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Characters in 'the Witcher': who's who in season 2

  • From wizards to new witches in the new installment of the famous series, here are some

After the end of the first season of ' The Witcher 'which left many fans out in the open, returns the second season of this series full of adventure and magic. In this new installment we meet again with the protagonist Geralt de Rivia (Henry Cavill) who tries to explore in depth his relationship with Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and Princess Ciri (Freya Allan), and establishes a connection between the two.

In this season, the story is much more intense and focused on journeys and relationships that were not previously explored. Geralt must protect the girl from something more dangerous than all the enemies outside the wall: the mysterious power that hides inside.

Some of the characters that will accompany us in this second season (apart from those mentioned above), and who also participated in the first, are the following: Dandelion , (Joey Batey), Tissaia (MyAnna Buring), Filavandrel (Tom Canton), Murta (Lilly Cooper) or Yarpen Zigrin (Jeremy Crawford), among many others. Still, the cast in this new season has expanded, and not a little, and a large number of new characters have joined this series. Next, we will show you with some of them:

Nivellen (Kristofer Hivju)

It's about a man, leader of a band of highway robbers and cutthroats, who receives a curse after attacking a young priestess. He lives in Redania and carries a strong burden behind him, the result of his actions since he became “ a monster in the skin of a monster“.

Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz)

A sorcerer who was Vesemir's apprentice in Kaer Morhen , a fortress where he trains the new witches, and that grew up alongside Geralt as if they were brothers. In addition, also helps with Princess Ciri's training, but despite the fact that can be defined as a henchman, he hides an evil.

Voleth Meir

Also known as the Immortal Mother is possibly the worst of the monsters on the continent. Trapped as punishment in order to neutralize her in an old cabin, she does not hesitate to resort to spells and manipulations to try to deceive three characters with a deep wound inside them to escape their imprisonment, will she succeed?

Nenneke (Adjoa Andoh)

Known for her role as Lady Danbury in 'The Bridgertons', Adjoa Andoh plays Nenneke, a priestess of Melitele and head of the Temple of Melitele in Ellander

. She has known Geralt for a long time and is related to Yennefer. Her wisdom and temperance are legendary, and she is the owner of the most respected shrine on the continent.

Lambert (Paul Bullion)

He is one of the youngest warlocks in Kaer Morhen and, although he is a rude and impatient character , has a very important role in Ciri's training.

Philippa Eilhart (Cassie Clare)

A sorceress with a lot of power, one of the few able to change shape , and who worked as a counselor for the King Vizimir, with which he can handle the threads at his anto jo. In addition, she was one of those who helped found the Lodge of Sorceresses , a secret organization of magicians.

Coën (Yasen Atour)

This is another young witch from Kaer Morhen and that he will be very close to Ciri, above all, training her in sword combat. He is a rare character, as he has scars of disease that he suffered during his childhood.

Fenn (Liz Carr)

In the original story, this character is a man named Jacob , although for the series, Netflix has decided that the character will be embodied by a woman. This is a detective from the Codringher and Fenn agency by Dorian.

Codringher (Simon Callow)

This character is related with the former, since Jacob and Codringher were believed to be the same person. Although, in the Netflix series it is not and, it is about the other partner of the advisory firm Codringher and Fenn.

Vesemir (Kim Bodnia)

Although in the animated version of the story his voice is played by actor Theo James, it is Kim Bodnia who gives life to the oldest and most experienced sorcerer in history. He was the mentor to both Geralt and Eskel and also plays an important role in Ciri's training. Vesemir teaches the young princess about different monsters and herbs.

Sigismund Dijkstra (Graham Mctavish)

Is the leader of Redania Intelligence . Furthermore, he is a man exceptionally intelligent and very imposing , since it is almost two meters high.

Lydia Van Bredevoort (Aisha Fabienne Ross)

Lydia is a sorceress, painter and assistant by Vilgefortz who only communicates via telepathy due to a most turbulent past. Also, the lower part of his face is just an illusion.

Francesca Findabair (Mecia Simson)

Enid an Gleanna , although she is known as Franc esca Findabair, is a sorceress, elf and queen of the Elves in the Valley of Flowers (Dol Blathanna). She was also one of the founders of the Lodge of Sorceresses, like Philippa Eilhart, she is also considered the most beautiful woman in the world .

Vereena (Agnes Bjorn)

It is a powerful lamia who is in love with Nivellen . During the series we can see that although witches usually adopt a physical appearance of young women with dark hair, their natural form is that of large bats with sharp claws and fangs .Related news

Rience (Chris Fulton)

This done Zero will have a very clear mission after the Cintra massacre: find Princess Ciri .

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