain to disclose the second Season 1 streamed on Netflix, I straight started watching it, and if truth be told grew to turn out to maintain an interest and inspired by the memoir that I didn’t know in any respect. That got me into that genre.

“The Witcher” sequence, after all, is in step with a pair an excellent deal of mediums. You maintain the books, and moreover you’ll maintain the video video games. Did those impression you in any particular contrivance?

The video video games perhaps a small bit, but soon enough I spotted that you wish to maintain a an excellent deal of methodology, even supposing the catch game is a keen cinematic one … I never if truth be told performed the game, but yow will in finding most of the imagery of the game on the catch, clearly, so I watched a bunch of it. Then one day I was like, “We would favor to receive our possess world and our possess model.” But there maintain been a bunch of of us on board who knew the game very neatly and they were not pushing either me or [cinematographer] JP [Jean-Philippe Gossart], and Terry [Stacey], the opposite DP [director of photography], toward to any extent further or less model … I tried to starting up from a blank net page, if truth be told.

Splitting up cinematography responsibilities

You talked about the opposite cinematographers. For the explanation that cinematography is cleave up up with this season — kicking off and ending with the episodes you shot with a pair in-between — attain you compare notes with the opposite cinematographer to form certain that you’re all on that very same net page?

Yeah. We did that quite a bit, which is something I if truth be told delight in — sharing experiences and having a pair of brains working together. We did piece quite a bit and I was working the identical contrivance with Vanja Černjul on [the TV series] “Marco Polo” years support. On the general, I started the season and the first block with Stephen Surjik directing it at that time. There used to be ideally qualified one major unit taking pictures. Then, JP, who used to be part of Season 1, joined for episodes [3 and 4]. From then, we started taking pictures with two models on the identical time.

So, sure, we were sharing the general time, our experiences and solutions and solutions referring to the models we had in well-liked. JP and Terry, they’d a bunch of models that we were not sharing, but for the general precise areas that we were sharing, sure, we were sharing solutions. It’s continuously mammoth to be in a position to piece solutions with others, and moreover to hunt which route they may well decide and how they may well light the models. You always learn from others, especially from other DPs.

Filming a beast of a series

I’d maintain to factor in perhaps your licensed part of that used to be striking together the most complex photographs in perhaps the general season, which would’ve been, again, throughout that incompatibility between the possessed Ciri and the Basilisks, and Geralt and the Witchers within the season finale. Would that be appropriate?

Technically, it used to be very not easy, and sure, it used to be extraordinarily racy. It’s a truly, very lengthy route of because you starting up from a blank net page, but what I delight in on those styles of scenes is that you starting up telling the memoir and concur with a pair of departments. You open in a tiny room with the director with astronomical solutions, after which, small by small, the results [department] is accessible in with some ideas and a few propositions, after which the stunts come, after which the art division. The location is already built, so they’ve already generated an ambience, but moreover they will come with their solutions, too.

It turns into like a pyramid. It’s like building a dwelling. All individuals brings his stone to the edifice, and sure, it is some distance terribly racy. It’s painful also, a small bit because, one day, and all individuals is aware of that you’ll if truth be told seek what the stop of it is on the stop. There’s quite a bit that stays within the creativeness and within the brains of all individuals. It’s not that you wish to bet because that the basilisk is appropriate going to hump from there to there, because you made the decision this on very early conferences. But mild, you wish to know how fast is that monster goes to hump, the attach it’s going to hump, the attach his tail goes to hit. It’s very not easy but very, very rewarding throughout the fabrication route of. For Episode 8, sure, it’s most certainly my licensed scene.

Henry Cavill is ‘extraordinarily collaborative’ on the sequence

You’ve talked about a bunch of an excellent deal of collaborators striking together these scenes, but I’m questioning how collaborative Henry Cavill will doubtless be on the location. Does he focus on certain photographs with you? Or is he appropriate one of those guys that’s like, “Hello, I’m here as an actor and I prefer to stay out of Romain’s contrivance.”

Oh, he’s extraordinarily collaborative — him, Lauren and perhaps about a other producers. Henry’s one of many of us that is aware of the books the ideally qualified, as neatly as the general scripts the ideally qualified. It’s if truth be told amazing how powerful he is aware of — the general traces of all characters. It’s if truth be told amazing. He’s if truth be told collaborative. He would as soon as presently come to keep up a correspondence about a understanding or to indicate a understanding, but he would never push for it. If he came to chat about a shot and requested for a explanation why the camera used to be [in a particular spot], it used to be if truth be told uncommon. It would continuously be for the explanation of the memoir. He used to be extraordinarily qualified and extraordinarily official.

