Amy Poehler And Seth Meyers Tore Apart Andrew Cuomo’s Methods Of ‘Greeting’ People


Following the damning results of a months-long investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct, Andrew Cuomo shocked the political world by actually resigning as governor on Tuesday. All signs were pointing to Cuomo stubbornly refusing to leave office and attempting to “wait out” the mounting number of sexual harassment allegations, but instead, he surprisingly stepped aside. However, during his resignation speech, Cuomo attempted to downplay his actions by saying that he’s Italian and that’s the way he “greets” people, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. Enter Amy Poehler who stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers with her reactions to Cuomo’s “greetings.”

After playing Cuomo’s speech, the comedy duo went to town on the soon-to-be-former governor’s greetings, and here’s what they had to say (via Mediaite):

Grip of the arm: “I don’t like the word grip,” Pohler said while noting she bruises easily. “I don’t want to remember that I met you.”

Pat on the face: Meyers shot this one down because he doesn’t like to be touched on the face, and we’re assuming he’s not alone on that one.

Slap on the back: Thanks to its “Irish feel,” Poehler isn’t entirely opposed to this greeting. “But in this case it’s Italian,” she added in a pointed dig at Cuomo.

Touch on the belly: Obviously, this one got shot down immediately because who the heck just walks up to women and starts touching their stomach? “That’s gonna be a no from me, dog,” Poehler quipped. “Any lady will tell you a belly is — you don’t — that’s not, unless you’re very proud of [your] abs, you don’t.”

(Via Mediaite)