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Calviño accuses the PP of trying to boycott European funds

The first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño , has accused this Monday the

PP to undertake a “campaign” aimed at boycotting the European funds that Spain will receive through the Next Generation program, and has stressed that “it is not about running”, but about guaranteeing that the country takes advantage of the resources.

“The PP has tried to boycott the funds before the presentation of the Recovery Plan, after presenting it and when we were going to authorize and make the first payments. In addition, it has developed it at a national and international level, and I point this out because I do not know of any other State where the main opposition group use the European framework to go against their own country,” he lamented.

In an interview on the program 'Espejo Público', the minister has denied that aid has been distributed prioritizing the governed communities by the socialists, and has recalled that four of the six regions that have received the most funds at the moment are led by the popular.

Asked about on criticism of the Executive for not creating an independent agency to regulate the granting of these aids , Calviño has underlined that no European country has opted for a similar mechanism, and has insisted that the Public Administrations will be in charge of its deployment. “It is an investment program to 2026. That is why it is not about what is invested in a month, but about starting that flow (…) It is not about running without knowing where we are going”, defended the also Minister of Economy in response to criticism for the low execution of the money.

Calviño has highlighted that in order to correctly deploy the Recovery Plan, it is necessary that all row “in the same address”, since it is a “country program” that requires institutional “loyalty” to take advantage of it correctly.

Regarding the controversy caused by the fact that the 7,000 million euros that The Government allocated direct aid to the companies most affected by the coronavirus pandemic vid-19, the minister has considered that the 70% that was spent was useful for the affected sectors. He has recalled that these funds were transferred by the State to the autonomous communities, which were responsible for their distribution, and has denied that the requirements for access to them were too high (among them, that the companies showed that their turnover had dropped by 30% as a result of the crisis).

“The communities with a more affected productive fabric, such as the Balearic and Canary Islands, are those that executed almost 100%, while in others there was not such an important execution because their economy was not so damaged or because other aid had already been distributed” previously, Calviño has argued.

Madrid Reviews

The Minister of Economy , Treasury and Employment of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, has charged this Monday against Calviño's “enormous slowness and clumsiness” in the management of European funds.

According to what Lasquetty pointed out in an interview on 'Onda Madrid' they have been “filled with Powerpoints and words”, but today “the calls for subsidies are still not being introduced, which is what they should be doing”.

Along with this, he recalled that they will resort to the Supreme Court for the distribution of this money, after the lawyers of the regional Executive “thought that the ideal place” was the National Court. “ They had gone over the thread with arbitrariness giving a part of the money only to four autonomous communities that were of his rope”, he has reproached.

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Likewise, he has again charged against the way in which the strategy has been designed and the fact that the central Executive the money to the autonomies to allocate it to marked issues. “The ministries think they know what Spain needs down to a level of detail that cannot be imagined,” Lasquetty insisted. He has also criticized that these funds have reached the autonomies in December and has stressed that is public money and “cannot be delivered in any way” .

Of the part that has reached the Community, there are already 20 million euros that are in the hands of their recipients and the rest is in calls such as the Moves Plan or others destined, for example, to the replacement of windows to improve energy efficiency.

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