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Ben Affleck’s Best Movie Roles To Date


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By Akos Peterbencze/Updated: Jan. 22, 2022 1: 03 pm EST

Ben Affleck’s performing profession has considered some highs and lows over time. After setting up himself in lightweight comedies, his profession took a flip when he co-wrote and seemed in “Appropriate Will Hunting” beside Matt Damon. The 2 penned the script together, which went on to steal a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Most productive Unique Screenplay. With this option, they hit the jackpot and grew to became A-list actors in Hollywood. By the discontinue of the ’90s, Affleck earned a main man web page and starred in numerous profitable blockbusters.

In 2003, although, Affleck’s profession modified for the more severe on account of his over-uncovered relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He turn out to be as soon as in motion photographs that were doomed from the starting up effect and took on roles that weren’t valid for him. As a consequence, he turn out to be as soon as nearly fully written off as a legit lead actor. Pondering the low parts he hit in those years, it’s spectacular that he managed to search out his method lend a hand to success.

From 2006, Affleck picked parts that were far more suitable for his talent. In 2007, he made his debut as a director, which reinvigorated his performing. He selected darker, more advanced, and refined characters to play, developing a gamble to existing a depth we’d by no methodology considered from him earlier than. Even even though it wasn’t all uphill from there — he quiet seemed in about a unhappy motion photographs — his final three roles stumbled on him at his absolute handiest. Using that wave, we gathered his most acclaimed ones to this level.

Chuckie Sullivan (Appropriate Will Hunting)

The movie that introduced Ben Affleck worldwide popularity stays one of his high performances. Chuckie Sullivan — the working-class Bostonian and discontinuance friend of Will Hunting (Matt Damon) — is a natural boaster. He’s broke and poorly educated, but he’s inherently fun, charming, and loyal to his company. Sure, Will is absolutely the hero of Gus Van Sant’s classic, but without Chuckie, the climax wouldn’t pack such an emotional punch. And Affleck is amazingly responsive to his character’s wanted significance to the memoir.

Even although he turn out to be as soon as born in Berkeley, California, Affleck can’t snort his Massachusetts roots, that are the pillars of “Appropriate Will Hunting’s” authenticity. His accent, the annoying guy act, and the frightening mouthing completely protect Chuckie’s personality. He’s a low-life no person who works constructing, drinks loads, and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. But he won’t let his handiest friend’s great talent gallop to destroy the identical method real because Will is simply too fearful to face the possibilities that may perchance well bring him a better future. Amongst other issues, their camaraderie and devotion to every other are what makes the 1997 drama so great.

Doug MacRay (The Town)

The heist thriller “The Town” is Ben Affleck’s follow-up to his directorial debut, “Long past Toddler Long past.” This time, on the opposite hand, he solid himself within the main role of Doug MacRay, the leader of a proficient community of thieves. The movie takes effect in Boston and follows a gang of criminals robbing banks and attempting to bag away with it.

There’s a negate efficiency and sincerity every time Affleck performs a personality from Massachusetts. Naturally, when he represents a Bostonian, he’s far more keen on a interior most diploma. The style he portrays MacRay and his relationship with his crew hang an empathetic and legit quality. He wishes a capability out of this life, but he knows that will moreover mean shedding the oldsters he considers his family. It’s a valid jam wrapped in some toxic masculinity that puts stress on him valid from the starting up effect. But he’s ready to raise these emotions while conserving the character edifying all the tactic in which by. It’s one of his handiest roles because his non-public involvement and dedication to the mission shine by compellingly.

Holden McNeil (Chasing Amy)

After briefly working along with Ben Affleck within the mid-’90s, Kevin Smith made up our minds to solid him within the main role of his third movie, “Chasing Amy.” As Holden McNeil, he turn out to be as soon as tasked with a trickier phase than those he beforehand performed in Smith’s “Clerks” and “Mallrats.” He portrays a humorous e book e book artist who falls in love with a woman who happens to be homosexual. Initially effect, the creator-director approaches the matter from a comedy perspective, but the effect hasty turns true into a romantic drama loaded with questions and no longer easy emotions about gender and sexuality. Holden is a moderately easy guy who finds himself in a no longer easy project the effect expressing and going by love appears to be like to be a annoying project.

