Another ‘Game Of Thrones’ Animated Series Has Been Added To The Ever-Changing List Of Spinoffs


It’s been two years since Game of Thrones ended, and since that time, HBO has not stopped chasing spinoff opportunities in an effort to bring the powerhouse series back, along with its legion of viewers. This time around, HBO Max has announced a new animated spinoff that will explore a corner of the Game of Thrones world that never made it to the first series: The Golden Empire of Yi Ti. Located on the continent of Essos in the southeast corner of the fictional world, the area will have a link to character in the upcoming House of the Dragon live-action prequel.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The society is considered one of the oldest and most advanced societies in creator George R.R. Martin’s sprawling fantasy realm and is inspired by Imperial China (much the same way Westeros, which was the primary setting for GoT, was inspired by Medieval Europe).

Yi Ti had only a brief reference in Game of Thrones, though a character in HBO’s upcoming prequel series, House of the Dragon, Lord Corlys Velaryon the “Sea Snake,” famously sailed to Yi Ti.

The Yi Ti-focused series is in addition to a previous animated Game of Thrones series that was announced back in March. That project is still in very early development, so little is known in the way of details. However, while the number of animated projects has grown, the Yi Ti series arrives with news that a previously announced live-action prequel concept called Flea Bottom has been scrapped.

To bring everyone up to speed, here’s the current list of Game of Thrones spinoffs in development:

House of the Dragon

9 Voyages

The Tales of Dunk and Egg

A prequel series set in Nymeria

Untitled animation project with no details

Untitled animation project about Yi Ti

We’ll keep you updated as that list continues to change with the wind.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)