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Always TV for a year like never before

The miracle of every New Year's Eve is the resurrection of lifelong TV, not screens, platforms or on-demand programming. In cathode terms, New Years Eve is New Years Eve. For a few glorious hours, television regains its power and prevails over everything. He even survives the turncoats: Ramón García can now seek a second youth together with Ibai, for there is no way to dethrone the classics. Neither Pedroche, nor Mota, nor Cachitos are unfazed by digital threats. The fortress endures, reinforced this year by all the party favors and suspended parties, because the television has necessarily been used as the center of the revelries.

That is why perhaps it was unnecessary for José Mota to be so belligerent. His magnificent New Year's Eve special was overflowing with internet parodies in his sketches : deaths uploaded to Twitter, global alarms for likes , robberies by WhatsApp, crisis and wars reputation for fires of social networks … The mockery is understood, but the best of the program were the political winks, like those PPeatles singing to Ayuso Blancanieves. It is probably the best comment that has been made on the crisis of the Popular Party in all the year. As always, Mota wrote one of the best political chronicles of 2021 as a parody. It is missed that he delved deeper into that part of his story Dickensian —this year, the common thread of the special It was Dickens's Christmas Carol , paraphrased in Vanity's Tale -, but the anger and the relief are understood: Mr. Scrooge sought to recover his followers interneteros, which turned the special into a somewhat extemporaneous analog allegation. But it doesn't matter: Mota is the last of the Mohicans on television, and he can take whatever liberties he wants.

It is so New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve that TVE dominates it. At least before the chimes. The two public channels make a difference and it seems that the private ones have given up on fighting. Raffaella Carrá's Cachitos in La 2 was also a notable contribution to television culture on New Years Eve (or New Years Eve), which connected with another generation other than the one Mota alluded to, simultaneously executing an anachronism Almost paradoxical: the modern millennials gave themselves over to the raffaelista cult, while the lords and boomers enjoyed José Mota. Although, in biological terms, Mota is the son or even grandson of the Italian. New Year's Eve is like that, it distorts the social order more strongly than any carnival. And if not, let them tell our beloved foodie, Mikel López Iturriaga, who almost hit Raffaella with a hairpiece.

But I do not want the thesis to escape me, although this chronicle is also written in the middle of the New Year's Eve lack of control and I easily lose the thread: the point is that Atresmedia and Mediaset have decided to leave the idiosyncrasy of New Year's Eve in the hands of public television, in what seems like a gesture of patriotic generosity. Antena 3 broadcast its classic medley summary of the year, completely inconsequential; Cuatro opted for its special First Dates , which was in no way different from an ordinary First Dates ; Telecinco did an unspeakable thing entitled Long live the party , which included sevillanas (sevillanas! What New Year's Eve are we celebrating, 1992?). Only La Sexta was saved, with its meeting of I know what you did . It was a bet for nostalgic people in which Ángel Martín was greatly missed, but it served to include Patricia Conde in the club of the immortals. Next to the other collaborators, Conde seemed frozen in time, she has not aged a single day. It was nice to see it for a while, but in the end it confirmed that nostalgia is more powerful the further away it is. Paradoxically, I know what you did sounded older (not New Year's Eve, but just plain old) than José Mota. New Year's Eve upsets the chronology.

And the chimes arrived. Paz Padilla, free of coronavirus – perhaps because of the spider or the nosequé of her viral anti-vaccine video released these days – began the night very covered, but immediately wanted to emulate Cristina Pedroche by removing layers. While Padilla showed his shoulder, Pedroche, the queen of New Year's Eve, stood firm in his dragonfly costume or I don't know what insect, promoting beers and all kinds of products, without taking for granted.

I confess cautiously —for fear of being branded as lord – that I was disappointed a hair by Pedrochiano's uncovering. He has accustomed us to a defiant degree of nudity that this year disappointed. His suit was a cross between Star Trek and The Jetsons . Perhaps it was the bloating (I am human, I write this chronicle on a New Year's Eve similar to yours, you have to excuse me), but I did not understand the reference. I do not dare to say that the Pedroche phenomenon is deflating, especially because I am one of its maximum enthusiasts, but I need an explanation, like the one that the mayor of owed us Welcome, Mister Marshall .

Beyond all this, the fascinating thing about the Cristina Pedroche-Alberto Chicote couple is that, although it is the female part who almost undresses it, it is the male who remains in the rasp even though she does not even take off her jacket. Chicote seems more naked than Pedroche (and paler, compared to his partner's dark-haired man, because he is thinner every year). It was nice to see Anne Igartuburu dressed in red, her fetish color, although her partner Ana Obregón was missing, who could not entertain us at the end of the year for reasons that we all understand and probably suffer.

Dani Mateo appeared in La Sexta with an ultra-shaved chest (he had even removed his nipples, which did not show in that open fantasy jacket), and Padilla and a couple followed his roll in Mediaset. Afterwards, as the tango says, what does the afterwards matter. Each channel hit the play and offered us the traditional rehash of musical performances. La 2 exploited its archive with the traditional Cachitos and almost all the channels returned to their day of the marmot of bland finery to put in the background in a drunken room that no longer has a critical sense about what is issued. Come on, they put the usual for a year like never before.

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