Apparently ‘Jurassic Park 3’ Almost Featured A Velociraptor Riding A Motorcycle To Its Death


If you were under the impression Jurassic Park 3 couldn’t get any more wacky, meme-worthy, and — let’s be honest — cringe-infused, storyboard artist Dave Lowery just took to the wild world of podcasts to prove you very, very wrong. According to Lowery during his recent appearance on the Jurassic Park 3-centric Stuck on Sorna podcast, the film almost featured a scene in which one of the film’s iconic raptors rode a motorcycle off a cliff and to their own demise — and we’re so bummed it didn’t.

According to Lowery the scene in question took place as the pack of raptors entered a high-speed chase with a character riding a motorcycle. In an effort to escape the scaly predators, the cyclist takes a parachute out of a backpack, leaps from a motorcycle, and glides off a cliff to safety. However, following the character’s departure, one of the raptors then leaps onto the still running motorcycle and remains on it as it goes flying off the edge of a cliff. After explaining the scene, Lowery playfully remarked it didn’t make it in the film “for some reason,” but honestly we can’t think of a single good one, as everything about it sounds both cool and campy as hell.

For those who are dying to know more about the magical moment we could have had, here’s a clip podcast host Daniel Stephen shared in which Lowery discussed the absurd scene:

Always fun to hear about moments that never made the film. Storyboard Artist Dave Lowery talks about the raptors chasing the kids off a cliff. And then…the raptor rides the dirt bike to its death. #JurassicPark3

Listen here:

— Daniel Stephen (@StuckOnSorna) July 19, 2021

Not too late to put this in a new Jurassic World. Or any other movie, really. F9 just sent Tyrese and Ludacris to space. It’s just a short leap from there to a raptor on a motorcycle.

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