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Chicago P.D. Characters Ranked By Likability


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By Will Fancher/Jan. 1, 2022 1: 04 am EST

The actuality in NBC’s hit level to “Chicago P.D.” typically is a frigid, grim reveal — one packed with murders and assaults, lives ruined, relationships torn apart, and systemic injustices working unchecked. It helps to dangle a likable crew of characters at the center to lend a hand the viewers salvage through it all. But what happens when it is these very identical characters making for this kind of frigid, grim reveal?

Bending, if now not outright breaking the regulation has been a cornerstone of the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Division since the very first episode. Led by Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), the IU is now not above extralegal draw if the cease is justice. The characters are pleasurable, devoted, and fiercely staunch to one one more. Likable, despite the incontrovertible truth that? In some conditions, presumably — in others, now not so grand.

Right here’s a checklist of “Chicago P.D.” characters ranked by likability, which on this context is judged on a combination of professional competence, non-public affinity, strength of relationships, and the ineffable perfection pleasure of seeing the shining actor paired with the shining role.

11. Sean Roman

Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) makes a heart-broken first affect when launched as Kim Burgess’ (Marina Squerciati) novel accomplice first and fundamental of Season 2. He doesn’t fancy female police officers, which is strike one, and the motive he doesn’t fancy them is that his romantic relationship with his final female accomplice used to be a dramatic mess, which could maybe presumably be strike two if this weren’t “Chicago P.D.” Then, Burgess gets shot within the line of accountability whereas Roman is squabbling with acknowledged ex, a certain strike three.

Nevertheless, he and Burgess’ slow-burn enchantment is rate one thing, and he at final proves himself to be a excellent accomplice — shining in time for him to also salvage shot on accountability. While in recovery he reconsiders his profession, deciding to leave the force and spin across the country to San Diego. Ever the gentleman, he asks Burgess to reach with him; ever the Chicago cop, Burgess chooses to lift. Doubtlessly a factual suggestion.

10. Antonio Dawson

Is it a personality’s fault if they’re now not likable? Intelligence Unit second-in-account for Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) has the total makings of a compelling lead on a Dick Wolf level to: Driven, apt, tricky but sensitive, fascinating to bend the facts in pursuit of justice, and naturally, unrealistically factual-taking a undercover agent. He’s a cop on the threshold, struggling to lift his non-public and professional lives separate.

The sphere is that he’s now not the lead. He’s a member of the ensemble, serving beneath Sgt. Voight (Jason Beghe) who is equally a loose cannon with a pleasurable sense of justice. After a whereas, it grew to turn into sure that there used to be shining too little room on the level to for every and every Dawson and Seda. All the draw through Season 4 he used to be shipped off to the first and most fine season of the spin-off “Chicago Justice,” and when he returned to “P.D.” in Season 5 there used to be serene too little for him to raze, no topic a surprisingly candy romance with “Chicago Fireplace” EMT Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer). Season 6 seen him salvage injured on the job, zigzag on painkillers, and crawl to rehab, main to an off-disguise exit in Season 7 — a heart-broken design to exit for a personality who began the level to with such promise.

9. Adam Ruzek

Most frequently likability comes now not from what a personality has finished, however what we would need for them. Right here is the case for Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), recruited novel out of the police academy for undercover accountability with Intelligence Unit and swiftly indoctrinated into its dim solutions. If there is a power storyline for Ruzek past his romance with Kim Burgess, it is the menace to his soul as he’s pulled extra into violence and manipulation.

But it without a doubt is that romance with Burgess that retains Ruzek from plunging entirely into darkness. From the very first season, when Ruzek used to be engaged to one more particular person, their relationship has had its u.s.a.and downs, frigid and scorching spells. In Burgess, Ruzek has came upon someone as devoted to police work, and as desirous to level to themselves, as he’s. Theirs is the level to’s colossal deal with story, as smartly as Ruzek’s most likable nice. Viewers shining prefer to undercover agent these two youngsters construct it work, once and for all.

8. Jay Halstead

The males of “Chicago P.D.” are a certain Dick Wolf breed of relaxed-spoken tricky guy, defined by their service to one thing increased than themselves. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) gets this twice over, as he’s each and every a devoted cop and an Army outmoded whose time in Afghanistan left him scarred internal and out. A Season 6 episode challenging a fellow vet threatening to bomb a mosque brings this misfortune to the fore, as Halstead realizes how shut he’s to falling apart at any given moment.