It is most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps additionally maintain heard he had an harm also throughout the taking pictures, amongst the COVID and all that … He injured his leg, so he had to coach even more challenging after that to be in a position to come support to the location. This man used to be waking up at half previous 4 within the morning doing a bunch of practising with the stunts, after which he came to the location to fetch a bunch of makeup, hair, prosthetics, and make contact with lenses for his eyes. After we were on location for 12 hours, he used to be most certainly there for 16, continuously with the identical smile and the identical generosity, and the identical, “Trusty elated to be here, elated to be part of that adventure” [enthusiasm]. It used to be mammoth for me. We if truth be told got along very neatly together.

Does Henry ever lighten things up? After I talked with Paul Bullion, who performs Lambert, he, too, talked about how he admired Henry’s dedication, but does he ever fetch of us laughing? You’ve got to damage the stress as soon as presently. Did you seek that originate of component within the support of the scenes?

Yeah, after all that happens, even supposing it used to be not a tense location or the relaxation. Focus on me, the favored ambience used to be if truth be told fantastic. For sure, there are some jokes as soon as presently. He is cracking jokes as soon as presently, and there’s a time for that, as continuously, on the location. But most of the time, it’s about, for him and for the general other actors, to expose you the truth, it’s about being focused. But yeah, there used to be a truly appropriate atmosphere.

The impression of Sapkowski and The Witcher fans

Naturally, the interpretation of a fabric that’s so loved, whether or not or not it be from books or the video video games, you’re continuously going to maintain your critics online, but from what I heed, Andrzej Sapkowski likes the camouflage. In truth, I have faith that’s what matters most, appropriate? But did you ever focus on your solutions with him? 

To expose you truth and extremely sadly, I never met him. Furthermore, attributable to the general COVID restrictions, while you be aware after this started, while you wished to come into UK, you had to quarantine and all that stuff, which made touring a small tricky. I never had the event to meet him. Alternatively, the general notes or the general solutions I will maintain were coming from the general producers, Steve Gaub, Lauren, and of us that were very shut to him and talking to him very on a conventional foundation. But no, sadly, I didn’t fetch any notes or solutions straight from him.

Again, the fans are crucial, too. Carry out you snoop on what the fans may well perhaps perhaps are desirous to hunt? After the general success of that first season, the success of the e-book, the success of the video video games, all within the finish hinges on how they if truth be told feel, too. It desires to be a difficult balancing act in a technique. Carry out you listen their chatter?

I did snoop on most of the fans were writing on the catch after Season 1. I did maintain a in finding appropriate to maintain a if truth be told feel of it after which that’s it. Then I ended appropriate because I have faith it may well perhaps perhaps most likely perhaps perhaps be a small bit slim and shortsighted for a DP to starting up fascinated about visual honest, having capability critics in solutions. Again, of us like the writers and the general directors had a truly particular conception about what “The Witcher” world is and desires to be.

Every at times, you attain heed, “Oh, this shot with Henry’s sword on this attach on his support at this second, and that this characterize does mean quite a bit for all individuals.” It is miles a will must maintain to emphasize these moments and perhaps attain some originate of an homage to a truly infamous image within the game. That’s came about about a instances on every episode, perhaps. The comfort of the time, I have faith it’s extra about finding a model that the director is elated with, that you adore, that you factor in is terribly atmosphere worthwhile for the topic, and appropriate to hump with it. After which, we’ll seek if the fans will prefer it or not.

Cavill and Liam Neeson maintain the identical methodology to their roles

I had the amazing substitute to chat with Liam Neeson for the first “Taken” movie, and again earlier this Three hundred and sixty five days for “The Ice Road.” Since you were the DP on “Taken 2,” how memorable used to be your work with Liam?

That used to be a not easy one because we were taking pictures in a bunch of an excellent deal of worldwide locations. We shot in California and Turkey for the most of it, and we shot in studio in Paris. There used to be a bunch of touring, animated the actors, animated the crew, finding a novel crew the attach you hump and making an try all those position to merge, to not match, but to merge together somehow. So, it used to be pretty a disclose, but working with Liam … that’s another big. Whenever you work with that extra or less man, it’s like Henry. They’re so official, but most seriously, they’re so inventive and so into their position.

