Alligator Loki Got The Spotlight In The ‘Marvel Studios: Assembled’ Special With His Planned Costume


While it might not be the spinoff series he deserves, the fan favorite Alligator Loki made his big return during a brief appearance in the Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Loki special. The scale-covered God of Mischief is seen in the the special’s later half, where the reptile is seen wearing his original costume as designed by Rodney Fuentebella. Fuentebella later shared an image his original design on his Instagram, where he thanked Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding for the opportunity to work on the “fun and crazy cool project.”

While the Alligator Loki we saw in the series merely boasts a the character’s signature horned crown, the Loki in the above photo shows the gator suited up in green leather and is a whole lot more green in general. Now, for those still wondering just why an alligator was in Loki, Alligator Loki is rumored to be a Loki variant that was turned into an alligator, or one who simply chooses that shape to inhabit. However, he could simply a part of a universe where all of Asgard is run by reptiles, which sounds as terrifying as it is cool. In Loki, the alligator variant makes his big debut in the show’s fourth episode. It’s later revealed in the episode “Journey Into Mystery” that Alligator Loki was pruned for for eating a neighbor’s cat, which ultimately led to a dreaded Nexus Event.

Unfortunately for fans of the wacky character, his screen time in Loki is fairly limited, making his appearance in Marvel Studios Assembled all the more exciting. The ongoing Disney series chronicles the making of its various Marvel shows, with behind the scenes footage and concept art. The latest episode all about Loki is streaming now on Disney , and if you like the above screenshot, there’s a lot more on the whole variant gang where that came from.