Affleck’s performance right here is filled with tenderness and vulnerability. His emotionally charged monologues and dialogues raise the insecurity and inadequacy his character goes by while attempting to attain the valid element. In spite of he does — whether or no longer magnificent or base — he constantly makes us maintain that he acts on the impulses and emotions he feels to be factual. Smith’s screenplay turn out to be as soon as earlier than its time, but Affleck and his co-stars managed to hit the valid notes and bring authenticity to the portrayal of these folks, who face something profoundly irregular they hang got shrimp ride with.

Pierre d’Alençon (The Closing Duel)

After “Appropriate Will Hunting,” it took over 20 years for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to work together on one other script again and be within the movie as lead and supporting actors. It turn out to be as soon as definitely price the wait, although: their collaboration in Ridley Scott’s medieval historical drama turn out to be as soon as one of the important bangers of 2021. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t cancel successfully at the field effect of job regardless of huge severe acclaim and high praise from viewers. But that doesn’t take far from its quality and the vivid performances all around.

Even although Affleck’s Pierre d’Alençon is a supporting role, about a of the most memorable and funniest moments of the movie belong to him. He acts with ease, conveying a merciless and boastful hedonist who abuses his powers as a count — defending or attacking whoever he wishes and by no methodology apologizing for something. He embraces the role to play such an dreadful human being and proves that he’s got the skill to depict a touchy yet exciting character. What he delivers right here positively provides to his performing repertoire.

Uncle Charlie (The Tender Bar)

Ben Affleck’s most up-to-date phase in George Clooney’s “The Tender Bar” is a welcome delight. He’s the first motive the movie is seriously fun and scrumptious. The script — essentially based entirely mostly on J.R. Moehringer’s memoir — may perchance well be a shrimp bit empty and slow, but Uncle Charlie is the highlight of this bittersweet story.

He’s the daddy figure within the protagonist’s life after his proper dad took off and left him and his mother when he turn out to be as soon as shrimp. The effect is determined within the 1970s, the effect Charlie runs a local bar called The Dickens in Long Island. He’s the form of boulevard-good, self-taught person we’d all love to hang rising up. He knows each person on a important-title basis, talks in a slick method, and has the form of mindset that entails rather about a genuinely-earned info. But most seriously, he’s a chuffed and satisfied man who made peace with a modest life — he has no regrets about what he has became. There’s an attraction to a personality who hasn’t done something great yet is fully graceful with that. Affleck immerses himself in this role, using his soft charisma to effect us like him in an instant. In spite of no longer being the hero of the memoir, he’s the one we’ll keep in mind when all the pieces else fades away in time.

Jack Cunningham (The Approach Support)

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck skilled dependancy multiple times at some level of his profession. His drinking precipitated rather about a trouble for him over time, and he went to rehab multiple times. In Gavin O’Connor’s 2020 drama, “The Approach Support,” Affleck taps into that hang. He performs Jack Cunningham, a middle-broken-down, has-been highschool basketball critical person that tries to drown his battered soul in alcohol. He’s a divorced ironworker, living day after day in pains when he will get one final shot at redemption when Father Divine (John Aylward) provides him a job at his former Catholic highschool coaching their basketball personnel. He takes the discipline and slowly begins to emerge from the pits of hell he exiled himself to a long while ago.

Affleck provides a performance that’s devoid of any exaggeration or dramatic outbursts — he stays restrained till the finale. It’s handiest when Jack starts to conscious from his despair and self-loathing and finds a fresh motive to are living again that Affleck brings the form of intensity and important spirit all of us know him for. It’s no longer a revelation — we’re responsive to what he can attain when he’s fully committed and in bag — but it’s an efficient technique to impress that he quiet has the spark that can effect him excellent in this form of quiet role.