Henry used to be telling me ultimately, by the stop of the shoot, “It is miles a will must maintain to heed, Romain, I’m dreaming ‘Witcher,’ I’m napping ‘Witcher,’ the general time, on on daily foundation foundation of every and each hour, on on daily foundation foundation of the week. I’m fascinated referring to the e-book and the game and the script. I’m residing below the pores and skin of a Witcher for the general duration.” Liam is the identical extra or less man. He’s if truth be told into his personality. But what strikes me though, is that [when] you’re there sooner than [filming], Liam is Liam. He would at final crack a comic memoir or command the relaxation, then from the second you command, “Circulation,” he appropriate flipped to his personality like that. It used to be pretty impressive to hunt, if truth be told. You perceive what I mean? It’s like he , and moreover you factor in he appropriate made a small comic memoir for the crew and the AD is laughing, after which half a cleave up-second later he’s in personality. But yeah, again, I was very fortunate to be in a position to shoot with him. It used to be very a bodily shoot for him as neatly. Within the event you be aware operating on the roof of that feeble market within the center of Istanbul, riding autos with the tip driver on high of it. Yeah, it used to be pretty an adventure.

Mulling over the superhero genre

Paul Bullion says the first impression he had of Henry on location used to be like, “God, this man is Superman. He if truth be told does embody the characters.” Since you’ve finished action and adventure and delusion, Is there any must attain a DC movie or a Shock Cinematic Universe movie? After all, you’ve got a bunch of journey working with an exact-life superhero with Henry.

Appropriate. The answer is clearly “Certain,” after all. I’d delight in to. As an audience member, I attain hump to the theater and witness those motion photos, or I witness them at dwelling after I will’t. Since I was a child, the kid part of me, I’ve kept watching these motion photos and I if truth be told fetch pleasure from them. Yeah, after all, that is more doubtless to be a blessing for me to maintain of mission to participate on a form of and to step into that genre.

What I delight in about being a DP is, first, making an try the ideally qualified contrivance show a memoir. Again, sorry for repeating myself, making an strive to starting up from a blank net page. Furthermore, most seriously, I love changing genres — making an try to not attain the identical component twice, or not less than not support-to-support … [So, would I do] a thriller after which a daring delusion, after which perhaps an action movie or a DC comic movie? I have faith what drives me and what retains me inventive is set making an strive to interchange. That’s something that I’ve never finished sooner than. Yeah, I may well perhaps hump for it. I may well perhaps command sure for certain.

Lacourbas would delight in to movie a Superman or Batman movie

Is there any particular personality’s movie that you prefer to attain? Would you adore to be the DP for Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man? Any particular males or females superheroes?

I have faith Superman, since it used to be my licensed superhero after I was ten … Yeah. I have faith I may well perhaps command Superman, to be accurate with you, even supposing I’m a mammoth, mammoth fan of the general Batman franchises. They’re so an excellent deal of. I also delight in the contrivance in which Christopher Nolan starts to explore the darkness on “Batman Begins.” Yeah. Then the franchise shifted into something extra cavernous. I if truth be told fetch pleasure from those days … We saw that with “Joker,” clearly, which even supposing it’s the Batman world, there’s a bunch of mammoth franchises like which would be inquisitive referring to the darkest part of their heroes. I receive it charming and extremely provocative. It’s not ideally qualified superheroes anymore — it’s superheroes and their mammoth bags, paunchy of humanity and failures. It’s simpler for the audience to title with them and the ambivalence of it, it’s powerful extra compelling and some distance extra charming. So, Batman. Okay. Perhaps Batman.

How about a Batman and a Superman movie? How about that? We are in a position to fetch those kids together again!

Obviously I’ve seen “Justice League,” and I watched the very first “Wonder Girl,” which used to be keen. Which other mammoth superheroes … “Spider-Man,” clearly. I if truth be told enjoyed the first one. “Iron Man,” I have faith the first “Iron Man” is amazing. There are a bunch of [so] it’s exhausting to support, to be accurate. It used to be exhausting this previous Three hundred and sixty five days to fetch the theater and I missed it. But I’m elated they reopened.

Welles’ motion photos are amongst Lacourbas’ ideally qualified influences

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

What would you’ll maintain in solutions to be your all-time licensed movie? The movie that if truth be told used to be so influential to you as a visible artist, as a DP? Is there the relaxation in particular one which stands out?

I was if truth be told into Orson Welles’ motion photos, and I have faith it’s because he used to be most certainly one of many first who started manipulating the camera as a tool to be in a position to promote some cheats, as a tool to fool the discover, if that makes sense. I have faith keen powerful the general work of Orson Welles continuously impressed me quite a bit. Focus on it or not, [I like] a bunch of Westerns. I be aware “Silverado” as a child. I was continuously interested by it as a truly younger kid, not ideally qualified because there are guns and horses, and of us having fights in a bar … 30 years ago, it used to be what a boy wished to become. Which will sound broad feeble and broad feeble-customary, but that never left me. That’s another model of movie that I’d delight in to attain ultimately — a contemporary Western.

