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Best Movie And TV Characters Who Share A Body


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By Michael Jung/Feb. 9, 2022 1: 24 am EST

They are saying that two heads are better than one — even though, for cinematic superheroes, aliens, ghosts, demons and other beings, it must most frequently be somewhat an grief. 

Being of two minds methodology having to cancel some main everyday life adjustments. That’s resulting from these of us don’t upright effect their heads together; they somewhat actually fragment a physique.

How these items occurs in movies can vary wildly. From time to time, it’s simply the manner their species and culture maintain functioned for hundreds of years. A variety of times, it’s the outcomes of some science experiment gone horribly inappropriate (or upright, reckoning on your point of ogle). And on any other times, these two-in-one beings characteristic as a residing cautionary legend of what would possibly perhaps occur for folks that sold your soul to the devil or made other equally questionable lifestyles choices.

Nevertheless it came about, seeing two beings attempting to navigate the trials and tribulations of sharing a physique most frequently is terribly a couple of relaxing — and meaty enviornment cloth for both drama and comedy alike. Be taught on for a breakdown of the closest relationships in cinematic history.


Let’s delivery with every person’s licensed mind-drinking symbiote: Venom. Since he first appeared in “The Agreeable Spider-Man” #299, Venom has gone by loads of retcons. To delivery with an alien symbiote who bonded with Spider-Man, Venom gained a fresh human host in disgruntled ex-reporter Eddie Brock, who developed from a villain to an anti-hero to the savior of mankind when he stood with humanity against the pass symbiote god Knull.

Curiously, the symbiote itself remained largely restful in most of its preliminary appearances. Despite the indisputable fact that Eddie chatted with his alien “other,” readers would possibly perhaps by no methodology hear the alien discuss help in early comics. Even when Venom made his huge camouflage debut in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3” (2007), he largely let his human host Eddie Brock Jr. (Topher Grace) manufacture the talking for them.

This changed when Venom used to be rebooted as a Sony franchise starring Tom Hardy. Taking on the roles of Eddie Brock and Venom in 2018’s “Venom,” Hardy showed substantial skill whereas depicting the unhinged relationship between the alien and the human, with Venom and Eddie bonding after realizing they are both the “losers” of their respective species. After Eddie involves revel in the vitality he gets from Venom, the 2 accomplice up to turn into their have unheard of stamp of superhero.

By the time of the 2021 sequel “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” Eddie and Venom stumbled on themselves in fleshy “Remarkable Couple” mode, with Venom cooking Eddie breakfast and giving him advice for facing emotional bother after his ex-lady friend left for every other man.


Radiation exposure has been a tried-and-stunning methodology for gaining superpowers in silly books and TV presentations, nonetheless when Ronnie Raymond got caught in one amongst these nuclear accidents that consistently plague the DC Universe in “Firestorm: The Nuclear Man” #1, he got something a tiny bit additional. It sounds as if Nobel Prize-a success physicist Martin Stein used to be moreover in that accident, and the radiation fused the 2 together into the composite being “Firestorm.” Now possessing the vitality to rearrange topic at an atomic stage, the hybrid hero moreover stumbled on he had Martin Stein residing in his head as a form of disembodied consciousness.

Since that point, many folks maintain entered the “Firestorm Matrix.” Ronnie and Martin needed to fragment self-discipline with the Russian Mikhail Arkadin after an atomic bomb fused him with their our bodies. Later, Ronnie died and a fresh tiny one, Jason Rusch, merged with Martin Stein to assign a fresh Firestorm. For a whereas, Jason used to be even in a instruct to turn into Firestorm by merging with any random person he came about to strategy upon, making his transformations incredibly inconvenient for pizza provide drivers.

Aspects of the Firestorm mythos maintain made their manner into stay movement TV in present years via “The Flash” and “Legends of The following day.” Right here, Martin Stein (Victor Garber) gets to turn into Firestorm at the origin by fusing with Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell), nonetheless later finds a distinct host in Jax Jackson (Franz Drameh). The 2 create a halt relationship, nonetheless when Stein dies, Jax goes his have manner.

The Part with Two Heads

One of essentially the most threatening B-movies ever made, “The Part with Two Heads” (1972) depicted a racist white scientist named Dr. Maxwell Kirshner (Ray Milland), who gets his head transplanted onto the physique of African-American convict Jack Moss (Rosey Grier) — whereas Jack’s normal head is collected linked. What follows is a in point of fact creepy epic that has Kirshner gradually gaining alter over Jack’s physique and plotting to maintain his head eliminated. The 2 pause up going on the flee, making this one amongst the extra annoying “buddy boulevard day out” movies.

