‘Army Of The Dead’ Has A Connection To Zack Snyder’s Other Zombie Movie, ‘Dawn Of The Dead’

2004’s Dawn of the Dead and 2021’s Army of the Dead are two of director Zack Snyder’s three highest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, which is definitive proof that he should only make zombie movies (no one on the internet will be upset with this opinion). It’s fair to wonder with the similar titles and subject material if one is a sequel to the other, but Snyder says they’re not.

“I developed it right after Dawn, but not as a sequel,” he told Screenrant. “I wanted to do this other evolution in it of the zombies, so I needed another trope. I needed another origin story in order to make this other thing work, so I was like, ‘Okay, it can live in its own universe.’ And now we’re building this universe like nuts, so we’ll see. It’s kind of fun.” That being said, Army viewers have spotted a possible connection to Dawn.

Around the 30-minute mark of the Netflix movie, Marianne Peters, played by “sexy AF” Tig Notaro, is scrolling through her phone when a story about the United States nuking Las Vegas on July 4th catches her eye. Right below it, however, is this headline: “New Information Released About ’04 Zombie Outbreak In Milwaukee.” Dawn of the Dead takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was released in — you guessed it — 2004.


I already checked: Leonidas from 300 does not appear in a post-credits scene.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)