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Celebrity Big Brother’s Teddi Mellencamp Discusses Her Famous Dad’s Thoughts On The Franchise, Her Disappointment With Other Houseguests And More

Celeb Remarkable Brother Season 3 these days stated goodbye to its first houseguest and as predicted, Teddi Mellencamp stumbled on herself walking out the door. The truth star left the game after a flip-flopping Head of Household Miesha Tate in the beginning provided her safety but ultimtaely changed her solutions. Mellencamp had a lot of things to notify about her eviction and time on the present as smartly as what her father thinks of the CBS sequence. 

Teddi Mellencamp is is named a historical star of The Staunch Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s additionally bought a smartly-known father, singer John Mellencamp. Her dad made waves no longer long after the premiere after posting about wishing her success but no longer vivid the name Celeb Remarkable Brother. Mellencamp reacted to her dad’s post and shared what he needed to notify about the present:

That is sparkling, that tracks. However, he’s one among the most helpful folk I’ve spoken to since being out of the home that, , doesn’t reside in my right home with me. He stated, ‘Teddi I’m so proud of you, and you potentially did exactly the method you must also tranquil of played. You played it similar to you had integrity. . .He’s fancy, ‘I had no thought I would derive zigzag to the current.’ That made me pleased that he used to be ready to call me and enlighten, ‘You played a right sport.’

John Mellencamp is proud that his daughter played the game with integrity, as is she. Teddi harassed out that she intended to play an acceptable sport from the beginning and pointed available are many tranquil within the home who didn’t. One particular person she known as out in some unspecified time in the future of our contemporary chat used to be Mirai Nagasu. Mirai used to be nominated by Miesha Tate after she leaked Miesha’s authentic realizing to nominate Teddi, but that used to be handiest what viewers seen within the episode. Teddi outlined that segment of what landed her in ache used to be going to bat for Mirai paired with a lot of drama that fans missed on account of the reside feeds beginning later within the season:

What they didn’t present within the home is that Mirai cried for about 72 hours straight, and I surely went to bat for Mirai in the beginning. I was going to production. I went into elephantine mom mode to supply protection to Mirai with, , what she used to be going via. And then, it used to be fancy a switch, and he or she right fancy thoroughly flipped. I was fancy, ‘Oh, here is her sport.’

Teddi Mellencamp believed that Olympian and historical housemate Mirai Nagasu’s breakdown used to be segment of her sport and within the destroy ended in her becoming the choice nominee when Carson Kressley received the veto competitors. Mellencamp within the destroy went up against Todd Bridges for the eviction vote, on account of the twist from the Mon Won gather. Teddi’s eviction took place after a 5-3 vote.

Todrick Hall (who briefly lived with remaining season’s Remarkable Brother solid) additionally wasn’t free of criticism in our conversation, as Teddi Mellencamp accused the singer and choreographer of taking half in a deceitful sport. Our conversation switched to a heated second between her and Todrick to the reside feeds, and Teddi brought up how he tried in price her for the truth he needed to vote against her within the game:

I imply, he used to be bald-faced lying to me! And no longer handiest that, he used to be making an strive to manufacture me feel immoral. . .fancy he used to be making an strive to flip it on me. I’m fancy, ‘Buddy, I’m smarter than that. I do know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t strive to interpret your behavior by making an strive to notify that I did something infamous after I clearly didn’t.’

Even a morning eliminated from her eviction and a day between her strive against with Todrick Hall, Teddi Mellencamp wasn’t pleased about what came about. The Celeb Remarkable Brother houseguest depended on her friend to maintain her encourage within the home, but he within the destroy caught with the alliance he formed with Miesha Tate.

For these wondering if it’s all water below the bridge now that she’s out of Celeb Remarkable Brother, Teddi Mellencamp didn’t tag that to me. I requested about her feelings upon leaving the home if every instance in which houseguests wronged her used to be taken in my idea or right as gameplay, and he or she stated the next:

No, it wasn’t right a sport for me. I went in saying that I was going to play a sport with integrity, and I did. And I tranquil stick to that. And, , within the destroy I do know fancy close to Shanna [Moakler] vote casting me out, she did what she needed to enact, and if she would’ve voted for me, it wouldn’t maintain made a distinction because she knew Miesha used to be the deciding vote. . .However close to Todrick? I mediate he didn’t play an attractive strive against, and Miesha, both. I imply to backdoor someone that you search a menace or aggressive is ideal no longer taking half in a right sport to me.

Must Miesha Tate or Todrick Hall manufacture it to the cessation of the season, it doesn’t seem they’ll maintain Teddi Mellencamp’s vote. Within the destroy, it appears she’s seeking to give the get to the player who will get to the cessation with the most integrity, so it’ll be inviting to search where her vote goes within the cessation. 

Celeb Remarkable Brother is rolling right on CBS evenings all over February. Those seeking noteworthy more enlighten material than they’re getting on TV can tune into the reside feeds, which are on hand via a Paramount subscription.

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