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Antonio de la Torre: “An actor has to be lived”

As in any of the roles he plays, Antonio de la Torre (Málaga, 53 years old) expresses with his eyes in this interview the energy that, for example, he exhibits in El Reino, an unforgettable face of contemporary fiction. As if there were stupor, cruelty on his face, and, in person, he found his way of saying “here I am, and I am with you.” And there is that urgency that seems to move him even when he is still.

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Ask. Has the job given you the security to go fast?

Answer. Maturity has given me the confidence to go fast. I read something that Pérez-Reverte said in an interview. I used to carry this with a lot of stress and insecurity, he said, adding that he went very fast to many places at the time when he was a war correspondent and wrote books. He was taking care of everything at all times. One of these days I had a rehearsal with Manuel Martín Cuenca for a performance. In addition, a recording of New Year's Eve for TVE, participation in a documentary about Carlos Boyero, a video for Pepe Sacristán, a colloquium at the Film Academy about the fifteen years of Azuloscurocasinegro , and I still had time to have dinner with my friend, its director Daniel Sánchez Arévalo … And I had that thought that is in your question. “At another time in my life I would not have been able to do this.”

P. E

It was a day that he did so many things, who did he say no to?

R. Nobody. Things were being placed.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


P. In an artist with your popularity not saying does not say much about you …

R. I don't want to start psychoanalyzing myself, but one of my great shortcomings is not being able to say no … Knowing how to do it is accepting your limits, and I have learned to do it. In this bar, by the way, we have been told no to our desire to turn down the music so that we can speak better … Life is full of no. I accept it.

Q. How have you been able to bring the person and the actor together?

R. They are always. You have to take the job naturally. It is a way of life, like that of the civil servant, that of the policeman, that of the journalist …

P. He could fall into that of a journalist …

R. I lived in Seville, I was a journalist on Canal Sur… I am an actor. There is a lot of myth, that if Bela Lugosi slept in coffins to be Dracula… When I did Fatty I was getting fat for days and days. It implied me: that does not mean that you are with the character … Ah, going back to the no. For this Saturday they asked me to give an award. I can't, I have to take care of my children… And as for an actor… I played Pepe Mujica in The Twelve Years Night How many times I have to see Mujica to play him? Infinite They interviewed me a lot as an expert in isolation because I had played Mujica who spent 12 years in jail and for having done The infinite trench ! When we finished that shoot I went to a fucking house that had rented me production!

Q. Imagine a day making of yourself?

R. I have not considered it. José Mota told me that I had a great imitation, because I am a very little lizard, I have an idea and I leave it. I tend to observe life more than myself. But it must be done. I am not very aware of having defined features. In any case, when I play a role there is a lot of Antonio de la Torre … We talked about it in a debate with Rodrigo Sorogoyen . He maintains that in El Reino is me . He is the director of the movie, he will know something! I'm playing a politician, but there are many things of mine … You give things of yours to the character, which after all is the only thing you can give him.

P. There is something that the characters have not stolen, the look …

R. Can be. Thank you. Every human being has that. I thank you for seeing in me a lively look at my 40 and 13, which Sabina would say; It is a sign that I have lived. Almost all the things that a human being can live, also the dark ones, I have lived. An actor has to be lived. It's my theory, or my principles, but like Groucho I can change them. If you have not loved you cannot make a character in love. This is what I think, but I can be wrong.

P. You can see that in his eyes …

R. And the look does not deceive, like cotton.

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