Considered something of a cult traditional this day, “The Part with Two Heads” has been referenced in other TV presentations, particularly “The Simpsons” episode “Treehouse of Dread II,” the place Homer’s boss Mr. Burns got himself linked to Homer’s physique following an accident. Later, in “Treehouse of Dread XXIV,” Bart Simpson’s have head would possibly perhaps well be grafted onto his sister Lisa’s shoulder.


Sibling relationships took on an complete fresh dimension of surprising in the unhurried ’70s, via Marvel Comics’ cosmic hero “Starhawk.” In “Marvel Gifts” #9-10, archeologist Stakar and his adoptive sister Aleta explored the ruins containing a “Hawk God,” changing into merged right into a single being with vitality manipulating and precognitive powers. Issues got grand extra unusual when Stakar and Aleta fell in fancy and separated temporarily in recount that they’ll maintain three young folks together. Is anybody else getting “Game of Thrones” vibes from this pair?

That wasn’t even essentially the most unearthly phase of their history. Aleta and Stakar had a falling out after their young folks grew to turn into psychic vampires, then Aleta fell in fancy with Vance Astro, the leader of a 31st century version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Vance wasn’t thrilled about his lady friend being in the physique of a man, nonetheless issues appeared as if it will work out when Stakar regressed help right into a fetus and Aleta grew to turn right into a female version of Starhawk. 

Within the flicks, Stakar showed up in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017), performed by none as a substitute of Sylvester Stallone. Within the intervening time, Aleta moreover made a transient look, performed by Michelle Yeoh. No be conscious but on whether or no longer or no longer these two will “strategy together” like their silly e-book counterparts.

Ghost Rider

If there’s one thing silly books maintain taught us, it’s that offers with the devil by no methodology prove effectively. Appropriate quiz motorbike stuntman Johnny Blaze, who tried to get the demon Mephisto to keep his dying step-father in 1972’s “Marvel Highlight” #5, upright for Mephisto to merge Blaze with the demon Zarathos. Johnny grew to turn into the Ghost Rider, a leather-essentially essentially based-clad anti-hero with a blazing cranium and supernatural motorbike. Johnny and Zarathos most frequently conversed on a psychological aircraft, with neither being particularly totally tickled being saddled with the opposite.

Issues weren’t grand better for Danny Ketch, the Ghost Rider of the 1990s, who fused with his ancestor Gracious Kale to turn right into a fresh “Spirit of Vengeance” in “Ghost Rider” #1. Despite the indisputable fact that Gracious wasn’t the pass demon Zarathos used to be, he would possibly perhaps very effectively be extraordinarily brutal, and Danny used to be most frequently sickened by what he did when the Ghost Rider took over his physique at night.

Ghost Rider made his manner into movies via Nicolas Cage in 2007’s “Ghost Rider” and 2012’s “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” as the sector’s most cherished over-emoter portrayed the anti-hero. Weirdly, Zarathos is recast here as an angel — “The Spirit of Justice” — that Johnny helps purify into his normal divine instruct. The Ghost Rider later showed up in the “Brokers of SHIELD” TV series, the place he handed on his demonic powers to a distinct host — automobile mechanic Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna). With so many human hosts, who know who the Spirit of Vengeance will merge with subsequent?


Up subsequent is a ghost who needs your physique to turn right into a superhero — the ever-inviting Deadman. To delivery with Boston Model, a high-flying circus acrobat, this death-defying showman stumbled on his profession slash short (actually) in 1967’s “Irregular Adventures” #205 when a hook-handed man took a shot at him whereas he used to be doing his trapeze act. Supplied a possibility to tune down his killer and fabricate justice for his have cancel, “Deadman” used to be given the vitality to maintain folks, enabling him to maintain interplay with the residing.

Thanks to his ghostly powers of invisibility and intangibility, Deadman would possibly perhaps without explain peek on the execrable and recount their pass schemes. When it came time to battle, however, this spectral superhero actually wished to borrow the our bodies of others to beat up villains. While this would possibly perhaps very effectively be inconvenient for no topic random stockbroker or college student he jumped into, it did offer them some fringe advantages — upright factor in how frigid you’d survey to your mates for folks that every person straight away started leaping and spinning like a hyperactive Jackie Chan. Appropriate don’t demand to give them any repeat performances … and be particular to maintain up on ligament medicines for later.

