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BCNegra returns in person and with more than 100 authors

  • The Barcelona crime novel festival will feature an international lineup of, among others, Mike Herron, Irvine Welsh, Alan Parks, Dominique Manotti, Sergio Ramírez, Sara Bilotti and Charles Cumming, and with numerous Spanish writers

  • The Aliança del Poblenou theater will be the epicenter of the event, which vindicates the human being against technology

Retrieving the attendance lost in 2021 due to the pandemic ( there will only be some broadcasts in 'streaming'), and with a display of 42 round tables, 53 activities and a staff of 170 participants, including 112 authors, like the brand new one

Carvalho Award, the American Don Winslow, literary scourge of drug cartels and police corruption, the BCNegra festival will once again dye criminal black genre the Catalan capital from February 3 to 13.

It will be under the

motto 'Here, tomorrow',

and with a physical epicenter in the heart of the Poblenou, especially from the Aliança theater , inaugurated in 1869, but also from another traditional stage

in Paral·lel, El Molino (from 1898), from where this Monday his curator, the writer Carlos Zanón, has submitted the programming of an ambitious 17th edition.

'Here, tomorrow'

It will once again recover its “eminently popular and human contact” character, stressed the commissioner, who explained that 'Here, tomorrow', which “claims the human being above technology when we can't understand it.” “It alludes to the possibility of meeting someone the day after without the need to remember the details of the appointment via whatsapp or message. Because technology can be violent and fascinating and so fast and incomprehensible that, as the present is already so beast, no It allows us to imagine the future, which is why we need a story of what is happening to us and literature has always structured these stories. And crime novels help us to see what is happening to our society, to our democracies, and how we live this time of instability”.

From racism to suicides

Thus, this BCNegra will address issues such as the rise of the extreme right and xenophobia and racist crimes, the sewers of State, exile, humor in crime novels, family secrets, suicides, disappearances, the genre of the 1950s, crimes in urban and rural settings… It will be through the reflections of 112 authors, “who They will give their opinion on how we try to explain what is happening to us,” adds the curator. International names like Charles Cumming, Mick Herron,

Alan Parks

, Håkan Nesser, Dominique Manotti,

Sergio Ramírez


Irvine Welsh

, Mike W. Craven, Chris Whitaker, Franck Bouysse or Sara Bilotti.

And from the national scene, such as Rosa Ribas, Eduardo Mendoza, Justo Navarro, Eugenio Fuentes, Lorenzo Silva , José Luis Correa, María Oruña, Elena Medel, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, César Pérez Gellida, Toni Hill, Jordi Ledesma, Virginia Feito, Núria Bendicho, Hernán Migoya, Juarma, Màrius Serra, Andreu Martín, Kiko Amat, Mikel Santiago or the triad Carmen Molla.

Winslow, Carvalho Award

The icing, Don Winslow, who will receive the Carvalho Prize in the Saló de Cent of the town hall on February 10, “one of the most powerful and very fit authors of the genre for years, with that world that he has created around drug trafficking and the border between Mexico and the United States “, Zanon recalled.

Will keep BCNegra the traditional triad promoted by the curator to recover an author –this time the British Ted Lewis, considered the forerunner of the revival of the genre in the United Kingdom-, a book –a tragic Greek classic, 'Oedipus Rex', by Sophocles, probably “the first detective in history”-, and a character –

Petra Delicado, the character created by Alicia Giménez Barlett, also present at the festival, “at a time when it was not so easy for the protagonist to be a policewoman”-.

Vázquez Montalbán and González Ledesma

And the festival will also render a double tribute to “dos pione ros of the black genre”: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, whose Detective Pepe Carvalho would be 50 years old since his first book, 'I killed Kennedy', and Francisco González Ledesma, “a fighter, who for a long time had to publish under a pseudonym (Silver Kane) because the dictatorship prohibited him from publishing”, father Commissioner Ricardo Méndez , to whom the exhibition

that will open the festival, in the Jaume Fuster Library, which can be visited until April 3.

The transversality of BCNegra, promoted by the Barcelona Institute of Culture, can be seen, literally, on the Filmin platform, which will broadcast a selection of 19 genre films. There will also be screenings at the Teatre l'Aliança ('The strategy of the Pekinese, based on the homonymous novel by Alexis Ravelo), the Fort Pienc civic center, the MNAC or the La Bòbila library.

Poetry, theater, music, comics…

Related news

There will be no shortage of poetry (Slam poètic with Salva Soler and Dani Orviz), theater (premiere of a performance specially commissioned for BCNegra around the figure of George Simenon and his Maigret), comics (with Albert Monteys and other authors), music (podcast and a performance by

The New Raemon and Ricard or Lezón) or gastronomy

(a Camilleri-Vázquez Montalbán pairing in La Boqueria). Literary routes are doubled, the first weekend.

Everything hoping, concludes Zanón, “that there is not a new pandemic mess.”

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