Halstead’s resilience is key to his likability, especially within the level to’s heart seasons as he reeled from his breakup with Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) whereas embarking on a brand novel, stronger romance with his novel accomplice Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). Take care of his fellow “P.D.” hunk Adam Ruzek, Halstead is too typically defined on the level to by his couplehood, however he appears to be like to be studying and rising from past errors. The Season 9 midseason finale seen “Upstead” salvage married after a extraordinarily short engagement; Halstead sooner or later obtained to position a ring on someone.

7. Hailey Upton

Detective Hailey Upton and actress Tracy Spiridakos each and every had an uphill climb, joining the fundamental solid in Season 5 to interchange Sophia Bush’s Erin Lindsay. From the starting up, it used to make certain that Upton and Halstead would turn into romantically eager, even because the level to took some detours through assorted of us alongside the design. While that will read as a cynical spin on the level to’s section, changing one shining, pushed detective with one other, Upton has proven to be very grand her dangle persona.

Even when her storylines echo Lindsay’s, Upton’s responses level to the solutions putrid cycles could maybe presumably smartly be broken. It’s Upton who convinces Halstead to head into treatment for his unresolved traumas. She can confront Voight extra without delay than Lindsay ever could maybe presumably. When history repeats itself in Season 8 and Upton is equipped an FBI job in Unique York City, she talks to Halstead about it, laying their emotional cards on the desk. After five seasons and counting, it is evident that Upton is not very any one’s change.

6. Kim Burgess

Although Sgt. Voight is ostensibly the lead persona on “Chicago P.D.,” Kim Burgess is typically the level to’s viewers surrogate. From her earliest days as a patrol officer in Season 1 to her making detective in Season 4, Burgess is the level to’s eyes, ears, and heart. Her on-again, off-again relationship with Ruzek (aka “Bruzek”) is the level to’s longest-lasting deal with story, however Burgess is the exception that proves the rule of thumb, in that it is her professional life, somewhat than her non-public life, that makes her so likable. Because we’ve ridden with her from the starting up, her achievements and setbacks hit stronger than nearly everyone else.

One tremendous caveat to her likability, however, is the Season 3 plotline by which Burgess shoots an unarmed Sad teen. Because the reveal’s licensed professional’s office investigates the incident (providing an introduction to the sphere of “Chicago Justice”), Burgess stays now not most fine sympathetic and remorseful, however justified in her action. That isn’t the fault of the persona or the actor, however it is an uneasy reminder of how the level to’s treatment of police violence has developed over the years.

5. Kevin Atwater

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) used to be Burgess’ usual accomplice, and the first patrol officer on the level to known as as much as detective. He will almost definitely be the obliging Sad member of the Intelligence Unit, and various than about a recurring roles, the obliging Sad regular solid member. Season 6 seen him do an now not seemingly mentor in a South Facet alderman played by Wendell Pierce, however for the most section, his location as a Sad man and a police officer dangle left him lonelier than most. His on-disguise romances dangle all been outside of labor as smartly.

Atwater has typically been known as on to be the face of Chicago’s power considerations with speed and policing; within the final two years, however, that has turn into nearly all he does on the level to. It is a ways a meaty role for Hawkins, as he squares off in opposition to a stonewalling CPD after a white detective shoots an unarmed Sad suspect within the abet earlier than being killed himself by an unknown assailant. Atwater can play as tough as any of his Intelligence Unit partners, however it’s a burden that neither he nor the actor taking part in him need to prefer to face on my own. He could maybe presumably now not be the most likable persona, however he without a doubt is the most sympathetic.

4. Alvin Olinsky

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) is a grizzled lifer who has considered a lot of stuff. As grand as he loves his companion and daughter, their relationships are constantly strained by the pressures of the job, and Olinsky’s a protracted time spent undercover dangle left him fragile and inclined to violence. 

His avuncular presence within the squad room marks him as a man who could maybe presumably presumably be fun to salvage a beer with, and an unwavering loyalty to his partners makes him factual at his job — however it is that loyalty that within the raze gets him killed. Taking the blame for a raze that Voight committed, Olinsky is arrested and sent to penal advanced; whereas Voight is working to salvage the prices thrown out, Olinsky is fatally stabbed by a fellow inmate.