Carve Dunne (Long past Girl)

David Fincher’s 2014 psychological thriller “Long past Girl” grew to became a most modern classic for a motive. It’s a flowery, gloomy portrayal of a curved marriage filled with unthinkable secrets and methods and deadly insanity. In it, Ben Affleck performs Carve Dunne, a bar proprietor whose partner, Amy (Rosamund Pike), goes missing. The soft news turns true into a media sensation as speculations start to counsel that Dunne is a sociopath who murdered his believe partner. Perceive that, since right here’s a Fincher crime memoir — essentially based entirely mostly on Gillian Flynn’s bestseller unique — truly far more no longer easy.

Affleck’s casting for the lead role turn out to be as soon as a genius gallop. He’s the gargantuan, aesthetic guy that when it comes to each person finds fun. The audience knows him long ample to effect a query to that quality every time he looks on the disguise. On the opposite hand, the truth that incredible guys are typically rapists and vicious murderers is moreover at play. Affleck skilfully goes along with this duplicity to protect up the thrilling suspense around the question of whether or no longer he’s guilty or innocent within the case of Amy’s disappearance. But because the memoir unfolds, we be taught that he’s no longer in level of truth the person each person expects him to be. Regardless, Affleck showcases an irregular performance right here, which catches us without be aware within the most rewarding method.

Bobby Walker (The Company Males)

John Wells’ 2010 movie “The Company Males” is a convincing portrayal of the recession and its penalties on white-collar The US. Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is amongst those many workers who tumble sufferer to the downsizing of a shipbuilding corporation called GTX. After getting fired, his dreamlike life — which contains a good marriage, two kids, a web page golf club membership, day after day lunches at costly restaurants, and a Porsche Boxster in front of his huge six-figure residence — step by step falls apart. He loses when it comes to all the pieces. Unable to search out one other corporate job that fits his skills and the salary he deserves, he ends up working constructing for his brother-in-regulations, who he loathes. Wells’ drama has no disillusions about how hasty a a hit man can hit rock bottom within the usa.

Affleck doesn’t diagram for our pity but edifying sympathy. Amongst such veterans as Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, and Chris Cooper, he can’t upward push to the identical diploma as these legendary actors, but he tries annoying ample. By the discontinue, his efforts repay as he transforms from a rather boastful businessman true into a likable father and husband who humbles himself to work a job that’s under him. He does regardless of he has to in record to construct his family and effect ends meet within the most annoying times.

Christian Wolff (The Accountant)

“The Accountant” is one other double invoice of director Gavin O’Connor and Ben Affleck. Within the 2016 movie, the actor performs Chris Wolff, a extremely functioning autistic and forensic accountant who’s uncooking the books for about a of the most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations on this planet. When he’s hired to audit a agency called Living Robotics, he discovers that $61 million turn out to be as soon as embezzled over time. Within the period in-between, Ray King (J.Ok. Simmons), the director of the Monetary Crimes Enforcement Community, leads an investigation to existing Wolff’s secret identity and his involvement within the murders of 9 contributors of the Gambino crime family. At final, Wolff is forced to gallop on a speed — with authorities and hitmen breathing down his neck — to search out a capability out of this life-threatening chaos he save himself in.

In spite of some effect inconsistencies, Affleck’s portrayal of a extremely functioning autistic is valid and believable. He stays emotionally managed and completely methodical all the tactic in which by. Even although, within the 2d half of, the movie’s focal level shifts to brutal and nail-biting action sequences, which seriously push the characters out of the highlight. On the opposite hand, Affleck maintains a grand presence that culminates in a dramatic and involving twist within the finale. Chris Wolff is certainly the form of character that we infrequently ever scrutinize him take on, and it’s a proper take care of to glimpse him cancel out of his comfort zone.

Jim Younger (Boiler Room)

In Ben Youthful’s 2000 feature debut, “Boiler Room,” Ben Affleck handiest has a supporting role, but his character lays down the muse of the total movie. He performs Jim Younger, a 27-twelve months-broken-down millionaire and the co-founding father of the brokerage agency J.T. Marlin. In an early scene, he walks true into a conference room stout of young men unique out of college who’re hungry for achievement and cash. Younger delivers a motivational speech, telling each person how prosperous he grew to became in about a years. He lists the entire issues he received on account of J.T. Marlin and says that each person who will get hired shall be a millionaire interior three years.

