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AmaLee’s VTuber Monarch to Debut on December 11

Singer and voice actress Amanda Lee aka AmaLee, takes on another role, this time, as a VTuber named Monarch. AmaLee posted a teaser for her VTuber debut stream on Twitter and YouTube, featuring the Live2D model created by LucidSky and rigged by Katloumi and Soy of the Iron Vertex guild.

Before all of this, she was present at the Anime NYC convention in New York City as a guest. Aside from taking part in panel discussions and autograph sessions, she performed alongside composer Yuki Hayashi (Hero Too, My Hero Academia).

Who is Monarch, according to AmaLee?

During a panel discussion, she confessed that she herself is into Virtual YouTubers. She also revealed more details about Monarch and a few surprises:

“[…] I have a small obsession with VTubers right now. I don’t know, they possess me, like, all my money, take it. [I] saw the the Hololive booth here earlier and I was like, “oh God, all the merch, please make it mine.”

If you guys follow me on Twitter, I’ve actually been hyping up – I have a VTuber model coming out next month. She’s really hot. I love her a lot.

Her name is Monarch and I made her like a villainess, and she’s really fun, which is kind of the origin story for my videos. In all my videos, I have character art of like a persona, like an anime version of me; and in every show, she takes on a different form to fit in with the show.

So, like for like Demon Slayer, I’ll have her have like a cool power, and like for Naruto, I made her like a ninja; and so, Monarch actually creates clones of herself. […] She’s like the mother of, like, you know she’s like the OG, but yeah but that’ll be like a VTuber and […] really have an origin story.

That’s the next thing – and I have an original album coming out that’s about her. […] You know, it all circles back. […]”

AmaLee’s VTuber debut as Monarch is set for December 11 (Saturday) at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST on Twitch.

Amanda Lee’s stellar career

The 1.8 million-subscriber strong Amanda Lee is known best for her English song covers. Her song covers gathered more than almost 900 million views all-time on YouTube. Equivalence, her latest Fullmetal Alchemist-inspired album, is now available for streaming online.

Her English dub roles include Junko Konno (Zombie Land Saga), Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya-sama: Love is War), and Shimamura Hougetsu (Adachi and Shimamura). She also voiced in video games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Prior to Amanda Lee, voice actress Hekiru Shiina got her own VTuber model. Shiina has her own dedicated segment at the King Amusement Creative YouTube channel.

Sources: Amanda Lee on Twitter / Art by SAIPACo.

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