Take care of Dawson, Olinsky shares a lot of these identical qualities with Voight, which typically left him a little bit afloat within the ensemble. But his likability is elevated by ace persona actor Koteas’ performance. Koteas is a hard actor to abominate, especially for geriatric millennials with fond recollections of Casey Jones within the first “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie. He made Olinsky sensitive and sympathetic to the very cease.

3. Erin Lindsay

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) used to be the obliging female detective within the Intelligence Unit, and when she left at the cease of Season 4 it took two characters to interchange her. That’s a testament to the importance of her persona, each and every at some level of the sphere of the level to and to the level to itself. Lindsay used to be no damsel in misfortune, however she wasn’t a supercop both. The series do her during the wringer of shootings, abductions, and addictions. She left the police force, most fine to reach in inform to rescue her accomplice/lover Halstead.

Lindsay and Halstead, aka “Lindstead,” had been a colossal, doomed couple, however it used to be a relationship with her sergeant that primarily jam Lindsay other than the pack. Voight took her beneath his wing when she used to be a juvenile delinquent, and their relationship as adults and comrades used to be one in every of the most affecting on the level to. 

When Lindsay’s trainwreck mother (the gradual Markie Post) modified into abet up in her life in Season 3, she used to be caught between two opposing forces — the starting up mother who used to be never there for her, and the surrogate father who repeatedly had her abet. When Lindsay left Chicago for an FBI job in Unique York City, it used to be Voight whom she expose a tearful goodbye to; heart-broken Halstead, sooner or later ready to propose, used to be ghosted — presumably now not the kindest thing she will dangle finished, however that messiness used to be what made Lindsay so compelling and likable.

2. Hank Voight

Right here is presumably the checklist’s most debatable ranking. Is Hank Voight likable? Actually he’s; he’s on tv and played by a superb, charismatic actor. Is he extra likable than Lindsay or Burgess or the total leisure of them? That’s a more challenging question to answer to, in section since the level to itself isn’t quite particular how likable Voight is, or how likable he’s presupposed to be.

On the one hand, the persona’s integrity shines brightest in his relationships with his fellow officers. Despite the full lot that’s took place, Voight’s respect serene draw a lot to the level to, and whether a personality has it (Mykelti Williamson’s dilapidated-accomplice-modified into-IA-auditor) or doesn’t (John C. McGinley’s murderous mayoral candidate) is a factual indication of how the level to wants us to survey that persona.

On the assorted hand, he’s now not a factual cop. He could maybe presumably now not be on the obtain, because the viewers used to be ended in mediate in Season 1, however his constant use of violence as one draw to an cease used to be repeatedly a red flag, and has most fine turn into extra evident as exact life police violence has reach beneath increased scrutiny within the past several years. Does that queasiness outweigh his friendship with Lindsay, or Jason Beghe’s sensitive tricky guy performance? It’s debatable.

1. Trudy Platt

As controversial because the final entry will almost definitely be, this one is a no brainer. Group Sergeant Trudy Platt is without considerations the most likable persona on “Chicago P.D.” Dishing out tricky deal with and wisecracks from within the abet of her bullpen desk, Trudy appears to be like fancy someone who could maybe presumably be a blast to dangle spherical with in exact life. 

But her desk accountability belies what a factual cop she without a doubt is, and in these uncommon cases when she gets the probability to step into the highlight (as in Season 4’s “All Cylinders Firing”) she proves herself to be amongst the pleasant the level to has to give (Voight’s respect for her carries a lot of weight). She has colossal relationships with the assorted characters, and to this level is the obliging persona on the level to to construct a protracted-duration of time crossover romance (with Mouch McHolland of “Chicago Fireplace”) work.

The a lot of ingredient that makes Trudy the level to’s most likable persona is the actress taking part in her. Amy Morton is a Chicago stage legend, and one in every of the few native actors in a lead role on any “One Chicago” series. She embodies that sense of reveal as smartly as (and now and then better than) the level to’s on-jam filming. Morton lends the level to a straightforward authenticity, fancy a tavern-reduce pizza reach to life.

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