With out question, Affleck’s easy and potent monologue is the finest phase of the movie. He depicts this character with a smug smile on his face and swag that screams self perception. You think every be aware he says even when, within the lend a hand of your recommendations, you hang a suspicion that every person of this sounds too magnificent to be factual. But his offer is so spectacular that you simply tumble for it real just like the remainder of the fellas within the effect of job. Clearly, Affleck’s got a knack for bringing this method of complacent and showy character to life on disguise, and he demonstrates it completely in “Boiler Room.”

Stephen Collins (Explain of Play)

Kevin Macdonald’s 2009 political thriller “Explain of Play” is essentially based entirely mostly on a British tv serial of the identical title. In it, Affleck is Congressman Stephen Collins, a defense force feeble who learns that a female member of his workers turn out to be as soon as killed by a Washington Metro put together. The news hits him annoying since he turn out to be as soon as having an affair with the young girl. When police counsel it turn out to be as soon as suicide, Collins disagrees and turns to his broken-down college roommate, Cal (Russell Crowe), a Washington Globe investigative reporter. Cal starts to seem for clues and folks who may perchance well’ve been related to the plain girl to search out out what in level of truth took effect to her. But in a while, the pair search for that this case is far more intricate and dangerous than they may perchance well’ve imagined.

Initially effect, Affleck’s phase doesn’t appear the form that can without problems hang sympathy from the viewers. But his agenda and motive to record a firm named PointCorp that beneficial properties billions of greenbacks from mercenary activities within the Center East is something we are in a position to stand within the lend a hand of and make stronger. He conveys this public figure with fierce vulnerability, regardless of vivid that he’s removed from a good human being. Within the break, this complexity is what makes the performance one of his most nice looking roles.

Gavin Banek (Altering Lanes)

Roger Michell’s 2002 thriller “Altering Lanes” is about two selfish men who meet at the worst time within the worst method that which you may perchance well be maintain. One amongst them is a lawyer, Gavin (Ben Affleck), who’s about to discontinuance his finest case, while the opposite one, Doyle (Samuel L. Jackson), is a recuperating alcoholic at some level of a divorce. When Gavin crashes his car into Doyle’s, their lives begins spiraling uncontrolled. Rather then serving to every other out by doing the valid element, they start a pity war that results within the most melancholy day of their lives.

As the boastful and prosperous lawyer, Affleck’s casting is becoming. As Gavin, he goes by a valid route of to rediscover the humanity in himself. He tries to cheat and lie his method into what he wishes and interpret an unethical resolution he made but struggles to admit it. The chemistry between the two actors is terribly good, and they also devise the most out of every other. After 20 years, “Altering Lanes” quiet holds up on account of the extremely efficient duo that makes this option one of Affleck’s finest performances.

Tony Mendez (Argo)

“Argo,” Ben Affleck’s third movie as a director, turn out to be as soon as a financial and severe triumph. It turn out to be as soon as nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three for Most productive Picture, Most productive Adapted Screenplay, and Most productive Fulfillment in Movie Modifying. He solid himself within the lead role of Tony Mendez, who turn out to be as soon as an American technical operations officer working for the CIA. Mendez led the rescue of six U.S. diplomats who were held hostage in Iran at the discontinue of the 1970s. The feature is loosely essentially based entirely mostly on his memoir and depicts how he organized the taking pictures of a flawed science-fiction movie to cancel a likelihood to bag the hostages out of enemy territory.

It’s positively one of Affleck’s most important roles and introduced him genuinely-earned recognition. In an interview with Jake’s Takes, the actor-director outlined, “One element that I turn out to be as soon as cheerful about when it [“Argo”] started to play more broadly turn out to be as soon as that I felt magnificent because I had a movie that turn out to be as soon as about something more than me.” He persevered, “It turn out to be as soon as about this guy, a proper hero, and about the work performed in our intelligence community. What they battle by, and what Explain Department workers attain. I had relevance to proper relevance. So, I turn out to be as soon as extraordinarily relieved and impressed that folks would bag to seem this, and I hoped I turn out to be as soon as valid that it would spark some debate conversation.” Thus “Argo” isn’t real one of Affleck’s high performances, but it’s one of the important largest photos he’s ever made.

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