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Ancelotti, the peacemaker after the tsunami

He is the perfect coach to manage a monster like Real Madrid . His experience, his ease of adaptation and knowledge of the house were key in Florentino Pérez's decision, who asked him for the gradual renewal of the team and the prominence of Vinicius and Rodrygo as battering rams for the necessary injection of youth in the starting scheme. The Italian executes it with different speeds at the expense of the performance of the consecrated.

The son of a farmer, Ancelotti is used to the tough and mature, to withstand changes in the weather and that's what he does in football. He knows how to deal with the wine and rose stages and the critical stages without losing the north. After the convulsive march of Zidane , with a crude and unexpected letter, the Italian returned to pacify the tsunami.

He has been a player and coach for two great European players, Milan and Real Madrid. He has led PSG, Chelsea, Bayern. And his experience and height of vision made him adapt very well to what Real Madrid means.

Those capabilities and a technical modernization that he did not have six years ago are the reasons that led Florentino Pérez to recover him for the cause. The president asked him to carry out the renewal that the team needs gradually and to make Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao three starting players. Zidane thought that he was not the right man to carry it out, because of his emotional ties with most of the players, with whom he won everything. His successor has made it and will do it.

Carlo made a leap forward in the Premier that he intends to run for the Madrid team. The sports management applauds him. He thinks that football is experiencing a revolution and emphasizes that it is becoming more physical, with powerful men who do not let you get the ball played because they press from above. A football defined by the Camavinga and the Valverde . Their challenge is to implement it, while Modric and Kroos shine like the last of the Mohicans of a style that, like it or not, is dying. Ancelotti has come to adapt Real Madrid to that gladiator football without losing the essence of quality.

The Madrid president is happy with Ancelotti because he doesn't have to say anything to him about the behavior and direction of groups like the Madridista. What the leader of the entity demands is results and knowing how to change when things do not work, without clinging to footballers who do not perform. You have to know how to say no and change, however painful it may be for certain professionals. Hazard, Marcelo, Isco and Bale are good examples.

The petals stripped by the Italian in the white daisy are many. The explosion of Vinicius is his fault. It has given the Brazilian the confidence he needed to score goals without feeling an obsession that twisted his eyesight in the Zidane era. He explained to the kid that when he is in front of the goalkeeper, shoot immediately with his first shot decision and do not hesitate about other options. Holy hand. Today, the winger does not think about it, he shoots at the first time and the goals scored this season have given him the confidence he was looking for.

The evolution of Rodrygo is also a performance to point it in Carletto's account. The boy won the title and injuries were the reason for his constant replacement with Asensio, who has improved performance by seeing the ears of the two Brazilian wolves.

Militao already won the position last season, due to the injuries of Ramos and Varane, and today he is a permanent starter no matter who is on the squad. His new boss has made him the leader of the defense.

Pending assignments

The inclusion of Valverde and Camavinga are the other missions commissioned by the sports management. It has been the rising performance of Kroos, Modric and Casemiro the reason for the slower rotation, because the triumvirate has returned to the levels of yesteryear. Ancelotti says to the two young men “piano, piano.” The attrition of the veterans will grant them the minutes that did not reach them until now. In San Mamés they experienced a leading role that will be consolidated in January with matches of League, Cup and Spanish Super Cup every three days and the Champions in February. The rotation will be total.

The coach made the mistake seven years ago of not believing in his Madrid bench and exhausting his starters in the second half of the season after adding 22 consecutive wins in the first. It is true that Modric broke down, but he did not know how to distribute efforts. Today he is obliged to do so and the current result of his management, with bumps, is the leadership in the League and the pass to the second round of the Champions League. PSG examines him.

Few criticisms can be made of the “allenatore.” He makes mistakes, but his left hand is a break for the dome. A year ago, around this time, Vinicius had saved Zidane's throat with his goal in Seville and the triumph on the last day of the group stage of the Champions League, which gave Real Madrid first place. Today, the club lives calmer with Ancelotti, no matter how many times he raises his eyebrow.

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