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Attack on Titan Ranks 1st for the 2nd Time in a Row After Episode 79

The week 4 results of our Winter 2022 weekly rankings are now out, and Attack on Titan: The Closing Season Section 2 ranked 1st for the 2nd time this season with 22% of the votes! This came after but another gigantic episode, “Recollections of the Future”, which had a bunch of surprises for both the viewers and Zeke. Demon Slayer also had the cliff-hanger with Tengen, exhibiting extra gigantic animation but dropping to third in the serve of The Case Ogle of Vanitas this week. My Costume-Up Darling dropped to Fifth, dropping its absolute best ranked non-sequel living for the first time this season. In its situation came Lifestyles With an Odd Guy Who Reincarnated Correct into a Total Fantasy Knockout, the gender bender isekai comedy which is slowly getting extra attention. It is possible you’ll presumably watch the head 10 chart beneath:

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Week 4 of winter is the 2nd time that Attack on Titan ranked 1st in the season, with Demon Slayer falling to third for the first time. There are handiest 2 extra episodes of their opponents (thanks to the time table Demon Slayer has), and we’ll watch what occurs in the subsequent 2 rankings.

Attack on Titan: The Closing Season Section 2 will commence episode 5 this Sunday, and its title is “From You, 2,000 Years Ago”. You are going to be ready to vote for Attack on Titan all once more to monstrous high all once more in week 5 of Winter 2022.

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