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Chicago Fire’s Miranda Rae Mayo Talks Stella’s Upcoming Alternative In Season 10, However What About Severide?

Chicago Fire delivered loads of changes in the first half of of Season 10 with Casey’s departure and the aftermath at Firehouse 51, and it used to be subtle the entire more by Stella Kidd’s ongoing absence. Her rapidly Girls on Fire outing dazzling saved getting longer and longer, as Severide obtained fewer and fewer updates from her even with the originate slot for a lieutenant on Truck 81. Stella turned into up on the end of the midseason finale for a Stellaride cliffhanger, but there are gargantuan questions about what comes subsequent. Fortunately, Miranda Rae Mayo spoke with CinemaBlend about what’s in store now that Stella has reunited with Severide attend in Chicago and is facing a replacement. 

After I spoke with Miranda Rae Mayo sooner than the January return of Chicago Fire, she assured that Stella didn’t dazzling flip up on the end of the midseason finale very most practical to go again true away. In response to the seek data from of whether she’s attend for true now for the the rest of Season 10, the answer used to be “Hell yeah!” 

Even supposing the reunion with Severide wasn’t the most overjoyed in the final episode of 2021, fans – and Severide – don’t beget to fear that she’s leaving again. And of direction, she’ll be attend at work at Firehouse 51 pretty rapid, because the actress shared referring to whether Stella may perchance be rusty or animated to dive attend into the fireplace-struggling with circulation: 

No, she’s dazzling attend in circulation. That’s Stella. [laughs]

The true news is that Stella is sticking around and getting attend into the circulation at Firehouse 51, but all signs level toward her shedding her shot on the lieutenant characteristic that had as soon as been Casey’s on Truck 81. Pelham proved himself a true match at 51, and showrunner Derek Haas beforehand shared with CinemaBlend that fans will “positively aid seeing Pelham because the season continues.” 

So, does Stella’s radio silence when she had the golden replacement on 81 indicate that she has given up on taking her in truth-earned characteristic as a lieutenant? Miranda Rae Mayo weighed in on whether turning into a lieutenant is soundless a scheme of the character’s now that she’s attend:

Oh, for tremendous. Savor 1,000%. I deem that she must attain effectively. I deem that that’s crucial to her to attain, as soon as she steps into that command to be fully committed, because that’s what that firehouse deserves. You know? So I deem that she in truth must attain effectively for her folks. And on the identical time, this Girls on Fire program, oh my gosh, it’s her coronary heart. Savor, she started it from the ground up and it’s doing so effectively and she doesn’t must dazzling abandon that. She realizes that after she steps into the lieutenant command, there doubtlessly won’t be time for her to lead that program in the style that she has been, and to be as animated as she has been. So that’s also something that she is roughly grappling with. Savor, there’s a solution to be made.

After she worked so exhausting and overcame so many barriers in Season 9 to go the lieutenant’s examination, she soundless must receive her characteristic as an officer in the CFD. She dazzling has more on her plate than she as soon as did attributable to the success of Girls on Fire. If Stella does find yourself having to clutch from the project that is so discontinuance to her coronary heart and the promotion that she has earned, it positively won’t be easy on her. 

And ought to she beget the aid of Severide keen forward, after she went MIA on him in the first half of of Season 10? The actress didn’t fall particular spoilers to present away what’s going to happen, but previewed: 

Who is aware of? [laughs] I don’t know, I would factor in that his character… You know, it’s taken loads for him to resolve down and originate up and be vulnerable. And Casey dazzling left. So I would factor in that Stella going quiet on him would sting. That will perchance possibly sting pretty snide. Confidently… I deem he’s going to, though. I deem they love each and each other and so that they dazzling, you understand, they proceed to clutch each and each other and it’s been stunning to gape.

Downhearted Severide lost his very most practical friend with Casey’s departure, and the loft used to be pretty empty with Stella gone as effectively. Aloof, they’ve overcome an unpleasant lot collectively over time, and she used to be ready to go previous his verbal change problems in Season 9. The tenth season will dazzling go on to cover whether he can attain the identical for her. With the departure of Jesse Spencer, the Casey/Brett romance presumably isn’t making any gargantuan strides on cover, so Stellaride appears to be the biggest relationship for Chicago Fire’s gargantuan return.

Fortunately, the wait to seek Stella attend in circulation (and Severide’s reactions) is practically over. Chicago Fire returns for the 2d half of of Season 10 on Wednesday, January 5 at 9 p.m. ET, true between the returns of Chicago Med at 8 p.m. and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m., all on NBC. Showrunner Derek Haas already shared that Fire won’t be initiating 2022 with a time bounce, so viewers can seek data from to seek the midseason premiere select up the keep Stella and Severide left off in the autumn. For more of what to gape and when to tune in, be sure to beget a look at out our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule!

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