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Barcelona hoteliers close a “bad” Christmas with an occupancy of between 20% and 30%

  • “In summer we had already foreseen that winter was going to be bad”, has acknowledged Manel Casals, general director of the Guild of Hotels of Barcelona. The sector claims aid.

The Barcelona hotels have had a occupancy of between 20% and 30% during the Christmas holidays and thus close a “weak” and “bad” holiday period. This was assured to the Catalan News Agency (ACN) by the general director of the Barcelona Hotel Association, Manel Casals, who has confessed that the figures were as predicted: “Nothing that we did not expect.” “In summer we had already foreseen that winter was going to be bad and when we saw that the countries were again putting restrictions on both their daily lives and traveling, we already saw that we were going badly and that reservations were paralyzed,” he explained. that hotels in the Catalan capital depend above all on foreign visitors.

The exception has been New Year's Eve , a holiday that usually involves a rebound in employment and that has been located in 60% on time on both December 31 and January 1 . The Hotel Guild attributes these percentages to the combination of the “insecurity” perceived by visitors in the midst of the wave of the omicron variant of the coronavirus and the measures imposed in Catalonia: “The restrictions they have placed on us have ended up killing us” . And it is that they anticipated that 85% of establishments would be open during the month of December and finally they have been around 70%.

Waiting for the Mobile

To trace the situation trust that business tourism and, especially, “very important” events such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) for the month of February will bring more guests. That is why they hope that the restrictions that the general population during the Christmas holidays to reduce contagion of covid-19 “allow to reach the month of February with different conditions and being able to ensure that these events can be held.” Otherwise, they warn, “its continuity is in danger.”

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They claim aid because they fear that the recovery will take time to arrive. While waiting for Easter, the sector predicts that the foreign visitor, the main public in Barcelona hotels “will not return actively.” For this reason, claim “direct aid” to the Generalitat and a tourism promotion campaign to compensate for losses. They claim that they have been “a very respectful sector” with the restrictions and of the most affected, since “practically until June the client could not come”. “Once the measures that lead to a direct impact on businesses are taken, what we do demand from the Administration are these aid,” insisted Casals, complaining because the Government has not responded to the demand that the Guild has publicly transferred to him. written”.

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