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BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Story Reveals New Trailers and Key Visual

The upcoming BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Memoir- anime published two unique trailers, in conjunction with a key visual. The trailers point of curiosity on the precious characters – Aoi Amawashi and Eve. The anime begins airing in April 2022.

Studio BN Images (Gintama) is animating the series, below Takayuki Inagaki’s route. Kei Ajiki is doing persona designs for the usual anime. Yousuke Kuroda is overseeing series composition. BN Images is credited with the usual work and Bandai Namco Studios with usual persona designs.

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Akari Kito is voicing Eve, while Asami Seto voices Aoi Amawashi. The solid additionally comprises:

  • Shuichi Ikeda as Leo Millafoden
  • Toru Furuya as Reiya Amuro
  • Akira Sekine as Lily Lipman
  • Ami Koshimizu as Amane Shinjo

BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Memoir Fresh Trailer – Eve

The anime beforehand published the precious trailer, in conjunction with a release year, workers, and solid knowledge.

BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Memoir Fresh Trailer – Aoi

Nafres, a nation in Europe. Golf prodigy Eve spends her days making a wager on golf to invent a living.

In some unspecified time in the future, she has a fateful to find with Aoi Amawashi, the daughter of the proprietor of a astronomical corporation and an elite golf player. The 2 are both geniuses, but, they’re living in fully assorted worlds. Eve, the “Rainbow Bullet”, and Aoi, the “Harmless Tyrant” both in actual fact respect golf with out being compelled. The 2 are attracted to at least one but some other, influenced by every other, and additionally exchange ea
ch other. Here’s a golf girl’s yarn the receive abilities collides with abilities.

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