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Ana Bejerano dies, replacement of Amaya Uranga in Mocedades

The soloist of the group Mocedades Ana Bejerano died this Sunday at She was 60 years old in the Urdúliz Hospital (Vizcaya), after not having been able to overcome a serious problem in the digestive system for which she was admitted on Saturday, December 11. As reported by the singer's environment in a statement, she died at 7:00 a.m. and the funeral is scheduled for Monday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the Church of Santa Ana, in his hometown of Las Arenas de Getxo.

Mocedades loses a “key figure” in its half century of history. Bejerano joined as a soloist in 1984, at just 24 years old, replacing the “legendary” Amaya Uranga , after she announced her voluntary withdrawal in October 1983. “Ana's voice ensured our continuity after Amaya's departure, it was essential for Mocedades,” recalled its leader Javier Garay, the last of the so-called 'historical six' in the formation.

Garay has praised that “Ana Bejerano has been one of the most elegant Basque voices since the 80s “and has highlighted his” versatility and good taste ” . “He could sing with a big jazz band as well as accompanied by an acoustic guitar alone. His voice in the soprano tessitura covered many registers,” he concluded.


Since Bejerano joined the group, he recorded three albums during his first stage: 'Colores' (1986), with the singer Donovan; 'We will survive' (1987) and 'Intimately' (1992). In 1993 he left it to undertake other projects and, among them, he founded the Txarango quintet together with two 'historical' from Mocedades, Roberto Uranga and José Ipiña. Later, in 2018, he rejoined the musical group at Garay's request.

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