But to answer to your quiz, I don’t have faith there’s one movie that … there’s a bunch. It’s keen. I tried to starting up making an inventory of my 100 licensed motion photos and I tried to work on that list. I started perhaps a Three hundred and sixty five days ago, two years ago. I came to something, a foolish number, like 600 or 700 … I have faith appropriate now, I desires to be at 260 and I appropriate can’t compress it to 100. My point is, it’s very exhausting to form an inventory of your 100 licensed motion photos. Within the event you’re asking what is my licensed one? I’m going to prefer a bunch of time.

Getting support to Welles — “Citizen Kane.” That’s got to be in not less than your high 100 then, Romain.

Oh, for certain. Yeah, after all. But, again, what I was asserting referring to the utilization of a camera as a tool to fool the audience. “Citizen Kane” is a truly appropriate example of this, I have faith. Proper? Furthermore, it’s so well-liked. The utilization of the depths of movie. We’re all making an strive to attain the opposite now attributable to a pair of reasons. It’s temper of the instances. But he used to be the director being in a position to exercise the general aspect of a lens and a camera to expose a memoir and I receive it charming.

Lacourbas’ influences for The Witcher integrated live-action Disney motion photos

Is there any particular movie that you factor in may well perhaps perhaps need instantaneous your work on “The Witcher”? I have faith it may well perhaps perhaps most likely perhaps perhaps additionally be too easy to disclose the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy attributable to the dimensions, but are there others if not consciously, subconsciously, that influenced you?

I re-watched “The Lord of Rings” and a few “Game of Thrones” episodes. But bigger than “The Lord of the Rings,” there’s about a scenes in “Maleficent” and perhaps, extra importantly, there’s about a scenes in “Cinderella” — one of many iterations of “Cinderella,” the attach I understanding the colours, the coloration palette [was inspiring], It used to be in-between poetic storytelling and a truly well-liked contrivance to expose the memoir.

My understanding after I started prep on Season 2 of “The Witcher” — and Stephen Surjik, the director, used to be focused on it as neatly — used to be to try and explore the coloration and try and push the coloration and try and supply a win to the coloration in disclose to form a camouflage vivid, even in a Witcher world, which you would factor in as something not insensible, but gray and muddy colours and earthy colours. We if truth be told wished to starting up pushing the colours and exercise primaries, pastel colours, as powerful as shall we and affords a win to the saturation. I started watching references that were vivid to me. I’d command “Cinderella.” I be aware doing a scene the attach the blue used to be extraordinarily heavy, and the coloration of the candles were very saturated and the general room used to be if truth be told heat. I understanding that, not less than for the first episode, it used to be keen to try and step into somehow some originate of poetic genre but staying throughout the daring delusion context — especially for that first episode with the general scenes with the cursed Nivellen in his magical manor. 

I understanding all those scenes in front of the fire, the dinner scenes, the drawing room, the lavatory scene, valuable to if truth be told feel a small bit like a fairytale because that’s the ideally qualified second within the season with an episode that may well perhaps perhaps exist by itself by capability of the writing; by capability of the memoir ideally qualified. Because from the second this episode is over, the intense practising starts. Proper? We enter Temeria after which it’s about Ciri who wants and perhaps going to become a Witcher. Episode 1, it’s something small bit apart. With Stephen Surjik, we were convinced that this episode valuable to maintain some originate of a fairy story style style.

One more Disney live-action traditional influenced Season 2 premiere

I’d nearly command the first episode is a small bit like “Beauty and the Beast” as neatly.

Very appropriate. You’re utterly appropriate. I did effect together some originate of temper though because that’s what I tried to attain sooner than within the early stage of prep. I tried to connect together a temper board. After I if truth be told maintain a bunch of time, I attain a temper board for every scene. After I if truth be told maintain a small bit less time, I attain like something extra generic. But making an strive to give an explanation for the atmosphere appropriate since it’s so powerful easy to chat about visual and lighting fixtures with photos than it is with words. Proper? 

I continuously receive it’s like a fuel for later debates. You effect something on the desk and never less than you would starting up talking with a director and a showrunner: “Okay. Carry out you discover it irresistible? Is it a appropriate direction? Certain. Monumental. Let’s fetch deeper or, yeah, here’s appropriate, but here’s most certainly a small bit out of self-discipline.” It’s a mammoth route of to starting up exploring and finding the precise tone for a camouflage. “Beauty and the Beast” used to be on my temper board, to expose you the truth. It used to be. A few of the crucial “Harry Potter” motion photos were as neatly.

“The Witcher” Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming completely on Netflix.

This interview used to be edited for length and readability.

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