Despite the indisputable fact that Deadman hasn’t appeared in a movie or TV series but, there are rumors a movie would possibly perhaps very effectively be in some stage of trend. And in actuality, at this point, for folks that haven’t viewed a movie but starring your licensed silly e-book persona, you upright wish to verify help in a couple of months.


In Japan, getting caught one day of an stout kaiju monster attack is a surefire manner to switch away you squished or incinerated — except you occur to be stumbled on by one amongst the “Ultras” — god-like benevolent aliens charged with sustaining peace and uncover throughout the universe. Then there’s a precise chance your lately ineffective corpse will be revived to turn into the human host to 1 amongst the strongest beings in the galaxy.

For a big selection of of the time, you’ll survey and act corresponding to you most frequently manufacture. Nevertheless, the 2nd an stout monster attacks Earth, that it is likely you’ll whip out your helpful transformation capsule and morph into an stout silver guardian with practically limitless vitality. Appropriate cancel particular you cancel the monster in three minutes. That’s how long an Ultraman can dwell on on Earth before reverting to human create.

That’s the premise of many “Ultraman” TV presentations (moreover called the Extremely Sequence), which noticed seemingly unheard of males and girls folks merge with worthy alien giants to turn right into a force for staunch. In present years, Marvel Comics has reimagined many of these early tales, exhibiting instances the place an Extremely continues to telepathically offer its human host gracious advice even when it’s no longer battling. Now that’s a groovy accomplice to maintain!

John Malkovich

No, your eyes don’t deceive you — actor John Malkovich has certainly fragment his physique with every other person. Basically, he has shared his physique with loads of folks — at the least, in response to the metafictional delusion-comedy “Being John Malkovich” (1999).

This Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman traditional followed unemployed puppeteer Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) as he stumbled upon a mysterious door in his spot of labor main straight into the thoughts of John Malkovich. Desperate and fervent for the dignity of a lady named Maxine (Catherine Keener), he devises an innovative industry thought — charge folks cash to spend time as Malkovich for fifteen minutes at a time (after which they’re ejected onto the aspect of the Original Jersey Turnpike). All the issues looks to work out agreeable — till Malkovich gets wise to all these learners in his mind and orders that Craig end renting out his headspace.

Issues turn into extra flawed once the movie finds that the portal is being used to cancel Malkovich a host physique for a couple of aged folks that wish to attain immortality by completely merging with him. Eerily sufficient, they succeed. Quirky, loopy and hilarious, “John Malkovich” is a head day out.

Jadzia Dax

Physique-stealing aliens were a typical trope in science fiction for a in point of fact long time. Nevertheless, in the revolutionary “Celebrity Scoot” universe, changing into the host to an alien isn’t something to be afraid of — it’s an honor that grants you lifetimes of files.

No decrease than that’s the manner the alien Trill look issues. On their world, dominant lifeforms are labeled into two separate groups: humanoid beings who survey very very like us (with the exception of some celebrated spots), and a flee of worm-like alien symbiotes that would possibly perhaps bodily join with humanoids and ride their complete lives. Upon death, the symbiote separates from its host and bonds with a fresh Trill, granting her or him the total figuring out and talents of its previous hosts.

Naturally, here’s one heck of a manner to pork up your education. Appropriate quiz Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell), a Trill girl with the physique of a supermodel and three hundred years-rate of composed files. Incidentally, the Trill don’t segregate between male or female hosts, that methodology Jadzia is conscious of precisely what it’s like to be both a man and a lady.

Curiously, whereas Jadzia most frequently considers all her previous hosts to be phase of her total complete, some “Celebrity Scoot: Deep Situation Nine” episodes like “Facets” and “Field of Fireplace” characterize Trill can cancel particular rites that call up the personalities of early hosts, permitting them to manifest as ghost-like beings or maintain the our bodies of others. This offers “talking to yourself” an complete varied that methodology.


The symbiotic aliens of the “Stargate” universe are unusual in that they’re technically no longer symbiotes the least bit, nonetheless parasites. To delivery with phase of the Goa’uld species that takes over the minds of sentient hosts and establish in thoughts themselves to be gods, the Tok’ra stumbled on such parasitic practices to be morally inappropriate and formed their have crew. Handiest taking volunteers as hosts, the Tok’ra can moreover cure ailments like most cancers and arthritis and even double a human’s normal lifespan.

