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Chicago P.D.’s Jesse Lee Soffer And Tracy Spiridakos Focus on Upstead’s Contemporary Dynamics With Voight In Season 9

Chicago P.D.‘s midseason finale in December indirectly resolved the Roy Walton field that had been hanging over the heads of Voight, Upton, and Halstead, however the outcomes of how Halstead got the FBI off their backs without flipping on Voight will proceed to impress the characters within the second half of of Season 9. Not handiest did Halstead and Upton get married and toughen their bond as a duo, however to boot they are every going to review Voight in a varied gentle. Actors Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos previewed to CinemaBlend what’s up with Upstead in the case of their novel dynamics with Voight.

Despite the incontrovertible truth that Jay Halstead has in overall been seen as the member of the Intelligence Unit perchance to follow the straight and slim – to the purpose that even FBI Agent North brought it up – he has also crossed the road extra than as soon as over the years. Blackmailing North to tumble the case in opposition to him, Upton, and Voight wasn’t his first trek that wasn’t totally above board, and Jesse Lee Soffer weighed in on what’s subsequent for Halstead after making that trek:

Halstead indubitably has accomplished some issues that were if truth be told no longer ok. Wasn’t he relationship a drug dealer at one point? [laughs] I mean, there’s cases where Voight if truth be told steps into the black aspect. The writers finish such an gracious job of writing him practising justice while doing issues that will also be very unjust most steadily. Not unjust, however unlawful. So Jay isn’t so grand a breaker of the law, however I mediate Jay respects and understands that Voight is a necessity, and that someone love Voight, who’s willing to finish… He’s love Batman. He’s willing to finish the black thing, for the factual reason. And so I mediate Jay wants to offer protection to that, however in maintaining that he has to offer protection to Voight from himself. So I mediate Jay going to Voight and announcing ‘Remark me in and help me permit you to,’ does build them a itsy-bitsy bit extra in equal standing. But no longer that Jay has accomplished something so grisly, or there’s grime on Jay too, I mediate it’s correct an working out between the two characters.

Voight infrequently ever ever holds motivate from crossing strains when he can get away with it, despite the incontrovertible truth that the midseason finale delivered a reminder that he does actually esteem the cops in his unit when he told Halstead to flip on him. Voight is aware that he’ll potentially within the future be caught and no longer in a position to wriggle out of grief again; Halstead correct wasn’t willing to let that happen yet, and now he’s going to be on extra even footing with his boss. Whether or no longer that lasts and how properly both males will regulate to it remains to be seen, nonetheless it indubitably might well quiet be a varied dynamic than viewers hang seen from them sooner than. 

And the Halstead/Voight dynamic isn’t the handiest particular individual that will switch between the three characters who were caught up within the total mess with Roy’s loss of life. After I asked how the total ordeal will affect the characters’ loyalty to Voight intriguing forward in Season 9, Tracy Spiridakos shared Upton’s standpoint:

You know, I mediate Hailey veteran to hang Voight on a itsy-bitsy bit of a pedestal, and I mediate that that’s modified now for her. I mediate that she quiet respects him and loves him love household, however I mediate that what has came about has entirely shifted her point of see and has shifted how she sees him. I’m no longer obvious what’s coming up because I haven’t seen. We’re quiet on Episode 13 factual now, so I don’t know what’s coming up throughout the season. But I if truth be told feel love that dynamic goes to be indubitably varied for her going forward, between the two of them for obvious.

“Family” has repeatedly been advanced for Upton, so it will quiet be attention-grabbing to review how her interactions with Voight switch within the second half of of Season 9. Finally, it’s at the very least a itsy-bitsy bit of consequently of his affect that she started crossing predominant strains herself, however he’s no longer on a pedestal for her. Throw in her marriage to Halstead, whose hang dynamic with their boss has modified, and the scheme quo for Upstead and Voight might well very properly be something contemporary. 

As for what exactly comes subsequent for all three characters, the actors didn’t ruin what followers might well quiet ask, however they did portion what they’re mad to bag within the second half of of Season 9. Tracy Spiridakos shared: 

I’m mad to review what [showrunner Gwen Sigan] has in retailer for us. You know, it’s TV. No one’s gonna delight in for long, I’m obvious. Something’s gonna happen! I’m mad to review what that is. I’m in a position to’t think anything else in explicit, conflict-wise, between the two of them. That might well be attention-grabbing to review, however I’m obvious there’s some stuff.

Season 9 has gone thru a switch within the motivate of the scenes with earlier showrunner Rick Eid departing to point of curiosity on every other corner of the Dick Wolf TV universe, with writer and govt producer Gwen Sigan promoted to protect on the P.D. showrunning responsibilities. The in-dwelling promotion of Sigan might well mean that there won’t be many detectable modifications as the reward continues below her guidance, however handiest time will stutter on that entrance. Jesse Lee Soffer chimed in with his hang thoughts on what he’s mad to bag:

Yeah, I mean, there’s repeatedly conflict with the two characters. Conditions getting away, issues happen, . There’s secrets and strategies, there’s repeatedly something going on. So that’ll proceed. I’m mad to review this varied dynamic between Voight and Jay play out a itsy-bitsy bit bit. And perchance hang Voight bring Jay into the fold a itsy-bitsy bit bit extra and lean on him a itsy-bitsy bit bit extra. You know, I mediate that that’s going to be attention-grabbing for the followers.

Fortunately, the iciness hiatus for Chicago P.D. is kind of at an waste, and followers will get to review the paunchy Intelligence Unit motivate in trip. The midseason premiere looks to point of curiosity on Burgess and Ruzek with some field for young Makayla, however viewers can ogle forward to Upton and Halstead breaking the info to their coworkers that they secretly tied the knot

P.D. returns to NBC on Wednesday, January 5 at 10 p.m. ET with its first episode of the novel year, following Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET. For when extra of tv’s biggest reveals return within the novel year, compare out our 2022 iciness and spring premiere agenda!

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