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Atresplayer renovation

You will not remember El sótano, a small website in which, with a meager budget, some – at that time – young filmmakers made small series that did not have much impact. A first step. I think all the people I know who were there are now professionals. That was the germ of Flooxer, container low cost of Atresmedia that one night in 2016 premiered four series by relatively unknown authors at the Palacio de la Prensa: Low season (Abril Zamora), The party (Álex Rodrigo), Two Salaos in Random Mode (Come on Nuns) and Paquita Salas (Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo). There, two stars were born, or should I say three, because if there is Paquita Salas it is because there is Brays Efe. I was present and saw, almost in sequence, how the tables of some things turned.

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'The protected: the return' and other Spanish series that have revived in the heat of the new platforms

That was confined to the same area as Cartún, the website prior to La hora chanante; trend hunters with their eyes wide open. And like La hora chanante, was the beginning of a generational changeover. Whoever did not get on the boat then can no longer score the goal.

Who would have thought at the time of El sótano that something like Poison would reach so many people. To begin with, Cristina Ortiz (Poison) was alive and no one respected her. Canonization came (as in the Church) after his death. Thanks to those little things (as Serrat sang) Atresmedia has taken the lead —for the first time— and it has been thanks to Atresplayer and a team that has known how to see that things were going to change. I believe that change is inevitable. Some products will not be more than marketing , but others will have a continuity and above all a depth. They come out in the press, they comment. The public will or will not arrive. They will be pasture of oblivion or not. However, the renovation has occurred. New celebrities, new topics, new winners. And it is that you never have to forget to have the house ventilated.

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