While Goa’uld totally dominate their hosts, the Tok’ra assume their hosts maintain a upright to proceed residing their have lives and willingly relinquish alter over their our bodies in the pastime of building a in point of fact symbiotic relationship. Many human hosts even establish in thoughts the symbiotes to be staunch company, forming obvious relationships with them.

On the shy away, the Tok’ra don’t maintain a queen, that methodology their numbers are in transient provide. On condition that these guys are such a uncommon helpful resource and offer so many bodily advantages, they would possibly perhaps very effectively be the ideal parasite you’d be totally tickled to get.

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

Ever since the “The Three Faces of Eve” and “Sybil,” smash up personalities were a typical trope in movies and TV, with every person from the Not likely Hulk to Two-Face showcasing varied fictional variations of a couple of personality dysfunction. In “The Flash” TV series, however, Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) finds her alternate personality “Killer Frost” is far extra than what she at the origin looks.

For the major couple seasons, Caitlin used to be an even nonetheless non-powered scientist who helped Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) with his superhero actions. In Season 3, however, she develops cryokinetic powers and a create of dissociative identification dysfunction that causes her to turn into the lethal supervillain “Killer Frost.” To delivery with attempting to suppress her alternate identification, Caitlin gradually warms up to her other self, even discovering in Season 4 that she first manifested her Frost persona as a tiny bit one, that methodology they’ve been “together” longer than first suspected.

By Season 6, Caitlin permits “Frost” to strategy help out and socialize extra, main to her developing a extra effectively-rounded personality. Caitlin even turns into frustrated that a couple of of her co-workers seem to resolve placing out with Frost over her. The 2 turn into so self sustaining that by Season 7, they’re separated into two varied our bodies thanks to an strategy upon with the Judge Monarch’s Judge gun. Frankly, there are more straightforward strategies to get a twin sister — nonetheless it is miles well-known to admit, here’s extra relaxing.

Thomas Reilly

Lengthy before he invented the Iron Man armor, Robert Downey Jr. performed a residing swimsuit of armor for four folks in “Heart & Souls” (1993). On this lighthearted comedy, ghosts with unfinished industry are linked to a newborn toddler, who can characteristic as their dash-between to the residing when he or she grows up. Sadly, nobody defined this to lately deceased Julia (Kyra Sedgwick), Penny (Alfre Woodard), Milo (Tom Sizemore), or Harrison (Charles Grodin), who salvage themselves the unwitting “imaginary chums” of young Thomas Reilly (Downey).

Deciding they’re a disruptive impact on the lifestyles of Thomas, the four clutch to turn into invisible to him. Sadly, the trauma of their sudden abandonment causes Thomas to grow up right into a ruthless banker who avoids halt relationships. When the four souls learn they would possibly be able to maintain the physique of Thomas and resolve their unfinished industry, however, they reappear and convince him to help.

This ends up in each and each ghost inhabiting the physique of Thomas long sufficient to rob help some well-known stamps to plot Milo redemption, mumble onstage to fulfill Harrison’s dream, and even tune down Penny’s young folks. Remarkably, these misadventures moreover support to heal a couple of of their host’s have emotional wounds, exhibiting the give-and-clutch that exists in each and each wholesome relationship. Even ones with ghosts.

Roger Cobb/Edwina Cutwater

Sharing a physique efficiently requires somewhat a couple of cooperation between two minds — nonetheless this used to be hilariously tougher for Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin in the 1985 comedy-delusion “All of Me.” 

When the spirit of lately-deceased effectively off girl Edwina Cutwater (Tomlin) gets transferred into the physique of attorney Roger Cobb (Martin), she discovers she has alter over the upright aspect of his physique. This ends up in some hilarious struggles between the 2, as highlighted in the harmful “tiny fireman” scene.

Roger and Edwina at closing manage to strategy help to an figuring out, searching to get Edwina’s soul transferred into Terry Hoskins (Victoria Tennant), a young girl with a worried previous. If truth be told, this being a comedy, Edwina’s soul gets displaced into somewhat a couple of other locations — alongside side Roger’s blind buddy Tyrone (Jason Bernard) and a pitcher of water — before the shy away resolves itself. Frankly, changing into the host physique of an alien symbiote sounds easy by comparability.

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