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An early Christian gold ring from 1,700 years ago is recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean

An underwater archeology team has recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean a gold ring with an early Christian representation of Jesus as shepherd along with hundreds of silver and bronze coins . The treasure comes from centuries-old shipwrecks off the coast of Israel, near the old port of Caesarea.

The gold ring with a green gem is engraved with the figure of a young man dressed in a tunic carrying a ram or sheep on his shoulders and has been dated to around the middle of the third century. The Buen Pasto r was one of the first symbols used by the Christian community in the East according to Reuters, since according to the book of Juan del Nuevo Testament, Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd who protected his flock of faithful followers.

Specialists have also rescued hundreds of coins , silver and gold rings, rare gems, statuettes from Roman times, bronze bells (used to ward off evil spirits) and wrecks , such as nails and a large iron anchor broken into pieces.

The ring next to other rescued coins –

The wrecks were discovered a few months ago by the Israel Antiquities Authority in front of the Caesarea thing and belong to two different periods, one to the Roman (1,700 years ago) and another to the romper (600) , which were probably shipwrecked during a storm while anchored in place.

Caesarea was one of the first centers of Christianity and housed one of the first Christian communities. The Acts of the Apostles of the New Testament record Peter baptizing the Roman centurion Cornelius in that city.

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