Beach Boys Drop Stunning A Cappella Version of ‘Feel Flows,’ Alternate ‘This Whole World’


Ahead of the release of their massive box set of 1970’s Sunflower and 1971’s Surf’s Up, the Beach Boys dropped an a cappella version of the latter’s title track.

“Surf’s Up (A Cappella)” isolates Brian Wilson’s lead vocals with stunning clarity. His take was cut for the ill-fated Smile sessions in 1966, while the band’s backing vocals were recorded in 1971.

The Beach Boys also released an alternate take on “This Whole World” from Sunflower, which was recently created for the box set. While Carl Wilson takes the lead as he does on the original, Brian appears on the bridge.

“This Whole World” (below) also contains an alternate ending that was cut for an Eastern Airlines commercial they appeared in — which centered on Southern California with narration by Orson Welles. Snippets of the commercial can be found on YouTube, but unfortunately it has yet to surface in full.

“Surf’s Up (A Cappella)” and “This Whole World (Alternate Ending)” follows “Big Sur” and a live version of “Susie Cincinnati.Feel Flows – The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 arrives on August 27th. Gear up for the release by reading Rob Sheffield’s exclusive guide to the box set.