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AMC’s Super Bowl First Look At Interview With The Vampire Has Twitter Buzzing


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By Imprint D. McKee/Feb. 13, 2022 11: 10 pm EST

It has been virtually 30 years since Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt introduced Anne Rice’s vampiric masterpiece, “Interview with the Vampire,” to the sizable cowl cowl. The film served to redefine vampires for a brand new era and kickstart the occupation of a young Kirsten Durst. 

Three a protracted time later, AMC is determined to reboot the sequence for a brand new era within the make of an eight-episode debut season. Sizable Bowl Sunday gave audiences their first watch on the upcoming sequence by a short clip in a comprehensive promo for the AMC top payment streaming platform. Within the clip, we salvage a conception of the vampire Lestat (Sam Reid) with blood smeared across his face and a jumpy Louis (Jacob Anderson), as Lestat announces, “I give loss of life to those deserving.”

Despite the truth that the clip finest lasts about a seconds (0: 27-0: 33) and one foreboding line, fan chatter over on Twitter kicked into high gear straight following the predominant watch.

Fan reactions are overwhelmingly wonderful

It indubitably wasn’t a stout trailer, however the transient ogle at AMC ’s upcoming “Interview with the Vampire” sequence was ample to whet the appetites of followers and vampire enthusiasts alike. @hifromnewyawk wrote, “photos of the new interview with the vampire gift dropped, and i don’t care that it’s .5 seconds i am LOSING MY MIND.” That sentiment was shared by many.

@robertguydavis dug a exiguous bit deeper along with his touch upon the charisma of Sam Reid’s Lestat: “Marvelous ecstatic with the watch Sam Reid is bringing to TV Lestat within the upcoming INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE sequence.”

The teaser even served to recruit others who can had been on the fence about an AMC streaming carrier, indulge in client @LRArconoti, who confessed, “Ummm… @AMCPlus goes to enjoy an Interview with the Vampire sequence?!?!?!?! Welp… Bet I’ll be along side a brand new streaming carrier.” 

Total, the response to the debut clip was overwhelmingly wonderful within the Twitter-sphere, and followers now enjoy something new to enjoy a examine forward to in honor of the late Anne Rice.

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