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Celebrity Big Brother: Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend May Not Be Too Happy About Her Friendship With Lamar Odom

Celeb Pleasant Brother Season 3 is delivering drama that few may per chance’ve anticipated, and it’s reportedly increasing previous the dwelling. Shortly after followers obtained extra miniature print in regards to the drama that happened between Mirai Nagasu and Chris Kirkpatrick earlier than the dwell feeds turned on, it’s been reported that Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend is allegedly very miserable about her friendship with outdated NBA famous individual Lamar Odom.

Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, is allegedly upset after watching her work alongside with Lamar Odom on Celeb Pleasant Brother episodes and dwell feeds. TMZ experiences that Rondeau overheard Moakler making innuendo remarks, to boot to comments she in most cases perfect makes around him. He it appears believes the uncover’s producers would be egging on the supposedly flirtatious conversations between the two however is purported to be reconsidering proposing to her regardless. 

Whereas here’s occurring, outdated Celeb Pleasant Brother houseguest and truth tv famous individual Teddi Mellencamp (who isn’t worried to half her opinions) spoke out publicly about Matthew Rondeau and his famous lady friend. On her podcast, Two T’s In A Pod, Mellencamp revealed that Rondeau spoke to her, despite the truth that no longer in one device one may per chance question:

Shanna’s boyfriend, who I didn’t label in any posts, slid into my DMs. Let’s upright mumble, Shanna, ought to you get hang of out of the dwelling, if he hasn’t knowledgeable you anything, you wish to name me, woman.

Teddi Mellencamp then went on to command the two shared an commerce in which Matthew Rondeau allegedly stated some adversarial issues about Shanna Moakler. Mellencamp brought up one alleged occasion, in which she referred to a hat she loaned Moakler earlier than leaving Celeb Pleasant Brother and stated Rondeau replied she’d by no manner get hang of the headwear encourage. Mellencamp closed the dialog by pronouncing she had “extra considerations” for her co-famous individual, which leaves issues considerably unclear. 

Lamar Odom is a substantial field of Celeb Pleasant Brother up to now, basically due to of the comments he’s made about his ex Khloé Kardashian and his willingness to command upright about anything. It’s unclear whether or no longer he or Shanna Moakler know anything about what’s being stated about their friendship outside the dwelling, despite the truth that it’s price noting there hasn’t been a ton of speculation from the fandom on whether or no longer anything is occurring between the two. Relationship troubles are nothing unique for the franchise, sadly, as houseguests possess lost indispensable others after romances that happened in the dwelling. 

If Lamar Odom and Shanna Moakler attain half overall flooring, it’s mostly resulting from their ties to the Kardashian family. As beforehand talked about, Odom was married to Khloé Kardashian, and Shanna Moakler is the ex-indispensable other of Kourtney Kardashian’s unique fiancé, (and frequent PDA partner) Travis Barker. And the uncover has certainly played on this link. In a recent episode in  Odom and Moakler had been requested, by Julie Chen Moonves, to guess the name of Kylie Jenner’s unique toddler. Doubtless a request in regards to the personality of their friendship will come in the future of the following dwell episode?

Celeb Pleasant Brother will continue to air all the device through February on CBS. Many tv shows are on a itsy-bitsy end resulting from the Cool climate Olympics, despite the truth that many returning TV shows may per chance be encourage in the arriving weeks.

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