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An independent Hong Kong news page announces its closure

A page independent web page of Hong Kong which distributes news content announced on Sunday that it is ending its activities ” to guarantee everyone's safety “, three days after the police carried out a raid against another independent media, accused of sedition.

CitizenNews, an information page funded by its users , which was founded in 2017 by a group of journalists, is one of the most popular sources of information in Hong Kong, with more than 800,000 subscribers in social media.

In 2021, he had hired journalists from other media, after the authorities increased their control over the press. Hong Kong Radio Television came under the control of pro-Beijing leaders and the pro-democracy Apple Daily, accused of posing a threat to national security, was forced to shut down.

They claim to “feel fear”

Sunday afternoon, CitizenNews announced “with great heartache” that it will end its activities on Tuesday and that its website will be closed “later.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot continue trying to transform our convictions into reality without feeling fear, due to the radical change in society in the last two years and the deterioration of the medi attic, “the outlet said in a statement. Four of the co-founders of CitizenNews are former presidents of the Journalists Association From Hong Kong.

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China increased its control over Hong Kong to In the wake of the massive and often violent pro-democracy demonstrations that shook the city in 2019. One of the ways to do this was to crack down on the local press.

On Wednesday, the police carried out a raid on the newsroom of StandNews, a medium similar to CitizenNews, which announced its closure hours later.

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