The 12 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors

Go color crazy—without the commitment—with these best at-home hair dye kits.
The 12 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors
The 12 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors
The 12 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors
The 12 Best At-Home Temporary Hair Colors

Tinting your hair is an almost effortless way to instantly change up your whole look. The best new temporary hair color products allow you to test-drive a new hue from the comfort of your own bathroom. Depending on the formula you pick and your hair itself, the new shade might last anywhere from a few shampoos to a few weeks; after it fades, you can decide if you want to keep the color or stick with your original shade. Click through to shop a few of our favorite kits, glosses, and sprays.

Root Cover Up in Dark Brown

This water-resistant powder is the secret weapon of every major celebrity hairstylist. You can use it to temporarily cover up gray roots or to fill-in fleshy spots along the hairline for a super-snatched ponytail.

Temporary Color Gel

Made with oat flakes and inula flower extract, this gel formula not only gives you semi-permanent color, but it also promotes keratin production and nourishes your scalp.

Classic Creme Hair Color Electric Amethyst

If you want to go bold—temporarily—turn to Manic Panic. You’ll get rich, vivid color that will be gone after a few really good scrubs and shampoos.

Hair Coloring Dye Wax

Temporarily coloring black or deep brown hair is notoriously difficult, even for some sprays. These colorful—and beloved—waxes do the trick, then wash out when you’re done with them.

Magic Root Cover Up

Can’t make it to a salon? Just blast your roots with this tinted spray to temporarily conceal grays until your next shampoo.

Color Care Whipped Glaze

Work this whipped glaze through clean, towel-dried hair to add a boost of natural color and shine. It comes in a subtly tinted formula for light and dark hair colors.

Signature Gloss Temporary Hair Color

The hairstylist behind Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad’s hair has a line of hair products, tools, and glosses at Target. The Bittersweet shade boosts shine and reduces brassiness all from the comfort of your shower.

Color Boosting GLOSS+ Deep Conditioning Treatment

We love two-in-one deals. This gloss not only gives hair semi-permanent color, it also acts as deep conditioning treatment so that your hair is hydrated and ultra-shiny.

Colorista 1-Day Hair Color Spray

This temporary color spray works best in blonde and light brown hair, and it washes out swiftly and easily without any fuss.

Color Depositing Mask

This mask gives you all the hair-saving benefits of Moroccanoil’s argan oil with the addition of fun, playful colors that can switch up your whole look.

Color Extend Brownlights Blue Toning Conditioner

We’ve all heard of purple shampoo and conditioner to tone blonde hair. But what about brown hair? Redken just launched Brownlights Blue Toning shampoo and conditioner, a genius color-depositing system that enhances and brightens all shades of brown hair.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color Shampoo

If your hair is already gray, light blonde, or dyed purple or pink, this tinted shampoo will add a little tint of color and help maintain colorful, dyed hair.