An Out-Of-Control ‘Explosive Diarrhea’ Outbreak Is Forcing NBC To Pull The Plug On Airing ‘Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide’ This Summer As Planned


Sh*t happens, but usually not when there’s $18 million on the line. Unfortunately, that’s the predicament NBC has found itself in with Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide, an all-new competitive series based on the classic Wham-O backyard waterslide that has gotten off to a pretty crappy start. Now the network has decided to pull the plug entirely on the series, which was set to premiere on Sunday, August 8.

As The Wrap tells it, back on June 2, seven weeks into production on the series and with less than a week to go to complete it, a giardia outbreak that affected a full 65 percent of the show’s staff led to many of them being subjected to “awful explosive diarrhea.” (The word “awful” seems superfluous there, no?) While all of the set’s water features came back negative for the parasite, it turns out that the dirt surrounding the set wasn’t so lucky.

According to The Wrap:

“NBC and the studio began scouting for a new, safe new location where the giant Slip ‘n Slide could be moved so production on the end of Season 1 — and potential future seasons — could take place. During that time, Universal Television Alternative Studio was also working on two possible models for finishing the season in the edit bay without the ability to shoot the final episodes, but those options were ultimately passed on in favor of delaying the show.”

Network executives confirmed that they are committed to completing filming on the series, but only once they can find a safe place to do that. So at the moment, there is no confirmed date to resume filming or information on when the show might air.

If we might suggest an alternative idea: Change the title to Ultimate Sh*t ‘N Slide and just go with the footage they’ve got?

It’s also worth mentioning that the “toy” upon which the series is based has a rather infamous history of its own—one that has seen the item recalled and discontinued a handful of times, and that has broken the necks of many and even killed people over the years. So there’s that.

(Via The Wrap)